How To Improve Your Instagram Feed With These 5 Simple Tips (reblog)

These days, photography is both attacked and loved in almost equal proportions. We live in a time where the democratization of photography - thanks to digitization - has strongly impacted the number of images available on social networks.

6 tips to improve social media

6 blog posts on Social Media that will increase your effectiveness

Pay attention to your social media presence.  Here are six blog posts that will help you understand and manage your social media.

netiquette the finer points

Netiquette – it is not life and death but it still matters

Netiquette is a colloquial portmanteau of the words network and the internet; it is an informal word implying the rules of correct, acceptable and polite behaviour online. Netiquette is the manual exercise and regulation of our online society.Email, social media and communicating online has been around long enough that one would think that most people would be adept at this form of communication.

Christmas Present from Facebook

Facebook  Christmas present for geeks is a new Facebook Messenger camera app that incorporates new features such as 3D masks and special effects. It is not just Japanese school girls but every day more than 2,500 million emoji are sent in Facebook Messenger.   Among them, include those incorporating motifs and Christmas icons to celebrate … Continue reading Christmas Present from Facebook

Facebook Image Gallery

Display your Facebook Images on your webpage.

Most people will upload images on Facebook for the purpose of sharing them with their friends and connections.  I recently had a client that was concerned about the amount of different social media channels that she had to update.  She recognised that there was an overlap in the content requirements.   The images that she … Continue reading Display your Facebook Images on your webpage.

Facebook Friends – Keep Your List Private

I use Facebook both professionally and personally and in doing this I have a responsibility to keep my data as secure as possible.  Facebook does not always facilitate this as its Privacy Settings are scattered throughout Facebook.  You may have to visit multiple areas to change those settings and it can become a confusing process. … Continue reading Facebook Friends – Keep Your List Private