In the wake of the 21st century, nobody would have thought that by 2018 we will be able to create professional photography and videos on our phones. But, here we are, in the day and age of Instagram, Facebook and other social media we use to post pictures of us,Read More →


  How to take better photos with your smartphone Mobile phone cameras are now capable of producing shots which even the most critical photographer will say are decent and well worth displaying in portfolios. Modern smartphones have had a major impact on the photography market as a lot are nowRead More →

It’s a beautiful world we live in—and nobody knows this better than landscape photographers. Even if you already know how to shoot landscapes, there are always ways to improve so that your mountains appear more majestic and your fields more endless. Source: 10 Awesome Landscape Photography TipsRead More →

Photography can be an expensive hobby but there are ways you can save money, have fun and still capture some excellent images without spending all of your pennies. To show you how, our friends COOPH are back with another cracking DIY tutorial that shows you how, with a little creativity,Read More →

Want to photograph the Moon, but you don’t know what settings to use? The Looney 11 rule is a great way to estimate the right exposure without fancy tools like a light meter. So, let’s take a look at the Looney 11 rule ! Attention: Grab your free cheat sheet for MoonRead More →

Photography is a challenging career. So, what pulls us through when it all gets so overwhelming? There’s a certain safety in giving up. There’s a certain calm in knowing that this is as far as you’re ever going to go. A feeling of peace. Source: Overcoming the Fear of FailureRead More →

Smartphones have amazing cameras, but sometimes that’s not enough to get an Instagram-worthy picture. Luckily, photographer Donny Tsang is sharing his tips for styling and editing food photography on a phone using two free apps. Source: How to Master Food Photography on a PhoneRead More →

TFP shoots are an amazing way to try out new photography techniques or stage a cool fashion shoot you’ve been dying to do—or just bulk up your online photography portfolio! We’ll walk you through what TFP photography is, why TFP photography can be great for your career, how to setRead More →

Forced perspective can be a highly useful tool for photographers and Michael Paul Smith takes the technique to exciting places using his vast collection of die-cast model cars. Forced perspective is an illusion-based photography trick in which you incorporate objects that are far away, and appear smaller, into a closerRead More →

Delicate Arch landscape photo example

Due to circumstances that are generally out of our control, not all landscape photography trips are a success, but with a bit of planning, you can increase the likelihood of having a productive outdoor photo shoot. The soft morning or late afternoon light that all landscape photographers are after is generally a short-lived event and being as prepared as possible will enable you to capture it when the moment is right. 1. Virtual Scouting A great way to determine if a location is photogenic is to hop over to 500px and run a search for your location.Read More →

5 Things to Think About When You’re a Photographer Share Tweet Sometimes when you’re a photographer, it’s hard not to be a critic. You always think about ways on how an image could be improved in terms of lighting, film type used, aperture, shutter speed, framing, angle, composition, and theRead More →

Like any other art form, photography is about telling stories. And what better way to convey the most intimate parts of a story than through candid photos? Photo by Mohammad Gh Candid photos are perhaps the most natural form of storytelling. Source: A guide to taking better candid photosRead More →

Photographer Shan Wallace gives several tips on shooting street photography with a cellphone. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video) Photographer Shan Wallace gives several tips on shooting street photography with a cellphone. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video) SEE MORE VIDEOS Photographer Shan Wallace gives several tips on shooting streetRead More →

The trend is changing really quick as the technology has taken over the world. The photographers should also go with this flow to understand the expertise of taking portrait photography to the next level. People have become visually literate and more conscious about how they look in the photographs. Source:Read More →

If you are really into photography, then you’re probably way beyond someone who just snaps pictures with their cell phone camera. You may have more than one camera, lenses, tripods, studio equipment, drones, software, and on and on. Source: 10 Time Saving Photography TipsRead More →

Food is a multi-sensory experience that’s initially encountered through the eyes. Even before we get a whiff of its delicious aroma or take that first unforgettable bite, we form preconceived notions about how a dish will taste based on how mouthwatering it looks. Source: 12 props to elevate your foodRead More →

Photo: Amber Dickson Sparklers are a festive part of any 4 th of July gathering. Find out how you can document the fun by taking long exposure photographs on your smartphone. Your Instagram feed is going to shine! Source: How to: Take Great Sparkler Pictures with Your PhoneRead More →

Life isn’t static, and you always have to be ready to capture its fleeting moments. Thankfully, your camera has all the features you’ll need to freeze action like magic. Photo by Inés Álvarez Fdez Although you can rely on auto functions, learning the ins and outs of your device’s otherRead More →

One isn’t really a good well-rounded photographer before they’ve mastered the art of taking photos underwater. When you first get down to doing it, the experience may be somewhat overwhelming. The dynamics underwater present a whole different world from what one is used to on dry land. Source: 5 BeginnerRead More →

[Click here to view the video in this article] Sorelle Amore has the life that most people would only dream about. The full time traveler and winner of ThirdHOME’s ‘Best Job On The Planet’ competition makes her living by getting paid to travel with help from social media platforms. Source:Read More →