Video Tutorial: 5 Ways To Create a Matte Effect in Photoshop (reblog)

The topic I wanted to talk about in today's Photoshop video tutorial is creating the trendy 'matte' look within your photos. The thing is, creating the effect literally takes seconds. So instead, I'm going to show you FIVE ways to create a matte effect in Photoshop!

(Reblog) How To Photograph Seascapes

Photographing the sea and the waves can be both challenging and fun. People often ask me what "the right settings" are to shoot moving water so I decided to write a little guide on it. There are many options depending on what look you're going for.

How to Create Custom Print Layouts in Lightroom Classic (Reblog with Free Downloadable Templates)

(Reblog - Happy Monday, everybody. I think I've got a good one for ya today (plus a free downloadable print template for you, too).

How to Draw a Tiger (reblog) & my version

Big cats are my favourite subject to draw. They're elegant and powerful, and their body has a simple, yet beautiful rhythm. Today, I'd like to show you how to draw a tiger-from the "skeleton" and muscles to the fur, details, and stripes

Improve Your Food Photography With Six Easy Tricks (Reblog)

When it comes to food photography, your goal is to capture the dish as well as possible while making sure it looks appealing. You want to entice the viewer to order or crave that dish. If you are new to this genre, here are a few tricks that may help you craft a better shot.

sailor moon

How to Draw Sailor Moon in Adobe Illustrator by Diana Toma (Reblog)

Learn how to draw "Sailor Moon" - "Sailor Moon," a blond ponytailed teenager, and her girlfriends are on the way to combat evil and sexism — and sell as many dolls, trinkets and toys as possible.  The Japanese creators of the Sailor Moon cartoon attribute its immense popularity in Japan to the casting of strong females as central characters.  The American version will retain female empowerment as a frequent theme.

avatar display grid

How To Create Vector Avatar Characters with Adobe Illustrator

It’s always fun making character illustrations, but even more so when that character is based on an actual person! Cartoon style avatars are commonly used for their balance between resembling the person they’re representing, whilst retaining some anonymity.

Easy photography tips to take better pictures

Photography, to get the best picture as possible, you have to know many techniques and strategies, or the ins and outs of photography.

Tutorial: Master the Photoshop Pen Tool in under 8 minutes

Ahh, the Pen Tool! When it comes to making complex selections and cutting objects out of an image, there is no better tool for the job. And while the Lasso Tool or Magic Wand Tool might make selections faster and easier (and are still quite useful depending on the situation), the Pen Tool reigns supreme when it comes to accuracy and precision.

9 best video tutorial websites for painting, drawing, graphic design & more

Many of us want to improve our creative skills – whether it’s learning the basics of photography or mastering painting and illustration – but may not have the time to attend art classes. Using online videos, courses and tutorials is a simple and accessible alternative, and the good news is there are loads of options to choose from.