What: A contest site for Trolli’s Deadpool 2 product tie-in that goes for a deep dive in nerd territory. Who: Trolli Why we care: It’s funny enough that Trolli teamed with 7-Eleven to mark the launch of Deadpool 2 with an exclusive “tiny hands” candy, and launched a contest asking people to pose provocatively with theRead More →


This post was originally published on this site Google News – Productivity Keeper is a password management system for use with Safari, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The encrypted locker can be used to manage passwords across multiple online accounts. By using a password locker, you can quickly access passwords andRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  KOTTKE.ORG When warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence, many doomsayers cite philosopher Nick Bostrom’s paperclip maximizer thought experiment. Imagine an artificial intelligence, he says, which decides to amass as many paperclips as possible. It devotes all its energy to acquiring paperclips,Read More →

This post was originally published on this site Web Designer News Facebook says it will notify 87 million users of its service that they affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the data analytics firm snap up their personal information through the social network to influence voters. The newsRead More →

This post was originally published on this site Web Designer News What the journalist Walter Lippmann said in 1959 of “free” TV is also true of “free” social media: It is ultimately “the creature, the servant and indeed the prostitute of merchandizing.” But social media itself isn’t going away. ItRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  CO.DESIGN  On the evening of February, 17, Professor Mary Beard posted on Twitter a photograph of herself crying. The eminent University of Cambridge classicist, who has almost 200,000 Twitter followers, was distraught after receiving a storm of abuse online. This was the reactionRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  1STWEBDESIGNER  With tens of thousands of websites launching online every day, the need to stand out has never been more important. From a visual standpoint, web designers have most recently been enhancing their website designs through the use of bright colors andRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  DEZEEN Italian architect Carlo Ratti has created an internet-connected writing robot that is able to draw and erase images on any surface. The small Scribit robot allows users to personalise their walls with digital artworks. It will be unveiled at this year’sRead More →

This post was originally published on this site Web Designer News   Google Search results go through design iterations faster than you go through underwear… or maybe pajamas. Every few days, there’s a new layout, some new colors, different shaped buttons or cards, or other changes happening to search results,Read More →

Big changes happen slowly at first, then all at once.

And there’s a BIG change coming to the way people will interact with your content.

I took a deep dive into this big, new trend in SEO. Here’s everything you need to know…

So what’s the big trend?Read More →

This post was originally published on this site  INSPIRED MAGAZINE INSPIRED MAG TEAM Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that everyone knows about, but there is far more to understand and learn about if you plan on getting into the cryptocurrency world. Some argue that you’d be a fool to put any moneyRead More →

This post was originally published on this site Creativeapplications.net Created by Ralph Kistler, ‘Internet of Shrimps’ examines in an ironic and playful way the industries´ promises for an enhanced experience in a completely interconnected smart home, often be acclaimed as the next big technological revolution: the Internet of Things. TheRead More →

Hand clicking a search button

This video is about how to upload your website to Google and Bing Search Engines. Increase the visibility of your website by submitting and optimising your website for Google search and Bing.Read More →


eNewsletter an excellent marketing technique for small businesses who want to keep clients informed about their products or services.Read More →

I’ve just loaded a website that won’t let me in. And that’s not because I haven’t purchased a subscription or created a login. The website won’t let me in specifically because I’m connected to the web. It’s an almost nonsensical paradox, right? Read More →

This morning I took time out of my busy schedule to have a wander around the sumptuous Vaux-le-Vicomte one of the many Chateaus around Paris. This trip was sponsored by the Google Art project, and after setting up my iMac deskspace, I was there within under a minute. My WifeRead More →

Quantum Firefox

A powerful, new engine that’s built for rapidfire performance. Better, faster page loading that uses less computer memory.Read More →

reasons for failure

DuckDuckGo – Beat the Search Shenanigans If you have had enough of companies targeting you based on your search results, give DuckDuckGo a try.  This search engine makes the promise not to track you and wipes all your searches when you have quit, keeping your history anonymous. DuckDuckGo went fromRead More →

Feedly screen shot

As a web design professional I like to keep up-to-date as possible with industry news and developments.  Over the years I have been able to develop my own strategies for keeping up with the news that I want to read.  I was sad to see Google Reader go and IRead More →

Tabby Cat

No member of the animal kingdom has garnered internet fame like the humble domestic cat. I always think if you’re going to procrastinate then do it with mindfulness and intention. Internet Cat Videos have always been one of my favourite ways to procrastinate. New research indicates that Videos can provideRead More →