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I use Facebook both professionally and personally and in doing this I have a responsibility to keep my data as secure as possible.  Facebook does not always facilitate this as its Privacy Settings are scattered throughout Facebook.  You may have to visit multiple areas to change those settings and it can become a confusing process.Read More →

Pride Social Media Pack

Here is a set of 10 social media pack named Pride. These social banners can be used for your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest account or blog to promote your offers, products, services, events, etc. These graphics are fully customizable and editable in Adobe Photoshop. Source: Pride Social Media Pack – Vol.1Read More →

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Records in a class-action lawsuit uncovered Facebook’s “multi-year effort” to bilk money from kids who unwittingly spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on games on Facebook, who refused to refund the money when the kids’ parents complained. Source: Facebook sued for ripping off kidsRead More →

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Running your own web design business often means adopting some guerilla marketing tactics. Most of us can’t afford to buy billboards or 30-second television spots. Therefore, we need to take every cheap or free opportunity to get our names out there. Source: Is Social Media Still an Effective Means toRead More →

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Instagram is one of the best sites to find quality UX inspiration. But you need to know who to follow and which hashtags are worth browsing. I’m hoping this article will set you on the right path with a collection of the 12 best UX accounts on Instagram. Source: 10Read More →

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  Instagram is the worst social media site in terms of its impact on the mental health of young people, a report has suggested. The #StatusofMind survey found the photo-sharing app negatively impacted on people’s body image, sleep and fear of missing out. Source: Instagram ranked worst social network forRead More →

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Finding your own style in photography is not easy, but Thai photographer Peechaya Burrough has achieved this by showing a beautiful and delicate work that deserves to be appreciated. Born in Thailand, Peechaya Burrough now lives in Sydney which is where she began her creative and minimalist photography series. Source:Read More →

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You pretty much need social media graphics to make your social feeds really pop these days. But what do you do when you have zero design experience? Fear not! There’s plenty of social media graphics tools out there that are super-easy to use, allowing artists, creatives, and makers sans PhotoshopRead More →

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You pretty much need social media graphics to make your social feeds really pop these days. But what do you do when you have zero design experience? Fear not! There’s plenty of image creators out there that are super-easy to use, allowing artists, creatives, and makers sans Photoshop savvy toRead More →

Five Great Business Gift Ideas Categories: Gifts, Reviews | by Jimmy Bell Giving smaller gifts or larger presents is a common practice in personal and professional life. Although in the latter case we encounter some exceptions: cultural, specific for some nations, and corporate, related to internal regulations regarding the acceptableRead More →

Live chat is the ultimate way for modern marketers to personalize their message and engage new users, and we’re publishing The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing to help them do just that. “Marketing” is an ambiguous term in this day and age. Source: Announcing The Modern Guide toRead More →

Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement happening with your Facebook posts? Do you want to stand out among the others? You don’t have to be frustrated any longer. The ability to stand out in a busy platform like Facebook is something everyone can easily learn to do. 1.Read More →

Businesses of all sizes are aware of the epic benefits of social media marketing. In fact, 78% of them employed dedicated teams to manage their social media. Their approach is pure genius ! After all, social media marketing can help them big time. Source: 5 Best Social Media Marketing CampaignsRead More →

From South Korea to Canada and Montenegro, here is a new cutting-edge crop of designers you need to follow on Instagram. Here are our top ten illustrators you need to follow this fall for daily inspiration, comics or just for sheer inspiration. Source: 10 Illustrators You Need to Follow onRead More →

10 Tips for a Perfect Facebook Cover Image Almost every business and individual – from personal pages to freelance business pages – uses Facebook. It’s likely an integral part of your marketing strategy. It might even be your main professional website. Source: 10 Tips for a Perfect Facebook Cover ImageRead More →

You might’ve already put together your top nine posts on Instagram for 2018, but there’s also a way you can see which colours dominated your posts this year. Year of Colour is a web app which builds a visualisation of your posts, arranged in a cluster of cute, different sizedRead More →

Content marketing is one of the most powerful SEO tools of today. When it comes to marketing in 2018, it’s no longer possible to ignore content marketing. This type of marketing focuses on adding value for your audience so your website users come back again and again. It goes beyondRead More →

Social selling. Pexels.com Social media has become a prime avenue for product research. A recent study of 100 Tweets containing the phrase, ‘can anyone recommend’, demonstrates that brands who actively engaged with those tweets received a positive response more than 60% of the time . Source: 5 Important Reasons BrandsRead More →

Looking for a good way to engage your social media followers? Social media marketing has many benefits if you do it right. Here are some ways to liven up your Social Media pages: #1. User-Generated Content This is one of the most commonly used techniques nowadays. Source: 5 Ideas ThatRead More →

A new Firefox browser extension uses clever design to keep Facebook’s sticky fingers away from the rest of your web-browsing data. While it can’t stop Facebook from learning about you when you’re on Facebook, the extension uses a so-called “container” to prevent Facebook’s cookies and trackers from following you whenRead More →