Harry Potter unarmed is a great wizard. But armed with his phoenix feathered holly wood wand, he’s the G.O.A.T! You too may be a very talented graphic designer or digital artist, but by using the right tools the force of your talent can be multiplied exponentially. Source: The 20 bestRead More →


Summertime is here – at least in the northern hemisphere. And while our thoughts often turn to vacations and outdoor activities, this time of year is also a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Web design and development is ever-changing, with new techniques and technologies coming out all the time.Read More →

Your team is all spread out— your designers are working from Lisbon, your content team is in New York, and your project manager is in Argentina. How do you create a system that makes it simple to organize and plan large web projects? Source: 6 Ways to Collaborate for BetterRead More →

As every kid knows, making cool stuff is the fun part. You dump all of your toys on the floor, and sort through them until you find what you want, and make it all fit together to build a spaceship, or something. That’s the part everyone likes. Source: 5 TipsRead More →

If you follow this 10-step process, you’ll avoid the email mistakes that other marketers are making. June 20, 2018 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The following excerpt is from Susan Gunelius ’ book Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business . Source: 10 TipsRead More →

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to create a bright neon sign effect using the powers of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. While it is possible to construct the entire artwork in Photoshop alone, Illustrator offers some useful tools for producing the initial layout with its vector shape building capabilities.Read More →

Sharing contacts between phones doesn’t yet seem to have taken over from handing out business cards, but if you want to keep things paperless there are a number of apps that allow you to scan a card and save it to your contacts. Most require some kind of manual edit,Read More →

Imagine being able to give a professional presentation to an audience that hangs on your every word. From start to finish, they’re captivated. Completely engaged and intrigued by what you’ve got to say. How great would that be? If you’ve got a presentation to deliver, I’m sure you think it’dRead More →

Right mobile form design can make a good result. The 5 most used mobile form design principles and examples will help you on user experience and wining market. When people enjoy the great convenience brought by mobile apps, it has virtually gone through various of mobile form design examples. Source:Read More →

If you’re still new to photography, you might be asking yourself quite often what kind of technical and artistic skills you need to develop first. Even though the road to excellent photography is long and unpredictable, there are a couple of skills that can help you understand what lies beneathRead More →

Panoramas are a great way to approach photographing landscapes. By allowing you to capture a larger amount of the scene in front of you, it is easier to portray what you actually saw with your eyes in your photographs. Software has made it stupidly easy to stitch your photos intoRead More →

Rainy days are the perfect occasion for any photographer to capture some great reflections. Even though you can photograph reflections during any weather (especially if you have some rivers or lakes nearby) when it rains you can capture some beautiful reflections in puddles on the streets. Source: 6 Great TipsRead More →

Have you ever heard the phrase “light is everything” or perhaps “composition is everything”? I know I have many times. But they can’t both be everything, that’s not possible. So what is really going on? Obviously, there is at least a grain of truth to both expressions. Source: What MakesRead More →

Graphic design professionals are in high demand, and with good reason. Companies across virtually every industry are scrambling to hire talented designers who can create captivating website layouts, animations, illustrations and more, in order to engage new customers and sell products. Source: Learn the Adobe Creative Cloud with This BundleRead More →

We often think that silence, emptiness or colorlessness is bad for us. We take them for granted without thinking that they are the solid foundation of the contrast. Only silence lets us know the value of the sound. Only empty space lets us understand what we want to fill itRead More →

As products and services move online, dependence on component libraries can create a pattern of missing the forest for the trees. Source: The Problem with PatternsRead More →

With all the advancements in today’s digital cameras, both beginners and professional photographers can pretty much enjoy fully automatic settings. However, the key to achieving great images will always be the one behind the camera — and that’s you. Source: Basic Photography Composition TechniquesRead More →

A solid graphic design portfolio is your ticket to professional success. It is your calling card and your way in—the visual representation of all you’ve accomplished so far and a symbol for where you hope to be in the future. Basically, it has to kick ass. Source: How to buildRead More →

For those who are having trouble creating a Facebook ad that will generate leads and sales, here are the steps you need to take. June 12, 2018 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Did you know that the attention of a goldfish is nine seconds?Read More →