Photography can be an expensive hobby but there are ways you can save money, have fun and still capture some excellent images without spending all of your pennies. To show you how, our friends COOPH are back with another cracking DIY tutorial that shows you how, with a little creativity,Read More →


Want to photograph the Moon, but you don’t know what settings to use? The Looney 11 rule is a great way to estimate the right exposure without fancy tools like a light meter. So, let’s take a look at the Looney 11 rule ! Attention: Grab your free cheat sheet for MoonRead More →

Get almost 40% off Adobe Creative Cloud or Faber Castell and Derwent pens, pencils and pastels – plus our guide to the best deals on creative hardware, software and more. 2018’s Black Friday deals have started already, so here’s everything you need to know to find the best deals onRead More →

Photography is a challenging career. So, what pulls us through when it all gets so overwhelming? There’s a certain safety in giving up. There’s a certain calm in knowing that this is as far as you’re ever going to go. A feeling of peace. Source: Overcoming the Fear of FailureRead More →

Smartphones have amazing cameras, but sometimes that’s not enough to get an Instagram-worthy picture. Luckily, photographer Donny Tsang is sharing his tips for styling and editing food photography on a phone using two free apps. Source: How to Master Food Photography on a PhoneRead More →

You can be a great artist or photographer, but if you haven’t got a portfolio website, a very small part of the world will know about you. You may lack designer skills to build your own artist website, so hiring a professional web designer is the way to go. Source:Read More →

Test : iPad Pro 11 pouces (2018) Source: The 51 Best Free Typefaces Every Designer Should HaveRead More →

TFP shoots are an amazing way to try out new photography techniques or stage a cool fashion shoot you’ve been dying to do—or just bulk up your online photography portfolio! We’ll walk you through what TFP photography is, why TFP photography can be great for your career, how to setRead More →

Ugh, don’t you hate it when friends and family are looking for your house and they can’t seem to find your address? And what about when the mail-person keeps giving your mail to the neighbors because your address just isn’t visible! Source: How You Can Create a Great Looking HouseRead More →

  What You’ll Be Creating In today’s article, we’re going to tackle a more technical subject, which should be part of your knowledge bag, no matter if you’re a creative tinkerer or a simple computer user. From file type to file format, we’re going to explore the meaning of these notionsRead More →

This year for Friendsgiving, we did a number of new things to keep one of our favourite traditions fresh. We kept the decor overall very simple with one very notable exception: We decided to create an edible centrepiece for the table, and I absolutely LOVED how it turned out! Source:Read More →

How to Create a Mood Board to Inspire Your Website Design Whether you’re working on a brand new website or a stylish redesign, inspiration and dreaming up the style you want to portray is always the first step. This may sound like a difficult task if you’ve been in anRead More →

Kerning graphic

Just like with any profession or discipline, design comes with some rules. Here are 2o design rules you should consider, before breaking them. While breaking design rules is allowed and even (in some circumstances) encouraged, it’s important to at least be aware of the rules you are breaking so youRead More →

How to Create a Cartoon Map Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to create a cartoon map illustration in Adobe Illustrator. The continents won’t look real as you’d usually see on a map—they’ll have a funny, simple, cartoon-like style instead. Source: How to Create a Cartoon Map IllustrationRead More →

We all know this piece of popular wisdom: “The devil is in the details”. Designers all know how true it is. Obviously, a poorly designed project will not be saved by thoughtfully designed details, but a well-designed project can be ruined by overlooked details. Source: Mastering Small Details in BrandingRead More →

What You’ll Be Creating The anime style was created to make animated characters both expressive and easy to animate. This means that many elements of the face have been extremely simplified—and this means they are easy to draw, too. Source: How to Draw Anime Heads and FacesRead More →

How to Create an Easy Rangoli Design for Diwali in Adobe Illustrator

What You’ll Be Creating In the following steps, you will learn how to create an easy rangoli design for Diwali in Adobe Illustrator. For starters, you will learn how to set up a simple grid and how to easily create the starting shape. Source: How to Create an Easy RangoliRead More →


Vintage design is everywhere if you think about it. For centuries, we’ve been drawing upon trends from previous eras to shape how we want new designs to be perceived. Take a look at the US Capitol building or the White House to see how 18th-century American architects drew from GreekRead More →


Adobe has released the newest version of Photoshop CC (version 20.0) that comes with exciting new features for designers, photographers, and illustrators. You can now easily mask images into placeholders with the Frame Tool. There’s a new Content-Aware Fill workspace that provides you an interactive editing experience with plenty ofRead More →


Looking for a guide on how to design a T-Shirt? We’ve got that covered in this article. Enjoy your read. They’re ripped, they’re stained, they’re completely discolored…and yet, we still have them in our closets. The T-shirts we love are simply part of our lives – they’re the things peopleRead More →