Nobody really likes doing laundry, do they? While it’s nice to have clothes that are fresh and clean, the chore itself is a bore. And on top of that, it’s tedious — even more so if you’re doing it right. Oh yes, there is a wrong and a right wayRead More →

  Each week this spring, 15 artists will congregate in a special office at the Metropolitan Museum of Art , where they will pick up easels, drop-cloths, and their works-in-progress, before parting ways. Source: Why Artists Are Allowed to Copy Masterpieces from the World’s Most Prestigious MuseumsRead More →

9/6 Lola’s First Tour Photo Book This post just goes to show you that it’s “better late than never” with documenting your life. We took our then 5-month-old daughter out on tour with her dad’s band Mutemath last fall and it was definitely a trip that needed documenting to showRead More →

Somewhere between The Amazing World of Gumball and Overwatch my youngest son (he’s not so young any more) builds Gundam models. Back in my day it was the Spitfire and Chieftain Tank that we assembled from Airfix kits bought from that model shop up on New Street. Source: Rgm-89 JeganRead More →

Drama of Space - screenshot

  “The experience of architectural spaces and sequences of spaces is formed by the way they are staged. Understanding, formulating, analyzing, and preparing this dramaturgical repertoire for design use is the subject of spatial dramaturgy,” writes Holger Kleine, author and professor of conceptual spatial design at RheinMain University of AppliedRead More →

Mauritania, on the northwest coast of Africa, is characterised by arid desert plains that make most of the country non-arable. Beneath the surface, however, the land is rich in the iron ore that sustains the Mauritanian economy. Since 1963, the Mauritania Railway, running 704 kilometres (roughly 440 miles) across unforgivingRead More →

The decorative pigeon is a metaphor of the carrier pigeon and a caring message from DAM – always happy to welcome you. Its name – Colombo – is inspired by the etymology of pigeon (“columbus”) and also in the navigator and explorer Cristóvão Colombo. The Colombo pigeon flies by dayRead More →

Former IT tech now tattooist for the last five years, Stanislaw Wilczynski (aka digimatism) is all about producing clean-looking geometric compositions that are inspired by “abstract expressionism, minimalism, suprematism, constructive architecture and techno music.” Often geometric forms and lines are the hardest to tattoo, as they require great technical skillRead More →

If you saw my pizza post from earlier this week then you might know that I’m on a bit of a protein-kick. I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different recipes, aiming to make higher protein plant-based options for myself. Some of my attempts are terrible! But the good onesRead More →

The restoration of period properties is becoming more popular, as people try to recreate the grandeur, glamour and charm relating to certain eras in our heritage. Unfortunately, over time original features such as fireplaces and cornicings have been stripped from many period properties, leaving modern, bland interiors that don’t reflectRead More →


Who has not received an email from an alleged Nigerian relative who urgently wants to deposit an obscene amount of money into our bank account? And who has not been shocked when receiving a warning from Dropbox or Netflix, Apple iTunes in which they urge us to change our password urgently? These scams and fraud seem to be a growth industry. Fortunately, my mail account manages to keep the bulk of the attacks in the spam folder. Read More →

Fahrenheit 451

From HBO comes the latest teaser trailer for a new adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451. Scheduled to debut in May 2018, the new film will feature Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon. Ostensibly Fahrenheit 451 is a story about government censorship.Read More →

How Creativity is Measured—And Why It’s So Difficult

How would the world be different if people had tails? It’s an open-ended question that doesn’t have a right answer. That’s why Marjorie Taylor, a psychologist and professor emerita at the University of Oregon, uses it to measure the creativity of children.Read More →

One of the first edition copies of the original Christmas card was discovered by a housewife in Essex England in 1954.  The quaint old card bears the date of 1843 and the signature of the artist, shows in the centre panel, a family at their festive board, their glasses allRead More →

Feedly screen shot

As a web design professional I like to keep up-to-date as possible with industry news and developments.  Over the years I have been able to develop my own strategies for keeping up with the news that I want to read.  I was sad to see Google Reader go and IRead More →

Time travel clock

It is not the Tardis however it can still take you back in digital time and space. Nostalgic for the Web of yesteryear – those golden oldie sites that have been severed or erased from their servers?  Then take a wander down memory lane a project aimed at preserving theRead More →

Five brass keys

The collection of accurate personal information from your site users is essential to the health of small and medium businesses. According to a 2006 Singapore research, the adoption of privacy notices is a “fundamental prerequisite for firms soliciting information from their clients”. Regardless of the sensitivity of the information beingRead More →

I was saddened to hear of Mary Tylers passing yesterday.  All the TV legends that I grew up with are dying.  She came to represent a style, combining wit and grace, that made her stand out.  Her on-screen persona was enhanced by a raised eyebrow, a well timed nod, orRead More →

A boom in gadgets and a growing middle class has contributed to a spike in e-waste in East and South-East Asia, raising environmental concerns Source: Gadget boom sees e-waste in Asia spike 63 per cent in 5 years There seems to be and insatiable appetite for these materials. E-waste includesRead More →

If yellow is the easiest colour to see why are stops signs red? Yellow is the most natural colour for people to see.  So if that is the case, why would stop signs be red? Colour influences our emotions, while yellow is the easiest colour to see, red is knownRead More →