We launched our agile project management tool Scrumpy a month ago. Since then we’ve been asked almost daily how we built the animations on our landing page. So here is everything you need to know to start adding animations to your website. ️‍ Finding the Right format Whenever you want to includeRead More →


Food is a multi-sensory experience that’s initially encountered through the eyes. Even before we get a whiff of its delicious aroma or take that first unforgettable bite, we form preconceived notions about how a dish will taste based on how mouthwatering it looks. Source: 12 props to elevate your foodRead More →

Updated 7/26/2018: We’ve added even more info to this post. Enjoy! H ere at InVision, animated GIFs play a powerful part in our marketing and education. Heck, at one point in time, we even opted to use GIFs on our homepage instead of fancy code-based animations. Source: 7 tips forRead More →

Photo: Amber Dickson Sparklers are a festive part of any 4 th of July gathering. Find out how you can document the fun by taking long exposure photographs on your smartphone. Your Instagram feed is going to shine! Source: How to: Take Great Sparkler Pictures with Your PhoneRead More →

Life isn’t static, and you always have to be ready to capture its fleeting moments. Thankfully, your camera has all the features you’ll need to freeze action like magic. Photo by Inés Álvarez Fdez Although you can rely on auto functions, learning the ins and outs of your device’s otherRead More →

One isn’t really a good well-rounded photographer before they’ve mastered the art of taking photos underwater. When you first get down to doing it, the experience may be somewhat overwhelming. The dynamics underwater present a whole different world from what one is used to on dry land. Source: 5 BeginnerRead More →

[Click here to view the video in this article] Sorelle Amore has the life that most people would only dream about. The full time traveler and winner of ThirdHOME’s ‘Best Job On The Planet’ competition makes her living by getting paid to travel with help from social media platforms. Source:Read More →

Summertime is here – at least in the northern hemisphere. And while our thoughts often turn to vacations and outdoor activities, this time of year is also a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Web design and development is ever-changing, with new techniques and technologies coming out all the time.Read More →

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography where the photographer takes photos of people in different real situations or events. The main goal of lifestyle photography is to perpetuate the history of people’s lives. Thus, it consists of different types of photography – portrait, street, reportage, product, nature, etc. Source:Read More →

Jin Lee and Dana DeCoursey, an NYC-based photography duo, say timelessness and nostalgia are their greatest sources of inspiration, and it’s apparent from just one glance at their portfolio . Their portraiture evokes the ’70s and ’80s by way of bold makeup, bright colors, and captivating poses. Source: How ToRead More →

Stuck in a rut when heading outside with your camera? Watch this informative video by Apalapse to help improve your landscape photography. Landscape photography takes much more than just a pretty view to create a beautiful image. Source: Five Tips to Improve Your Landscape PhotographyRead More →

There’s a lot to learn about photography, and while online tutorials and YouTube videos are great, sometimes you just need a good book to get the creative juices flowing. Through the course of a master’s degree in photography and a few years spent teaching it, I’ve read and considered manyRead More →

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to create a bright neon sign effect using the powers of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. While it is possible to construct the entire artwork in Photoshop alone, Illustrator offers some useful tools for producing the initial layout with its vector shape building capabilities.Read More →

Whether taking photos is a creative or professional pursuit, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools that both budding and established photographers can use to promote their work. Photo by Patrick Tomasso The visual social media app is an effective way to build interest in your work, connect withRead More →

One of the hardest jobs about photography is undoubtedly the editing process. Not only does it take potentially hours on end, it’s also a fiddly process that certainly does require a lot of skill. Whether you’re looking to create a portfolio, or are working on a paid project, it canRead More →

Learn practical tips to improve your UI micro-interactions , basic properties of what you can edit in UI animations, and recommended UI animation tools from Pablo Stanley Lead Designer at InVision Studio Platform. Nothing in nature moves linearly from one point to another. Source: Talk: Practical Tips for Great UIRead More →

This article was contributed by Robert Katai. I am sure that as marketers, you are already aware of the importance of visuals in a content marketing strategy. Content is indeed the king of marketing but it cannot be limited to just text. Source: How to Optimize Your Graphics & PagesRead More →

You might have seen photos in nature magazines or websites with silky-smooth water effects cascading over rocks, branches, and trees. Have you also wondered how in the world the photographer was able to capture such beautiful images? Source: How to Create Silky Smooth Water EffectsRead More →

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. You don’t have to be a pet owner to know that photographing dogs can be tricky. Source: Interview: Dog Photographer Offers Pro Tips forRead More →

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