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The difference between font and typeface

Often for new web designers, there is a confusion between the distinction between typefaces and fonts. The first thing that should be clarified is that the term typeface and font are not interchangeable. Even though most people use them interchangeably and I often find myself mixing the two up. Before digital typography, a typeface referred … Continue reading The difference between font and typeface


Web Typography is the design in ‘web design’

Ultimately the art of web typography goes back to the handwritten word. Although the traditional typesetter and printing trade is slowly disappearing the importance of web typography to a design project is perhaps one of the cornerstone aspects.

Typography Design

Kerning – Gives Space to Your Headline

Kerning is the adjustment of the distance between the letters that appear on the screen. It gives the typeset a pleasing experience.


Typekit – typographers best friend

Typekit is one of the many applications that I keep up my sleeve when I am designing. Typekit is a source of great fonts and it partners with some of the world's leading type foundries. I particularly enjoy using Typekit as it integrates perfectly with my other Adobe applications. When I am working on one … Continue reading Typekit – typographers best friend

Tracking – allows headlines to breathe

Tracking gives headings breathing space I was reading through International Traveller magazine and I noticed the use of generous tracking between the letters of the country destinations . TRACKING involves the overall spacing between letters. When fonts are created, the letter spacing will be set in the definition of each character.  In order to create … Continue reading Tracking – allows headlines to breathe

Town Hall

Vernacular Typography Town Hall Hotel

Typography inspiration is everywhere.  The chalkboard signs on the Town Hall Hotel are a great example of some of the inspiring type that can be found in your local community. Simon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb of … Continue reading Vernacular Typography Town Hall Hotel

Power of Pull Quotes

"I've been sober for six months once before - and it drove me to drink". "It's just all a bit of shit... and I'm here to shake it up." "I'd tell my younger self that you can actually do anything you want"  These are the sort of quotes that manage to get your attention.  They … Continue reading Power of Pull Quotes


5 fonts that Spock would have loved

Spock is my favourite characters from Star Trek.  If Spock were a designer what sort of Typography would appeal to him?  This theoretical perspective interested me as Spock is a scientist rather than a creative.  Typography design, choice, and selection would appeal to his intellect.  There is a preciseness and attention to detail with typography … Continue reading 5 fonts that Spock would have loved

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Adobe demonstrates variable fonts

Adobe has offered a sneak peek to variable fonts coming to Photoshop CC. This new Open type format allows you to add attributes to fonts, be it size, thickness or angle of tilt. The idea is to be able to create a combination of fonts quite easily for its future documents. We do not know … Continue reading Adobe demonstrates variable fonts

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Greeking – No it is not the latest Sexual Fad

Although it sounds like it ‘Greeking’ is not some weird sexual practice practised by the ancients.  ‘Greeking’ is a technique that originated in advertising where the potential ad copy or text for a new ad being developed is represented by non-words so that the viewer can focus on the overall design rather than getting caught … Continue reading Greeking – No it is not the latest Sexual Fad