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With so many smartphones on the market, manufacturers are quick to add top features to their products—including some seriously impressive cell phone cameras. You may not want to lug your DSLR everywhere you go, but you never know when you’ll capture the crown jewel for your online photography portfolio! Source:Read More →

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The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), an international committee headed by an EPFL professor, has just unveiled JPEG XS. With this new format, the image-compression process uses less energy, and higher-quality images can be sent with low latency over broadband networks like 5G. Source: A new JPEG formatRead More →

3d printed concrete formwork

The buildings and infrastructure of the not-so-distant future might look like they have dropped here from an alien planet thanks to the complex geometries and curvaceous surfaces robotic building technologies are able to produce. 3D printing in metal and concrete are among the biggest breakthroughs, but robots can also setRead More →

5 Best Entry Level Cameras for Amateur Photography

Your entire photography portfolio looks like blurry iPhone pictures of your food. Guess what? It’s time to level up. Don’t go out and buy a camera just yet. Some of the best cameras you can find are confusing and way out of your budget. Source: 5 Best Entry Level CamerasRead More →

All I Wanted Was to Work in Tech?

I was willing to do anything to be a part of Seattle’s tech scene. I had been working in restaurants for years. In restaurants, you have to deal with customers all day long, you have to do chores around the restaurant when you’re not dealing with customers, you don’t get paidRead More →

The Algorithmic Beauty of Dimitris Ladopoulos Portraits

Joining this eccentric pair are ten more portraits that span the age of classical portraiture, from the iconic plasticity of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the exquisite photorealism of Vermeer’s Milkmaid , to the neoclassical austerity of The Princesse de Broglie by Ingres and the haunting impressionism of VincentRead More →

The Gleaners by Jean-François Millet (1857)

As with any artistic movement, the evolution of Hyperrealism can only be told in relation to the other influential art styles that preceded it. Hyperrealism traces its roots back through Photorealism, and Realism before that, sharing many of the same artistic traits, yet, its own distinct individual style. Source: TheRead More →

The software options for digital artists are many and varied. There are plenty of tools on the market aimed at helping you to create unique pieces of digital art or mimic traditional effects. In this post, we’ve rounded up and reviewed the best digital art and illustration programs around, toRead More →

  The clever folks at Apple have made their iPhones so intuitive that most people learn how to use them as they go along. However, that learn-as-you-go approach means there are countless tricks and features you’ve probably overlooked. Source: Here are 9 of the coolest iPhone tips and tricks youRead More →

Graphic design has come a long way. But while it’s a constantly evolving art form, there are common graphic design myths that many designers and non-designers still believe to this day. Below, we list 10 of these myths and give you inspirational design tips along the way. Source: 10 commonRead More →

Advancements in technology are increasingly being used to help those living with mental health problems. Virtual reality (VR) has been trialled in helping people tackle anxiety-related phobias such as a fear of heights , while apps such as Woebot and Wysa use text-style chatbots to speak with those who areRead More →

On October 5, 2017, the New York Times reported that the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein had been sexually harassing women–and getting away with it–for decades. The story was the first trickle of a coming flood: Women came forward en masse, speaking up about how powerful men had harassed and abusedRead More →

User-centred design in health IT tools is a relatively new phenomenon, but one that is growing increasingly common, especially as end-users continue to gripe about convoluted workflows and inaccessible data. Creating health IT tools that offer an intuitive, streamlined interface that encourages meaningful interaction could be the key to reducingRead More →

From Paleofuture, “Technology, Ranked” , a list of the 100 most important technologies ever invented by humans. Among the items on the list (one of which is the top pick) are the fork, the electric guitar, cotton gin, nuclear weapons, anesthesia, GPS, Prozac, and the wheel. Source: A List ofRead More →

You approach your front door, you tap the screen of your smartphone and hear the door unlock. When you walk into your house, your home is illuminated by your favorite shade of blue. Your smart toaster automatically toasts you your perfect after work bagel. Source: Why You Should Adopt theRead More →

If the future of charging cables has to be defined, then the Mag Cable is a good benchmark to begin with. We all have had our fair share of cable snaps, USB connection issues and the works, it’s annoying and destroys a piece of your device. Source: Magic of MagRead More →

In the hedge fund world and in the drama surrounding Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of personal data, as well as Facebook’s year-long fall from grace, there have been few voices of conscience. David Magerman is one of them. He’s the quantitative hedge fund guru who made headlines last month when itRead More →

2019 is here! And with this evolution of time, we need to address the evolution of the design process as well. Over the last decade, design has been recognized and shot into the spotlight, with most of the new-age and top firms pushing design-first, this is one of the mostRead More →

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  Little in recent history has had such a significant impact on WordPress as Gutenberg. It has developers polarized into pro- and anti- camps, with those on the fence becoming fewer and fewer with each news update. To get everyone up to speed, I’ll address the latest happenings in Gutenberg,Read More →

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It was the year when self-driving cars got  boring . When iPhones became  confusing . When the army spent $480 million on Microsoft Hololens headsets. When we finally got to see the long-awaited Magic Leap…and it was a dud . When virtual reality headsets like Oculus Go had their cords cutRead More →