Source: Earth From Above: Stunning Drone Photography By Demas Rusli AdvertisementsRead More →


Self-taught photographer Deepti Asthana grew up in the small Indian town of Uttar Pradesh. She first worked in I.T. while also filling the creative void in her life by experimenting with travel, fashion and wedding photography. However, these genres didn’t quite fill the gap of a need to create workRead More →

Kimiko Nishimoto has been taking and editing funny and creative photographs and for over 17 years. What’s the big deal you may ask? Kimiko is actually 90 years old! She currently has over 125k followers on Instagram and after seeing her photos, you’ll easily understand why. Source: This 90-Year-Old JapaneseRead More →

New photographs from Slovakian artist Mária Švarbová ( previously ) continue her exploration of strangely melancholy poolside scenes. Coolly detached young swimmers in matching outfits are frozen in synchronized positions, a surprising diversion from the usual youthful exuberance of kids in pools. Source: New Synchronized Photographs of Swimmers by MáriaRead More →

The streets of Manila are busy and chaotic, and something about the chaos is fascinating and comforting. At every turn, people are selling things. You can count on someone singing karaoke as early as 4 p.m. in the afternoon. And you can hear children laughing and playing outside after school.Read More →

Bo Kaap, a colorful series of fashion editorials shot by photographer Elena Iv-skaya for Lucy’s Magazine. Our frequent readers may be familiar to Elena Iv-skaya ‘s photographic work. The fashion and beauty photographer is well known for a very feminine and colorful style. Source: Colorful Fashion Photography by Elena Iv-skayaRead More →

“The Khooll” is a digital design & life style magazine. Lifestyle magazine is an umbrella term for popular magazines concerned with lifestyle. There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a lifestyle magazine. Source: archatlas: Yvon’s Paris of the 1920s: A Look Back On the French…Read More →

Source: An Aesthetic Bathing with Maria SvarbovaRead More →

If you’ve never needed glasses in your life, then you probably don’t even realize how nearsighted people see the world. A South African artist named Philip Barlow has created a series of hyperrealistic paintings showing how myopic (nearsighted) people see everything around them without glasses. Source: Artist Shows What It’sRead More →

Water effects are often used in advertising for drinks, as water represents freshness, cleanness and the quenching of thirst. They are a good stuff to turn your object to be outstanding. Designing water effect in Photoshop is certainly not a piece of cake. Source: 20 Amazing Photo Manipulations That MakeRead More →

Photographing something as vast and powerful as oceans must be an equally daunting and thrilling task, reliant not only on the conditions at sea, but on your ability to take a powerful photo while being at the mercy of the waves themselves. Source: Photographer Ray Collins Captures Wondrous WavesRead More →

Kya Sands, Johannesburg, South Africa. Image © Johnny Miller / Unequal Scenes Across the world, urban clusters have — to a greater or lesser extent — social and economic differences. Reflected in space, these imbalances of income and access to education, health, sanitation, and infrastructure generate ruptures more or lessRead More →

Ahead of our call for entries closing this month, we foreground a selection of visually compelling and thought-provoking photographers from 10 finalists. 1)  Judith Jones,  Rendezvous In her Twilight series, Jones evokes the dialogue between outside and inside, evoking thoughts of exclusion and isolation and returning to the theme ofRead More →

We’ve shared the work of Kevin Krautgartner previously, having spotted his stunning architectural photography on Behance . The German photographer has an ongoing series of images he aptly names Reduced to the Max, for which he dedicates his view on architecture as objects in nature. Source: New minimalist photographs byRead More →

Thai photographer  Visarute Angkatavanich  ( previously ) creates richly hued portraits that appear more like staged dance images than animal photography. It is only when staring directly at the bug-eyed expressions of his subjects that one understands they are staring at a fish and not a costumed ballerina. Source: Betta FishRead More →

An ongoing observation of the American landscape, post November 2016 by photographer Vincent Glielmi . See more images from “Present; Tense” below. Each week our members share their work with us and we highlight the best of these submissions as  Editors’ Picks . Source: “Present; Tense” by Photographer Vincent GlielmiRead More →

Mediterranean Aerial Photos by Tom Hegen Visually beautiful aerial captures from the “The Mediterranean Series” by the Munich based Photographer and Designer Tom Hegen . “The Mediterranean sea is the largest enclosed sea in the world with 46,000 km of coastline. Source: Mediterranean Aerial Photos by Tom HegenRead More →

Mono-no-Aware: Painted Photographs by Gabriella Achadinha and Marlize Eckard Share Tweet 物の哀れ – Mono no Aware is the work of photographer Gabriella Achadinha and illustrator and designer Marlize Eckard which infuses painting with photography. Source: Mono-no-Aware: Painted Photographs by Gabriella Achadinha and Marlize EckardRead More →

Culled from thousands of entrants from more than 140 countries around the world, here are the winners of the 2018 iPhone Photography Awards . What’s really interesting is that many of the winners were not shot on iPhone 8 or iPhone X but with iPhone 7s and 6s and evenRead More →

Analog Nights Series Photography in Sweden abduzeedo Aug 08, 2018 Simon Åslund is a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden and he’s been constantly posting incredible images on his social media outlets. The photography we want to feature in his post is from a series title NIGHT and as the name suggests,Read More →