UPROXX/Getty Image Apple’s AirPods did not exactly wow the world when they arrived — not least because, come on, pay the licensing fee and call them “AirBuds.” But slowly, the little wireless earbuds with the little charging bay have managed to get a following. Source: Apple Is Reportedly Working OnRead More →


Bose has finally commercially released Sleep Buds worth $249.95 with an aim to put “an end to sleepless nights.” Whether it’s a snoring, traffic, AC sound or loud neighbor, Sleep Buds with in-built noise-masking technology is a perfect partner for an undisturbed sleep. Source: Bose noise-masking SleepbudsRead More →

Spreading the word about the services or products your business offers is no easy task. Establishing a presence for your company online is a great way to reach a wider audience. With a professionally designed website, creating quality sales leads will be a breeze. Source: Don’t Crash The Party –Read More →

New research developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) lets a person control a robotic arm with brainwaves and subtle hand gestures. It’s the stuff of X-Men, manga robots, and joystick-piloted spaceships–except, in this case, it’s quite real. Source: Mind-reading robots are no longer science fictionRead More →

Many companies and non-business organizations collect data using hundreds or thousands of devices. The pieces of data obtained from these Internet of Things (IoT) devices are retrieved when the devices deliver it via a reliable gateway. Source: The Importance Of IoT Device ManagementRead More →

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s something almost no one in my professional life knows. I’m dyslexic. Given that knowledge, my chosen career—writer—might seem odd. But while I was cursed with poor spelling skills, I’ve always been drawn to storytelling. Source: How Technology Helped Me Cheat DyslexiaRead More →

The Washington Post rounds up 15 privacy defaults that no one in their right mind would want to leave as-is , and provides direct links to change ’em (hilariously and predictably, Verizon/Oath/Yahoo’s privacy settings dashboard times out when you try to load it) — once you’re done with that, goRead More →

It’s easy to emerge from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference with your head spinning. There were so many announcements last week that it can be hard to sort through all of them—and even more of them are now coming to light as the beta versions of Apple’s next updates are installedRead More →

Wireless earphones have changed the way that we listen to music, their convenience, their inconspicuous nature and, most of all, their lack of annoying cables has made them a highly desirable item of technology for all music lovers! Source: Wireless Earbuds That Recharge From Your PhoneRead More →

Apple has been in a long-running battle with law enforcement over the ease at which the latter can access evidence stored on iPhones. Apple has been steadily changing the hardware inside its phones to make accessing private user data harder, but more recently it’s began making changes to the operatingRead More →

Why today’s enterprises need less IT to boost productivity by Taj El-Khayat, Citrix 1 min ago June 12, 2018 In order to be maximally effective, it remains important for businesses to optimise IT, so that employees have to spend less time on IT processes that are not part of theirRead More →

In my most recent exclusive, I exposed Apple ’s enlarged iPhone designs but now a new leak has revealed Apple’s plans for a change which has even greater long-term significance… Credit for the scoop goes to Cage Chao of Digitimes , who claims sources at several IC (integrated circuit) vendorsRead More →

Now is not the time to buy a new iPhone. So long as your current model can survive the summer, you’re better off waiting until September: That’s when Apple is expected to announce its promising 2018 iPhone lineup, including some less expensive models. Source: Everything You Need To Know AboutRead More →

Passwords are a great way to secure your accounts and sensitive information from getting into wrong hands. But this security measure is not easy to handle as you have to remember different passwords for different accounts, come up with complicated combinations and even change these from time to time .Read More →

This week Apple follows Google by announcing features to help people cut back on their tech use. Why would the companies that make your phone want you to use it less? If tech is “hijacking your brain” with their “irresistible” products, as some tech critics claim, why are these companiesRead More →

WWDC 2018: Our Highlights on Apple’s Developer Conference AoiroStudio Jun 06, 2018 Here I am, just finished watching Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2018 Conference . It was fun to see what Apple has been working for the past year, some really cool updates coming to the iPhone and iPad, Mac,Read More →

How Apple plans to simplify porting iOS apps to macOS Among all the underwhelming announcements of new features for its operating systems at the WWDC keynote, Apple did have something interesting to share with developers wondering about building apps for macOS and iOS . Source: How Apple plans to simplifyRead More →

Behavioral factors are gradually becoming an increasingly important factor for search engines, and one of the most important indicators that enter into their number is the failure rate. It is important not only to track it but also to try to influence. Source: SEO Behavioral Factors – How to ReduceRead More →

Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 release will feature a new app that will be a must-have for designers and scrapbookers alike. It’s called Measure, and it’s an augmented reality tool that lets you measure pretty much anything. [Screenshot: Apple] Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi debuted Measure onRead More →

iOS 12 includes a handful of improvements to Apple’s Animoji feature, including new features and new character options. Furthermore, Apple has introduced a new Bitmoji-like Memoji feature for designing your own avatars… Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip The new character options include a ghost, a koala, a t-rex, and a tiger.Read More →