5 Things to Think About When You’re a Photographer Share Tweet Sometimes when you’re a photographer, it’s hard not to be a critic. You always think about ways on how an image could be improved in terms of lighting, film type used, aperture, shutter speed, framing, angle, composition, and theRead More →

Like any other art form, photography is about telling stories. And what better way to convey the most intimate parts of a story than through candid photos? Photo by Mohammad Gh Candid photos are perhaps the most natural form of storytelling. Source: A guide to taking better candid photosRead More →

Those who fancy themselves a video maker know all too well that making videos is hard work and requires quite a bit of skill. The following are some tips that will show you how to get movie-level production quality on any device while shooting a video. Source: Tips and TricksRead More →

Photographer Shan Wallace gives several tips on shooting street photography with a cellphone. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video) Photographer Shan Wallace gives several tips on shooting street photography with a cellphone. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video) SEE MORE VIDEOS Photographer Shan Wallace gives several tips on shooting streetRead More →

The trend is changing really quick as the technology has taken over the world. The photographers should also go with this flow to understand the expertise of taking portrait photography to the next level. People have become visually literate and more conscious about how they look in the photographs. Source:Read More →

There’s a meme going around on Twitter that reads: “Undergrad: want to solve the world’s problems?! Learn computer science! Grad school: Want to solve the problems computer science is creating in the world? Learn philosophy, law, and allllll the social sciences” Like most memes, it’s funny thanks to its melancholyRead More →

Your 20 Tips to Create Better Video Tutorials Right Away 1. Work more efficiently with the right tools for YOUR specific tutorial video Videos are excellent for teaching your audience how to use a piece of software or demonstrating how a product or concept works. Source: Tutorial Videos: Top 21Read More →

Did you know that you can use the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer in Photoshop to target a specific color in your image and change it to any color you want? In this handy one-minute tutorial, Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect shows you a simple technique to change the color ofRead More →

Images are an enormous part of the modern online experience. To use them effectively, you’ll need to know how to reduce image file size for your website. As average connection speed has increased, images have become less of a deadly burden on page load times. Source: How to Reduce ImageRead More →

If you are really into photography, then you’re probably way beyond someone who just snaps pictures with their cell phone camera. You may have more than one camera, lenses, tripods, studio equipment, drones, software, and on and on. Source: 10 Time Saving Photography TipsRead More →

If your avid photographer or even a designer looking to take your photographs to the next level the next natural progression is to understand how to edit photos. Lightroom is leading the charge as one of industry best tools for photo editing. Source: 20 essential tutorials for learning Lightroom photoRead More →

Being a big fan of everything retro, I can say for sure that retro and vintage art will never get old. There are so many tones and design styles you can experiment with when creating vintage art in Photoshop . So either you are looking for inspiration for your nextRead More →

Cursive type, whether a script font or hand-lettered, often features elegant swashes and overlapping strokes. One way artists emphasise the curvature of their type is to apply shading, which adds an illusion of depth to the lettering piece. Source: How To Create a Shaded Type Effect in Adobe IllustratorRead More →

Imagine: You open up your closet and everything looks neat and tidy. It’s filled with pieces you love, and you can see all of your options for today’s outfits. This isn’t just a scene from “Clueless.” It can be your reality if you’re ready to employ a few closet cleaningRead More →

Differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor tool that enhances the work of graphic designers. This tool revolutionized the scenario of raster graphics and is considered as the benchmark of graphic editing. Source: Differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe IllustratorRead More →

We launched our agile project management tool Scrumpy a month ago. Since then we’ve been asked almost daily how we built the animations on our landing page. So here is everything you need to know to start adding animations to your website. ️‍ Finding the Right format Whenever you want to includeRead More →

Food is a multi-sensory experience that’s initially encountered through the eyes. Even before we get a whiff of its delicious aroma or take that first unforgettable bite, we form preconceived notions about how a dish will taste based on how mouthwatering it looks. Source: 12 props to elevate your foodRead More →

Updated 7/26/2018: We’ve added even more info to this post. Enjoy! H ere at InVision, animated GIFs play a powerful part in our marketing and education. Heck, at one point in time, we even opted to use GIFs on our homepage instead of fancy code-based animations. Source: 7 tips forRead More →

Photo: Amber Dickson Sparklers are a festive part of any 4 th of July gathering. Find out how you can document the fun by taking long exposure photographs on your smartphone. Your Instagram feed is going to shine! Source: How to: Take Great Sparkler Pictures with Your PhoneRead More →