Even the most avid James Joyce fans surely have times when they open Finnegans Wake and wonder how on Earth Joyce wrote the thing. Painstakingly, it turns out, and not just because of the infamous difficulty of the text itself: he “wrote lying on his stomach in bed, with aRead More →


“About three years ago, I met Sasha at a Starbucks in Brighton Beach while I was working for a location scout,” Fumi tells It’s Nice That. “He was 16 and I wanted to photograph him for my book Untitled Youth, which was published in 2016.” However, after visiting the teenRead More →

The exclusive mural in Los Angeles that only “verified influencers” can photograph (photo by Qasim Haqq ) LOS ANGELES — Together with the palm trees at sunset and the Hollywood sign, nothing says Los Angeles quite like a good angel wing mural. Source: We Got to Visit the Exclusive LARead More →

There’s no shortage of ways for Hello Kitty fanatics to get their fix. Hotels ! Houses ! And now a bullet train that will speed through Japan at up to 200 mph. This month, the West Japan Railway Co. is rolling out a new Hello Kitty-themed bullet train that makesRead More →

Photograph of Vincent van Gogh (January 1873) (image via Wikimedia) AMSTERDAM — Originality in art is a slippery criterion. Imitation seems antithetical to it. Yet art never exists outside its context of conventions, traditions, and antecedents. Source: Writing from Arles, France, van Gogh told his brother, “I’m in Japan here.”Read More →

Gorgeous Illustrations by Varguy German artist Varguy creates beautiful illustrations that are heavily influenced by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s visual style. More illustrations via DeviantArt Art Illustration Posted on June 26, 2018 Source: Gorgeous Illustrations by VarguyRead More →

Cheers to backyard barbecues, picnics in the park, fireworks, parades, popsicles and sparklers! Top some basic cupcakes with these cute flag toppers – just be sure to save room for watermelon and apple pie! Happy 4 th ! Materials needed: bright pink, red, turquoise and light blue card stock ,Read More →

Cache atelier recently completed the design for payment solutions company, Paysafe , located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The 4th office for Paysafe, located in Sofia – Bulgaria was developed by Cache atelier as a space for the developers teams of the company. Source: Paysafe Developer Team Offices – SofiaRead More →

Source: Amazing and Colorful Journey Through NatureRead More →

Contributed by Darden Studio Source: https://www.magico.co.nz Mágico . License: All Rights Reserved . Mágico uses the text and micro sub-families of the Halyard superfamily . The use of Halyard Micro showcases that the sub-family was designed to function both as a conventional micro (in small sizes) and as eye catchingRead More →

NASA’s ‘ Juno ’ spacecraft, which is scheduled to collect scientific data over a three-year period until July 2021, has captured a mesmerizing image of the planet that brings to mind the famous 1889 The Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh. Source: NASA’s New Photo Of Jupiter Mirrors VanRead More →

Jun Cen is an award-wining illustrator and animator born in Guangzhou, China and living in New-York City. He received his MFA in Illustration degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 and is the Overall New Talent winner of the 2013 Association of Illustrators Award. Source: Conceptual illustrations byRead More →

Aaah this makes me want to go back to Morocco and sunny days spent exploring Marrakech. Beautiful lilacs, jewel colours and the countless tones of sand. Ornate mosques and palaces, desert plains and camel rides… Next time we go I will most definitely be sporting some headgear similar to thisRead More →

Born on March 25, 1934, in Toledo, Ohio , Gloria Steinem has been an advocate of women’s rights since the 1960s. She is a writer, editor, lecturer, and social activist. She is also a breast cancer survivor. Steinem celebrated her 83rd birthday this year. Source: 30 Powerful Gloria Steinem QuotesRead More →

Digital Illustrations by Kontorn Boonyanate Kontorn Boonyanate is a talented freelance CG artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. More digital illustrations via Behance Illustration Posted on June 22, 2018 Source: Digital Illustrations by Kontorn BoonyanateRead More →

Japanese photographer Ryota Kajita has seized the odd ice patterns of Alaska ‘s interior swamps and ponds for the last eight years as part of the Ice Formations collection. The temporary structures look like fanciful desserts found from the wild, with suspended shavings lightly dusting the formations’ edges. “ PhotographyRead More →

Contributed by Production Type Source: http://shyamagolden.com License: All Rights Reserved . Final cover. The verticals of uppercase M are now sloped. This imaginative, soulful debut poetry collection from One World/ Random House captures the experiences of being a young Pakistani Muslim woman in contemporary America. Source: If They Come ForRead More →

Check out any rented place and you will know how ugly the kitchen looks and feels. This is often not the mistake of the renters but of the landlords, who don’t put much thought while furnishing their property and just give it a plain look. Source: 8 Ways To GiveRead More →

‘Click’ is the result of the action of magnetically joining the nylon ropes to the Click shelf, but it’s not the sound that is the dominant feature of the product… its the result of this sound. Quite unlike any cabinet/light you’ll ever see in your life, the Click Light byRead More →