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The new generation uses smartphones and tablets for their casual activities. Regardless of how much they consume time with these devices. But the fact is that they can’t live without iPhone or android mobile. The people of past age were used to spending their spare time with family members. Source:Read More →


You approach your front door, you tap the screen of your smartphone and hear the door unlock. When you walk into your house, your home is illuminated by your favorite shade of blue. Your smart toaster automatically toasts you your perfect after work bagel. Source: Why You Should Adopt theRead More →

In the hedge fund world and in the drama surrounding Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of personal data, as well as Facebook’s year-long fall from grace, there have been few voices of conscience. David Magerman is one of them. He’s the quantitative hedge fund guru who made headlines last month when itRead More →


Before becoming an illustrator, Cécile Dormeau was a pixel pusher in Hamburg and Berlin. She also worked as an art director for an ad agency in Frankfurt. Now this wonderful French woman brings joy to thousands of her fans with her bright and ironic illustrations, published on her Instagram andRead More →

There are now limited places in the world where a person can be without the internet. A bar, at the hospital, at church, at school. The internet is basically everywhere. It makes the world go round. And the world literally depends on the internet to function. Source: Can the WorldRead More →

Dutch Airline’s Latest App Aims To Streamline The Flyer Experience KLM added several new features to its app to allow customers to better prepare for and facilitate their own flying experience, including rebooking cancelled flights, checking in, selecting meals and more Flying can be incredibly stressful, which is only compoundedRead More →

Many companies and non-business organizations collect data using hundreds or thousands of devices. The pieces of data obtained from these Internet of Things (IoT) devices are retrieved when the devices deliver it via a reliable gateway. Source: The Importance Of IoT Device ManagementRead More →

Agriculture is still the main economic engine of Africa. Innovation in farming methods and aids can help ensure the continent has better food security and higher income for its people. For a long time, Africa has been seen as a continent in dire need of humanitarian aid, but pioneering, home-grownRead More →

On June 11, 2018, an Obama-era principle known as net neutrality ended. But the conversation, criticism, and concern around this Trump-era decision will continue well into the future. Since there are a few moving pieces to the net neutrality puzzle, here is a primer on what you need to knowRead More →

The Washington Post rounds up 15 privacy defaults that no one in their right mind would want to leave as-is , and provides direct links to change ’em (hilariously and predictably, Verizon/Oath/Yahoo’s privacy settings dashboard times out when you try to load it) — once you’re done with that, goRead More →

A version of the “distracted boyfriend” meme featuring Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai (Benjamin Sutton/Hyperallergic) Internet Service Providers are having a good day. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality went into effect today , meaning that the set of legal protections preventing Internet Service Providers (ISPs)Read More →

John Akomfrah, “Vertigo Sea” (2015), installation view, three-channel HD color video installation, 7.1 sound, 48 minutes 30 seconds (© Smoking Dogs Films, courtesy Lisson Gallery) SAN FRANCISCO — When he was four years old, artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah came to London from Ghana with his parents. Source: John AkomfrahRead More →

This week Apple follows Google by announcing features to help people cut back on their tech use. Why would the companies that make your phone want you to use it less? If tech is “hijacking your brain” with their “irresistible” products, as some tech critics claim, why are these companiesRead More →

  Safer Internet DayRead More →

Don’t be afraid, we are not to talk about eat dogs as food. “ Dogs in Food ” is an interesting photo series created by Russian artist Ksenia who mixes precious pups with mouthwatering bites to create cream-of-the-crop composites. Source: “Dogs in Food” Photo Series by KseniaRead More →

Nude photos were posted of Leah Juliett on the Internet without their consent when they were 15. As #MeToo has cemented itself in the conversation around sexual safety, Juliett is calling for revenge porn to have a reckoning of its own. Source: Why Revenge Porn Needs Its Own #MeToo MovementRead More →

What: A contest site for Trolli’s Deadpool 2 product tie-in that goes for a deep dive in nerd territory. Who: Trolli Why we care: It’s funny enough that Trolli teamed with 7-Eleven to mark the launch of Deadpool 2 with an exclusive “tiny hands” candy, and launched a contest asking people to pose provocatively with theRead More →

Keeper is a password management system for use with Safari, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The encrypted locker can be used to manage passwords across multiple online accounts. By using a password locker, you can quickly access passwords and can make them complex and difficult to crack — without being facedRead More →

When warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence, many doomsayers cite philosopher Nick Bostrom’s paperclip maximizer thought experiment. Imagine an artificial intelligence, he says, which decides to amass as many paperclips as possible. It devotes all its energy to acquiring paperclips, and to improving itself so that it can getRead More →

Facebook says it will notify 87 million users of its service that they affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the data analytics firm snap up their personal information through the social network to influence voters. The news comes ahead of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appointment to testify beforeRead More →