Your 20 Tips to Create Better Video Tutorials Right Away 1. Work more efficiently with the right tools for YOUR specific tutorial video Videos are excellent for teaching your audience how to use a piece of software or demonstrating how a product or concept works. Source: Tutorial Videos: Top 21Read More →


Flyer Design Ideas & Inspiration: How to Stand Out A flyer is a great way to promote your work, event, or even a business offering. This small piece of collateral is a point of contact that can help get people excited about something and generate interest. Source: Flyer Design IdeasRead More →

Images are an enormous part of the modern online experience. To use them effectively, you’ll need to know how to reduce image file size for your website. As average connection speed has increased, images have become less of a deadly burden on page load times. Source: How to Reduce ImageRead More →

From heavy hitters like Apple, Google , and IBM to growing startups, everyone seems to be implementing design thinking to drive innovation and results. But how? Design thinking isn’t just a session where everyone gets together in a room and thinks really hard about design solutions. Source: 9 design thinkingRead More →

Portable document format or PDFs as referred by many individuals have been trending for quite some time now. You have probably heard about them at school, around your workplace, or come across the word while browsing on the internet and you have no idea on what exactly it means. Source:Read More → is intuitive to use, displays color-coded team management information on its dashboard, and is suitable for any industry sector, for teams of any size, and for both single and multiple projects. This team management tool will also serve as an excellent solution to any collaboration problems you may haveRead More →

On Monday, three new art instruction books arrived and I’ve been spending this week reading different perspectives on guidance and instruction for those interested in botanical art, painting and illustration – and then writing three book reviews. Source: Three book reviews about Botanical Art and IllustrationRead More →

[Image: courtesy Pete Bingham] Lorem Ipsum. To most of us, it’s a passage of meaningless Latin that fills websites or brochure layouts with text while waiting on writers to fill it with real copy. And in fact, Lorem Ipsum was designed as nonsense from the beginning. Source: Finally, a smarterRead More →

Updated 7/26/2018: We’ve added even more info to this post. Enjoy! H ere at InVision, animated GIFs play a powerful part in our marketing and education. Heck, at one point in time, we even opted to use GIFs on our homepage instead of fancy code-based animations. Source: 7 tips forRead More →

When designing your own website, it typically requires you to craft a detailed plan for creating it and oftentimes finding people to assist with the project. Sometimes the website design takes no more than a week, but most of the time it takes longer. Source: Create an Effective Plan forRead More →

1 day ago from Nastya Grebneva , Icons8 Community manager Source: 7 Effective Tips to Improve Mobile InteractionsRead More →

  How do products become ‘sticky’? How do ad campaigns go ‘viral’? What differentiates genuinely successful businesses from those that fail? The meetup group ‘ Design Thinkers ‘ has run a series of talks and workshops on persuasive design, in Dublin over the last year. Source: Designing for PersuasionRead More →

disclosure: This is a paid advertorial with Corian® Design but all opinions expressed are my own. One of the hardest parts of a home renovation – particularly a kitchen renovation – is picking from the seemingly endless material options. Source: Corian Moodboard Maker #ADRead More →

Life isn’t static, and you always have to be ready to capture its fleeting moments. Thankfully, your camera has all the features you’ll need to freeze action like magic. Photo by Inés Álvarez Fdez Although you can rely on auto functions, learning the ins and outs of your device’s otherRead More →

Harry Potter unarmed is a great wizard. But armed with his phoenix feathered holly wood wand, he’s the G.O.A.T! You too may be a very talented graphic designer or digital artist, but by using the right tools the force of your talent can be multiplied exponentially. Source: The 20 bestRead More →

Summertime is here – at least in the northern hemisphere. And while our thoughts often turn to vacations and outdoor activities, this time of year is also a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Web design and development is ever-changing, with new techniques and technologies coming out all the time.Read More →

Your team is all spread out— your designers are working from Lisbon, your content team is in New York, and your project manager is in Argentina. How do you create a system that makes it simple to organize and plan large web projects? Source: 6 Ways to Collaborate for BetterRead More →

As every kid knows, making cool stuff is the fun part. You dump all of your toys on the floor, and sort through them until you find what you want, and make it all fit together to build a spaceship, or something. That’s the part everyone likes. Source: 5 TipsRead More →

If you follow this 10-step process, you’ll avoid the email mistakes that other marketers are making. June 20, 2018 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The following excerpt is from Susan Gunelius ’ book Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business . Source: 10 TipsRead More →