The Internet’s Most Favorite Animal Captured In Beautiful Portrait Photographs By Felicity Berkleef

If you enjoy browsing the internet a lot then you’re probably already familiar with the fact that there are literally millions of cat photos on it, to the point that the cat has to be the internets un official mascot and most beloved animal, but these photos by photographer FelicityRead More →

On the occasion of Philippe Apeloig’s lecture “Abstract or not” at Mudam Luxembourg, Design Friends published a 24-pages catalogue in French and English. The interview was conducted by Arthur Dreyfus.Read More →

Samuel Salcedo’s Surreal, Vulnerable Figures The surreal sculptures of Samuel Salcedo add both distortion and vulnerability to the human form. The Spanish artist plays with texture and scale, creating intimacy in both nude figures and massive faces adorning gallery walls. Source: Samuel Salcedo’s Surreal, Vulnerable FiguresRead More →

Next month the Japanese web magazine Axis will post the full interview with Apple’s Jonathan Ive and Japan’s Naoto Fukasawa. Those interested in the digital version of Axis could purchase it from “Zino” and Apple’s Axis provided a peek at the interview in Japanese here . Source: Japanese Publication ProvidesRead More →

Xi’an, an ancient Chinese city known as the home of the Terracotta Warriors , has gotten a dose of modernity thanks to a new bookstore. Designed by Shanghai-based Wutopia Labs, the futuristic interior of the Zhongshu Bookstore was created using nearly 10,000 feet of curved steel bookcases to show offRead More →

The Brooklyn based artist Patrick Jacobs explores the gallery space in a unique way. He installs his work inside galleries – literally within the gallery. Jacobs carefully constructs meticulously detailed diorama-like models. These models are then installed within the white walls of the gallery and fitted with porthole type windows.Read More →

Steven Johnson Sideline business as cartoonist specializing in quirky invention ideas since 1966. Author of 7 books: What the World Needs Now; Public Therapy Buses (two editions); Have Fun Inventing; Patent Depending: Vehicles;Patent Depending: Armbrella; Patent Depending: The Early Years; and Patent Depending: A Collection. Source: Steven M. Johnson’s BizarreRead More →

Indeed, some of Marziale’s projects are not always easy to pull off. For one , he traveled to a volcanic region of Ethiopia, near the border of Eritrea. “They are at war,” he says of the two countries, “so when I first landed there was a state of emergency.” HeRead More →

Are you torn between your love for creating art and your drive to learn every new technology that comes down the pike? Have you never been satisfied working on a single project, favouring instead many varied projects to keep your interest? Source: Job description of a graphic designer: What doesRead More →


Freebie: “Let’s Travel” Sticker Set (28 Stickers, AI & EPS) Are you currently building a tourism-themed website, or designing a brochure for a hotel, or a special offer leaflet for a travel agency, or even planning a big vacation this summer? Source: “Let’s Travel” Sticker Set (28 Stickers, AI &Read More →

Photography by Jack Lovel Australian modular design and prefabrication company Modscape, have added a modern extension to an old brick house that sits on a corner lot in Brunswick, Victoria. Peeking out from behind a brick wall, the extension features Colorbond Diversaclad in a ‘Night Sky’ color, with complementing black powder-coated double glazedRead More →

If you’ve never had the desire to disappear into the background then you’re either a very confident person or a verbally continent one. But for those of us wallflowers with our feet permanently in our mouths, photographer Brooke DiDonato’s As Usual series will have a particular resonance. Mixing the everydayRead More →

Life-sized sculptures of 84 men have been installed on top of ITV’s London HQ to call for improved suicide prevention services and bereavement support. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45, with 84 men taking their own lives in the UK each week. Read moreRead More →

Artist Michael Pinsky’s upcoming installation at London’s Somerset House will see visitors breathe in the air pollution of five different cities. The piece comprises a series of geodesic domes whose air quality, smell and temperature accurately recreates that of London, Beijing, Sāo Paulo, New Delhi and Tautra, a remote peninsulaRead More →

ecal student ilseop yoon uses a corrugated structure to build a strong yet lightweight aluminum seat. influenced both from the world of architecture and fashion, the pleats chair combines a strong structure with beautiful aesthetics. the pleats chair the designer chose aluminum both for its rigidity and lightness but alsoRead More →

Designer Karl Toomey’s AI assistant Alice may be the worst PA in history. Karl’s latest artwork is his new website, which follows Alice’s stream of consciousness through a robotic voiceover and a string of subtitles on a yellow backdrop. Within the first two minutes of meeting her, she not onlyRead More →

the contemporary art exhibition engages the audience in experiences embodying a multitude of messages which coexist within a single object. abloh reworked objects with famous logos such as petrol supplier sunoco, blacked out billboards by jcdecaux and the media company outfront. throughout branding is employed as an art form to provoke analysis of advertising’sRead More →

massimiliano and doriana fuksas, working alongside slovenian architect sandi pirš, have won a competition to design a structure that will soar to a total height of 111 meters (364 feet). located in koper, slovenia, the ‘capo grande tower’ will connect the region’s coastline to the mountainous terrain above. slightly inclinedRead More →

located in a rural area of the basque country, the 300-year-old ‘baserri’, a typical farmhouse for the local architecture, is divided into two dwellings, following the symmetrical axis. bilbao architecture team (BAT) intervenes in one of them maintaining the original identity of the house. BAT team mainly redesigned the day zone, where part ofRead More →

The last time we spoke to Johanna Walderdorff she had just moved to Leipzig to concentrate on her large-scale fantastical creations. Sine then, the German illustrator has been working nonstop. “I got commissioned for the first time shortly after the last article and I haven’t stopped working since. Last yearRead More →