Tabby Cat

Cat Videos a Path to Happiness

No member of the animal kingdom has garnered internet fame like the humble domestic cat. I always think if you’re going to procrastinate then do it with mindfulness and intention. Internet Cat Videos have always been one of my favourite ways to procrastinate. New research indicates that Videos can provide significant health benefits. Yes, it’s … Continue reading Cat Videos a Path to Happiness

blue sky ocean

The Colour Blue

The Colour Blue has always been my favourite colour.  Apparently, I am in good company as blue is one of the most well-liked colours.  It is the least gender specific having equal appeal to both men and women. Blue can affect us physically it calms and sedates, cools and aids intuition. "Good things are associated … Continue reading The Colour Blue

Daisies close-up

I’d Pick More Daises – (or take their photo)

If I had my life to live over, I'd dare to make more mistakes next time. I'd relax, I would limber up. I would be sillier than I have been this trip. I would take fewer things seriously. I would take more chances. I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers. I would eat … Continue reading I’d Pick More Daises – (or take their photo)

Rosie Boylan Hats Shop

Rosie Boylan Hats

I have just added some images to the shop page for Rosie Boylan Hats on the Newtown Business Precinct website. Rosie's latest project was designing hats for the cast of Alien: Covenant. Bio - for Rosie Over 30 remarkable years of hat-making Rosie has perfected her extensive repertoire of millinery skills and her subtle understanding … Continue reading Rosie Boylan Hats

Black typefaces white background

Five Fonts of the Week

These are 5 Cool Fonts that I am excited to introduce. Great typography is just as important for web design as it is for print media GOGOIA Gogoia is a clean elegant tropical inspired font. It is also a small plant with many thorns on the leaves and stem; It gives small round fruit, but it … Continue reading Five Fonts of the Week

West Side Story – Saul Bass opening and closing titles.

"This simplistic sequence is an exemplary use of color." Rumsay Taylor Opening Titles The opening title sequence of West Side Story is breathtaking in its elegance and simplicity. Saul Bass, their Creator, was a master he carries the audience forward with what ostensibly are just graphic elements. From the first moments, your attention is aroused … Continue reading West Side Story – Saul Bass opening and closing titles.

Street Art on Street View – Newtown & Surrounds

GOOGLE STREET VIEW is an excellent way in which to find street art.  I also believe that the camera is placed a little higher than one can get standing in the street allowing a different perspective in which to view them. If you would like a hand with a design project, please Get in Touch. Simon … Continue reading Street Art on Street View – Newtown & Surrounds

El Salvador Gets its own Branding

I was reading today graffica (with the help of Google translate). Interbrand, a multinational branding consultancy has been involved in the creation of the brand for El Salvador. They have created a visual identity aimed at inspiring their citizenry and placing El Salvador on the global map. Interbrand utilised the thorough analysis and work that … Continue reading El Salvador Gets its own Branding

Ukiyo-e woodblock print of a cuckoo and azaleas by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai

Ukiyo​-e, Pictures of the floating world

Ukiyo -e, translated as "pictures of the floating world," has indeed captured wisps of the natural beauty that one sees around us every day. The phrase "floating world" derived from a Buddhist notion of the transience of earthly life.  To a devout Buddhist, our time on earth though experienced as suffering was only a stage … Continue reading Ukiyo​-e, Pictures of the floating world

Why People Fail

The Reasons for Failure There is a cause for everything! Nothing ever just happens. If you do not get a promotion to a better job there is a reason. If you lose your job there is a reason. There are many causes that lead to failure. Here is a list of the most common causes. … Continue reading Why People Fail