Create Your Own Calm

Artist and writer Meera Lee Patel shares a journaling prompt from her new book, Create Your Own Calm, plus advice for picking up an art habit and moving through a creative block.Read More →

Walt Whitman Illustrations

“The quality of BEING, in the object’s self, according to its own central idea and purpose, and of growing therefrom and thereto — not criticism by other standards, and adjustments thereto — is the lesson of Nature.” “Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in anyRead More →

Morning yoga on a wooden platform

You arrive home from a long, stressful day at work and change into your PJ’s. After grabbing a snack, you kick back in your favorite chair to check Instagram. You turn on Netflix too, just for background noise. Three hours and 42 minutes later, you realize you’ve accomplished nothing —Read More →

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How can we realise a powerful design? When is it really powerful? My experience in advertising in addition to my background focused on neuroscience made me think a lot about the audiences; about what I make them feel; how they want to feel; if they start to process the informationRead More →

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There is no law, is only a case of attention. The case is such that the case for it being a law is attractive, which in turn is its attraction. Desire is attractive for its ability to impact and impress upon our attention. The intention is irrelevant because the attentionRead More →

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Creativity 7 Quick (and Free) Ways to Find Inspiration and Be More Creative in 2019 Getting your creative mojo back can be easier than you think. CREDIT: Getty Images ‘Tis the season for setting fresh resolutions for the new year! Source: 7 Quick (and Free) Ways to Find Inspiration andRead More →

Take a moment self-care lifestyle book

Self-care has often been dismissed as a millennial fad – but these books promote the idea that looking after your well-being is sensible rather than selfish. And for those who suffer with mental health issues, it’s essential. “Self-care techniques and general lifestyle changes can be very useful in helping usRead More →

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  We could all benefit from living a healthier lifestyle. And today we’re going to go through 3 practical ways to do so. 1. Make Tryptophan Your New Best Friend According to the CDC more than a third of adults don’t get enough sleep. Source: 3 Simple Ways We CanRead More →

Brutally Honest: No Bullshit Business Strategies to Evolve Your Creative Business

We’re publishing a third and final excerpt from Brutally Honest: No Bullshit Business Strategies to Evolve Your Creative Business, the “tell it like it is” career advice book specifically catered to designers. Written by Emily Cohen, the book compiles honest business insights and strategies the seasoned design consultant has beenRead More →

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Having someone you can call your own, that same person you wake up beside every morning, the one you want to spend every hour and minutes of your life with is a great feeling isn’t? Of course it is and aside from all the sweet sweet feelings your render yourRead More →

Illustration of Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell saw the history of civilization as being shaped by an unfortunate oscillation between two opposing evils: tyranny and anarchy, each of which contains the seed of the other. Source: Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments for Living in a Healthy DemocracyRead More →

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Want to Innovate? Science Says, “Be Energetic!” Share Synopsis Have you been accused of being hyper? Your lively behaviour might be a sign of an energetic attitude, which is an essential characteristic of innovation, rather than a negative quality to be diminished or hidden. Source: Want to Innovate? Science Says,Read More →

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We’ve all been there before. Reflecting on the choices we’ve made and hoped for things to change in the future. Well, the good news is. You decided to click on this article, so we’re on the right track. For the next few moments, let’s continue on this journey together asRead More →

“When your conscientiousness impels you to take on more than you can handle … you risk your physical health .”  – Susan Cain   If you’re a conscientious person, you are “wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly” (Google Dictionary). Source: Hard-WorkingRead More →

Any time we talk about the distance between where we are and where we want to go, the question that will inevitably follow is: how? How can we possibly know what to do when we don’t know what to do? How can we make something happen that has never happenedRead More →

TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking Many people love TED Talks, so I thought it would be great if I wrote a post that focused on TED Talks About Reading and Books. For those of you who read The Invisible Mentor Blog, you will notice that IRead More →

There is no shame in admitting that we all have relied on an occasional cup of coffee on those days where we overexert ourselves or where we had to rush for a school project or work deadline or study for that exam. All of that information and all of thoseRead More →

Every living thing around us knows resilience. The snow-speckled maple out our window went dormant for the long cold winter, ready to release sap and resume life come spring. The chickadee stands on thin, nearly bloodless legs, all so these spritely little birds may flit among the branches no matter how cold the air.Read More →

The time was tight, the date near. I had an upcoming meeting for a much-needed new business for my design firm, and I knew that I needed to prepare. The thing is, we didn’t have enough business, and like many small businesses, we had serious issues when it came toRead More →

Wellness Programs continue to be on as we role into the last quarter for 2018. Companies continue to attract and retain top talent. The best way to do so? Add in a Wellness Program to encourage a healthy workplace. Properly designed health promotion programs can positively impact an employer’s bottomRead More →