trevor wheatley and cosmo dean are best known for embedding commonly used phrases — ‘all good,’ ‘bless,’ ‘¯\_(ツ)_/¯,’ — in public , natural environments. the world is their InDesign file, for which frozen rivers, fields and fences are their selected, background layers. designboom had the pleasure of talking typography ,Read More →


Italian CG artist Simone Vezzani creates the perfect illusion in the physical world Source: Digital Illusions by Simone VezzaniRead More →

These incredible GIFs are extracted from a time-lapse blooming video by Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura. The series, titled ‘Touched by Strangers’, reminds us how alive flowers and plants actually are. The speed of the animations transforms these typically passive creations of nature into active entities that grow and move likeRead More →

  These opening letters for one of the psalms are a classic illustration of medieval illumination, relying on vibrant colours, geometric patterns, and illustrated scenes (image courtesy the British Library ). Medieval globalization may seem like an oxymoron. Source: Illuminated Manuscripts Demonstrate that Medieval Borders Were Regularly CrossedRead More →

Spending hours, if not days, drawing millions of tiny dots seems bad for your mental health – but for Swedish illustrator Josefine Svärd, it actually has the opposite effect. The Gothenburg-based artist eases her anxiety by creating whimsical illustrations from stippling art. Source: This artist makes illustrations from millions ofRead More →

British photographer Neil Burnell captures striking environments void of human subjects, often traveling to remote areas far outside of civilization. His ongoing series Mystical takes a look at the fairytale-like atmosphere created by the thick fog, gnarled trees, and moss-covered stones of Wistman’s Wood in Dartmoor, Devon, England. Source: EnchantingRead More →

In his latest series of oil paintings, Body Cage , Norwegian painter and illustrator Audun Grimstad plays with elements of fashion design – ornate garments, lush spaces, bold colour – to create abstract arrangements that explore “issues of feeling trapped inside the facades we construct around our identities.” “The paintingsRead More →

So in this showcase, we are gonna show you 50 lovely cardboard sets. What? Yes, to be exact, 50 photos of different scenes with a lovely combined set of cardboards named Danbo Originally created by Japanese artist Kiyohiko Azuma in his manga “ Yotsuba&! Source: 50 Adorable Photos of DanboRead More →

Tish Murtha believed that photography could change lives for the better, but sadly died of a brain aneurysm in 2013 before her dream of a book could be realised. In 2017 her daughter Ella ran a Kickstarter campaign in collaboration with Bluecoat Press to publish Tish Murtha’s acclaimed photographic essayRead More →

Korean artist Kang Dong Hyun makes stunning animal sculptures by putting together metallic branches and twigs. The artworks, amazingly delicate, and abstract yet precise, are entirely made from metal, even though they look like they grew out of a tree. Source: Mesmerizing Animal SculpturesRead More →

As contemporary photographers and authors work in our modern world, they are publishing some of the greatest images and articles in the field of photography seen to date. Here we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been looking all over the internet this week for links to tutorials, special featuresRead More →

So what do you actually do with a nature journal? When you’re new to this technique, it can be helpful to look at examples and styles that other sketchbook artists use. Here are different methods that you can use in your nature journal. Source: Different Sketchbook Styles – Methods ForRead More →

When Kodak needed experienced photographers to beta test its new Ektachrome 100 film before it launched , one of the few people it chose was award-winning travel photographer Peter Guttman . Guttman is the author behind eight hardcover photo books that cover his adventures around the world across all 7Read More →

Inspired by archaeology, lost civilizations, and the art of illustration, James Gurney’s children book Dinotopia creates an extraordinary place where humans and dinosaurs live in harmony.Read More →

Saul Bass Born May 8, 1920 Known for Graphic Design, title designer, film director Awards Academy Award, Best Documentary   When the Frank Sinatra film on drug addiction “The Man With The Golden Arm” opened, a Saul Bass poster dominated the cinema billboards. No words, only artwork- a jagged arm.  SaulRead More →

The graphic design magazines professionals read can tell a lot about a career. When talking about graphic design, such magazines are even more valuable than the glossy ones you see in store for a general audience, as they reveal (textually and visually) what is new and trendy, which tools areRead More →

a community that celebrates contemporary culture, focused on architecture, design, art and travel. Source: Forms And Materials Found Around A City Inspired The Design Of ‘Urban Shapes’Read More →

A swatch fan of pantone colour matching system

The Pantone Colour Matching System is a system for identifying, matching and communicating colours across product design, graphic design and marketing. It utilises a unique numbering system for identifying its colours.Read More →

Ever considered having a pet rock? If not, take a look at Japanese artist Akie Nakata’s works, and you might just change your mind. Inspired by the beauty of found stones and rocks, the self-taught artist breathes life into each item by painting it into lifelike animals such as cats, dogs, and woodland creatures.Read More →