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With Instagram, the number of followers that you acquire is very important for your brand. If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, it does the following for you: Many people will have the perception that you and your business are successful. Source: How to Get Instagram FollowersRead More →

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In the past decade, the use of social media sites as part of a company’s marketing strategy has become increasingly significant. However, due to an apparent disparity in the success of social media marketing across different industries and platforms, it is quite difficult to measure its effectiveRead More →

When you want to advance as a social media account manager or a social media specialist, or to move into this exciting part of online business, you need a solid understanding of the basics. To get improved job opportunities working in the social media field, the more experience you canRead More →

Since Instagram launched in 2010, its visual filters have allowed users to alter scenes from their everyday lives with increasing sophistication and processing power. For his short video Outside , the Russian graphic illustrator and motion designer Vladimir Tomin was inspired by Instagram’s use of realtime AI filters to considerRead More →

What’s the big deal about explainer videos? Why did they suddenly become the buzzword among most of the social media campaigners? Are they even useful for the present social media generation? Do they have the potential to become the biggest tool for social media marketing? Source: Prep Up Your SocialRead More →

It is no secret that nowadays everyone wants to increase their Instagram following, but more importantly, people want to increase engagement on Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategy. In the past, Instagram engagement was simple, and engagement usually entailed getting comments and likes, which was, in fact,Read More →

Genuinely bad social app design As I scrolled Instagram this morning, I saw one of my favorite comics had finished writing their first show. Rhea is popular and gets lots of likes and comments but likely being busy, Rhea probably only responded to a dark trollish joke by saying theRead More →

    (Update: Axios has a post explaining why the cross-posted tweets disappeared. Essentially, Twitter deleted its app from Facebook after Facebook stopped allowing cross-posts earlier this month, since without that feature it was basically useless. Source: Facebook has removed all cross-posted tweetsRead More →

Instagram has long since passed the point of being a place to browse heavily filtered shots of beaming selfies, soft-focus flat whites and avocado toast, although there’s still plenty of that to be had. With users numbering in the hundreds of millions, Insta is a popular target for brands toRead More →

In Huntsville, Alabama, a sprawling new data center under construction for Facebook will run on solar power from the local grid. In Luleå, Sweden, Facebook is expanding a data center that runs on hydroelectric power and uses frigid Arctic air to cool servers. Source: Facebook will power itself with 100%Read More →

Organisations need to start providing better digital marketing training if they are to remain competitive. Training that extends beyond how to use the content management system. Curious about my new masterclass ? Sign up for free to the Encourage Clicks Webinar . Source: Digital Marketing Training: 5 ‘Need to Know’Read More →

There’s no doubt social media is absolutely essential for business marketing. But not all social platforms are created equally. Today’s leading social platforms have survived years of volatile competition to dominate their specific niche. Source: How To Find The Perfect Social Media Platform For Your BusinessRead More →

  For any organization using social media (buts bands and artists in particular) every post represents an opportunity to tell your story and engage with fans, with compelling content that is either amusing or engaging. Here we look at four tips for writing solid social media copy. _______________________________ Source: 4Read More →

Instagram has become a critical marketing tool for creating awareness and establishing a brand profile. With the popularity of photographing food, hospitality venues and designers are increasingly considering how to encourage and promote Instagramming. Source: Designing Instagrammable moments at Matcha-YaRead More →

Did you know Pinterest ranks third in generating daily referral traffic across social media outlets? That’s right, Pinterest is more than a cool way to share pictures and ideas. We all know how useful Facebook and Instagram can be when it comes to marketing across social media, but used effectively,Read More →

In an epic flowchart produced as part of a new report on privacy practices at major tech companies, the council breaks down Facebook’s privacy review process. It’s a startling picture of the maze people must navigate to activate the strongest privacy settings. [Image: Forbrukerrådet] The green arrows represent the pathRead More →

Illustration by Tam Nguyen/Ad Age Facebook’s Instagram is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion, if it were a stand-alone company, marking a 100-fold return on the app’s purchase price in 2012, according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence. Source: Without Facebook, Instagram would be worth $100 billion, reportRead More →

Want to hear something scary? The average smartphone user touches their phone more than 2,600 times per day. Even Apple ( AAPL ) , Facebook ( FB ) and Alphabet ( GOOGL ) think that’s a bit much. Apps from Facebook and Alphabet commanded 43% of those daily taps andRead More →

A recent pilot program launched by Facebook aims to fight back against intimate images shared without consent in an unconventional way: send your nudes to Facebook instead. The Non-Consensual Image Pilot Program allows people who fear that someone might maliciously post private photos to proactively send the images to Facebook,Read More →

GROW (by Facebook) is a thought leadership print magazine available in the UK, that shines a light on people, companies, and trends challenging the status quo. Facebook will never stop to surprise us. The company that built an empire online is entering the print industry with the launch of GROW,Read More →