Here you are, cooking for your future in-laws for the very first time. Clearly the meal needs to be perfect, nothing less will suffice. Yet you’ve decided to prepare a challenging dish, where each ingredient needs to be just right for the dish to work. A little too much cayenne,Read More →


The 17th May 2018 is Global Accessibility Awareness day, which makes today the ideal time to consider how inclusive our experiences are for those users who may be disabled, differently-abled, or temporarily inconvenienced. 2017 was a big year for website accessibility lawsuits. Seyfarth and Shaw reported that, by year’s end, there were 814Read More →

Have you noticed that minimalism has been getting a lot of pop-culture air time lately? There is a palpable thirst for sustainable living, a throwback to authenticity, and a renewed focus on what really matters. The humble Google search confirms this, with searches for minimalismincreasing by a whopping 230% from 2016-17 worldwide. PhotoRead More →

I came across this “Can you draw this?” test, which asked if you could trace the following without lifting your pen off of the paper: I don’t like that one because it involves folding the paper, which I think is b.s. This second one was a little more satisfying toRead More →

  If you ever need to shoot a product photo of a beverage bottle, the concept might not seem too complicated, but seasoned product photographers actually have a number of tricks they use to take their images to the next level. Here’s a helpful video in which photographer Max BridgeRead More →

Negative space is the area that surrounds the main object in a photo, and can be utilized as a composition tool to convey sizes and shapes more effectively. It is a concept that has been used in art, design and architecture for a very long time, and is equally usefulRead More →

One of the joys of travel is capturing all the new and exciting destination sites from your own perspective. Sometimes you make conscious decisions of what to leave behind and other times you realize you forgot to bring something, only after you got there. Whatever the case, a few travelRead More →

This a very useful technique for creating a very unique effect using Photoshop. The quick tip covers how to create a mini planet, which you can recreate the effect in matter of seconds and reapply to your own photography. I hope you like the screencast and would love to hearRead More →

This post was originally published on this siteHave you ever been faced with a challenging lighting situation when photographing and you wished you had a better understanding of light to get the best out of it? Well, we’ve all been there. And that is why it is important to knowRead More →

This post was originally published on this siteTips Photographers Working for Web Designers can utilize Photographers work in numerous ways and it depends on their skill levels and career goals. While some photographers work with reputed studios and ad agencies, there are others who work as freelancers. There are photographersRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  CORE77 Now that you’ve watched Part 1 and Part 2 of the Bondo tips series, here’s Part 3, which industrial designer Eric Strebel has saved some seriously cool tricks for. Strebel shows you how to extrude it, how to make it bothRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  CREATIVE BLOQ It’s never too late to pick up the skills you always wished you had. Here’s your chance to prove it. Just grab the eduCBA Design and Multimedia Lifetime Subscription Bundle. It’s packed with the courses you need to pick upRead More →

This post was originally published on this site Google News – Photography Next to an active train track, and a few hundred feet from the U.S./Mexico border in Sunland Park, New Mexico, over 100 volunteers of all ages came together in the desert. “The idea with this was basically howRead More →

This post was originally published on this site Free Adobe Photoshop tutorials and video tutorials for learn how to use photo editing tools, brushes and create amazing photo manipulation, photo effects, text effects and make a things to design easier and better. Photoshop is a very versatile software tool, watch out expertRead More →

This post was originally published on this site SUPERSONIC ART Three FREE Online Video Courses Every Artist Should Take. Below are three absolutely FREE instructional art courses for Supersonic Art readers: Anatomy Master Class: Step-by-step instructional videos on drawing the human figure, classical proportions, skeletal and muscle anatomy, drawing realisticRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL In my work as a teacher – and as an artist – I have noticed something that might sound very obvious but is rarely talked about in our journey to become better photographers. That is, how we live ourRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  APARTMENT THERAPY There’s a big difference between jamming a bunch of flowers in a vase, and creating a gorgeous arrangement that looks like it was done by a pro. Thankfully that difference isn’t necessarily measured in dollars, effort, or even skill. AllRead More →

This post was originally published on this site Google News – Photography   Photography is of course something we all love, but it takes time, and when it’s not your profession or you’re busy with client work, finding time to shoot what you love can feel next to impossible. ThisRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  There are numerous ways to do any one specific job in Photoshop, but getting colors to match can be one of the more trickier tasks. In this video by Colin Smith of Photoshop Cafe, we are shown how to use the LAB color mode alongRead More →

This post was originally published on this site  Have you ever felt like your photos were missing something? In this quick Photoshop tutorial, learn how to make your photos pop with this simple sharpening technique to bring your photos to life in minutes. In the days of most media being consumedRead More →