For any organization using social media (buts bands and artists in particular) every post represents an opportunity to tell your story and engage with fans, with compelling content that is either amusing or engaging. Here we look at four tips for writing solid social media copy. _______________________________ Source: 4Read More →


Instagram has become a critical marketing tool for creating awareness and establishing a brand profile. With the popularity of photographing food, hospitality venues and designers are increasingly considering how to encourage and promote Instagramming. Source: Designing Instagrammable moments at Matcha-YaRead More →

Did you know Pinterest ranks third in generating daily referral traffic across social media outlets? That’s right, Pinterest is more than a cool way to share pictures and ideas. We all know how useful Facebook and Instagram can be when it comes to marketing across social media, but used effectively,Read More →

In an epic flowchart produced as part of a new report on privacy practices at major tech companies, the council breaks down Facebook’s privacy review process. It’s a startling picture of the maze people must navigate to activate the strongest privacy settings. [Image: ForbrukerrĂĄdet] The green arrows represent the pathRead More →

Illustration by Tam Nguyen/Ad Age Facebook’s Instagram is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion, if it were a stand-alone company, marking a 100-fold return on the app’s purchase price in 2012, according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence. Source: Without Facebook, Instagram would be worth $100 billion, reportRead More →

Want to hear something scary? The average smartphone user touches their phone more than 2,600 times per day. Even Apple ( AAPL ) , Facebook ( FB ) and Alphabet ( GOOGL ) think that’s a bit much. Apps from Facebook and Alphabet commanded 43% of those daily taps andRead More →

A recent pilot program launched by Facebook aims to fight back against intimate images shared without consent in an unconventional way: send your nudes to Facebook instead. The Non-Consensual Image Pilot Program allows people who fear that someone might maliciously post private photos to proactively send the images to Facebook,Read More →

GROW (by Facebook) is a thought leadership print magazine available in the UK, that shines a light on people, companies, and trends challenging the status quo. Facebook will never stop to surprise us. The company that built an empire online is entering the print industry with the launch of GROW,Read More →

You put a ton of work into creating great ads on Instagram: choosing the format, selecting your images, writing an awesome caption, and adding a compelling call to action . Now you just sit back and wait for your customers to do the rest, right? Source: 8 Secrets to CreatingRead More →

The world’s largest social network just sent a clear signal that the future of advertising on its platform is in influencer marketing. Facebook’s launch last Monday of its Brand Collabs Manager search engine—which will help connect marketers to social media influencers—demonstrates just how vital this form of marketing has becomeRead More →

Facebook has quietly launched a high-end print magazine in the UK and Northern Europe called Grow. But don’t be so quick to call it a “magazine.” Even though Grow is labeled as a “quarterly magazine for business leaders” on the physical cover, Facebook says it is actually marketing campaign. “GrowRead More →

In 2012, research by Tara C. Marshall showed that continued exposure to an ex-partner through Facebook may impede post-breakup healing and the ability to move on.[i] Marshall began by recognizing the widespread practice of checking the profiles of other Facebook users, colloquially known as “Facebook stalking,” which previous research hasRead More →

Sitting down at a restaurant is the perfect pastime after long days of work, to catch up with friends, perhaps go on a date or any other reason you can think of . In this Instagram -age, p eople go to a particular restaurant not only because they enjoy theRead More →

  Source: Instagram releases new app allowing creators to post hour-long videosRead More →

[Illustration: courtesy of Facebook] Facebook has long told the world that it wants to improve its content moderation game, and the world has waited for results. Today, the company announced a slew of new tools to combat fake news. Source: Is Facebook finally ready to fact-check memes?Read More →

Sure, social media is an amazing means to stay connected with friends and family, document our lives, spread positive messages, and even grow a brand. But it’s time we get brutally honest about what’s really driving the majority of our output and consumption. Source: 5 Ways to Quit feeling AnxiousRead More →

Three years ago, on his birthday, a law professor watched his e-mail inbox fill with Facebook notifications indicating that friends had posted messages on his wall. The messages made him sad. The clogged inbox was annoying, but what really upset him was having disclosed his birth date to Facebook inRead More →

The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation , an online publication covering the latest research. Social media are among the primary sources of news in the U.S. and across the world. Yet users are exposed to content of questionable accuracy, including conspiracy theories , clickbait , hyperpartisanRead More →

Downloading your archived user data from Facebook may reveal a laundry list of eyebrow-raising data points, from your personal call records, to text messages, as well as your location each time you log into the site. To download your data, first log in to your Facebook account. Source: Is FacebookRead More →

To reach that figure, the company tracked popular current and former reality stars, such as Amanda Stanton , Jade Roper , and Ashley Iaconetti , over the course of 30 days on Instagram. Mediakix looked for posts that were “definitively sponsored”, as evidenced by #ad or other disclosures, and “likelyRead More →