On this day all around the world, people are giving their hearts to their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Not so for Wiley the Dalmatian, who wears his heart on his sleeve – well more like his nose. The now one-year-old pup rose to internet fame for his unique heart-shapedRead More →


With so many smartphones on the market, manufacturers are quick to add top features to their products—including some seriously impressive cell phone cameras. You may not want to lug your DSLR everywhere you go, but you never know when you’ll capture the crown jewel for your online photography portfolio! Source:Read More →

Source: 15 Corgi Puppies Who Are So Adorable, You’ll Believe In Love AgainRead More →

Colours of Iceland: Photos by Przemyslaw Kruk “Colors of Iceland” is an ongoing series by Polish photographer Przemyslaw Kruk, capturing the beauty of Icelandic landscapes. More photography inspiration via Behance Photography Posted on November 13, 2018 Source: Colors of Iceland: Photos by Przemyslaw KrukRead More →

Cinematic street snaps by Colin Ridgway, a talented self-taught photographer, and videographer who was born and raised on Long Island and currently residing in Brooklyn NY. Colin focuses mainly on street portraits and urban photography. Source: Humans Of New York: Photos Of Random Strangers In NYC By Colin RidgwayRead More →

Creating abstracts by manipulating your shutter speed means that you need to see movement happening and think about how you want to capture it. Whenever I see a real Claude Monet painting, I am amazed by his ability to transform a scene and make it seem like it is dancingRead More →

Turn back time – a treasure from the 50 years old wardrobe was revived. “I’m a professional photographer, my passion is a fashion, art, portraits. I love to put all those things into every single project. Source: Back in time, photography by Irma KanovaRead More →

Cocofloss design portfolio photograph

The presentation is crucial in a design portfolio. And whether the final outcome is digital or printed, a beautifully art-directed approach to photographing your work can help you stand out from the crowd. The best cameras for creatives in 2018 This is particularly true of printed collateral and packaging work,Read More →

There’s a reason that ghost towns are empty. Maybe a nearby precious resource, like oil or gold, was wholly depleted. Perhaps it was a natural disaster or a manmade one. The highway was rerouted, or the river diverted. Maybe disease struck, or famine. Source: These Photographers Capture the Haunting BeautyRead More →

Amanda Driggers is born, raised, and permanently based in the south. See below for more images from her series “J’Ouvert” accompanied with quotes written by Amanda accounting her experiences while photographing. “There’s a slight chill in the air – the nostalgic kind – it brings an excitement that’s masking anxiety”Read More →

Dimitris Ladopoulos ( previously ) creates random geometric patterns based on four-sided-forms by implementing an algorithm in the 3D animation program Houdini. The resulting designs look like intricate circuitboards or miniature architectural models, and include networks of gilded elements that glisten despite their digital composition. Source: Landscapes of Glistening DigitalRead More →

The Doors of London is an ongoing project by British photographer Bella Foxwell. She travels around London, taking pictures, as the name suggests, of peoples’ front doors and her photos look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Source: This Woman Captures The Most Beautiful Doors Of London AndRead More →

JoaquĂ­n Lucas has created a colourful universe, inspired by Wes Anderson’s colour palette. In his gallery, he mixes nature with architecture and presents stripped-down compositions filled with bright and inspiring tones. More: Source Source: Photographer JoaquĂ­n Lucas Has Created A Colourful Universe, Inspired By Wes Anderson’s Colour PaletteRead More →

The series “Watching, contemplating, meditating” by photographer Joffrey Persia echoes a contemporary need that is often pressing: that of breaking out of time to refocus oneself and live symbiosis with the environment. At 26, he is now completely devoted to his art. Source: The beautiful and peaceful Joffrey Persia’s photographsRead More →

Most people have their own preference when it comes to organizing things they own, but if you spend too much time and feel particularly happy doing it, is it because you are obsessed with organization? Today, we are showcasing 15 photos that showcase an obsession with organizing items from foodRead More →

When visiting the lovely country of France, Calais might not be one of the prioritized places for the casual tourist. Calais is an industrial seaport and city located in northern France, part of the Opal Coast with scenic cliffs and dunes. Source: The Fields of Calais: An Analogue Travelogue byRead More →

The photographer’s images of clothes billowing in the wind are currently on view at Julie Saul Gallery. Source: Sally Gall’s “Heavenly Creatures”Read More →

Some personal news: I no longer plan to spend my golden years tending a kooky olive oil shop in Arizona, as was the plan last week. Instead, I will be retiring to this sloth retirement home in Wales. Source: I’m Retiring to This Sloth Retirement HomeRead More →

Beautiful travel photographs and images printed on recycled old suitcases. “Memory Suitcases” ongoing project by talented Israeli artist Yuval Yairi. Also check out: Portable Suitcase Cities Source: Memory SuitcasesRead More →

Portrait photography is hard. So here are three videos with some tips to help you avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes in portrait photography.Read More →