Tooltips – Embedded Assistance

A tooltip is an on screen function that displays information automatically on mouse over, and click tips that display information for the user when they click on a specific area of the screen.  A tooltip is often referred to as embedded user assistance. Context Sensitive Tooltip 1 Hover over the sentence below! There are various … Continue reading Tooltips – Embedded Assistance

Call to Action

A Call to Action: How to Make it Work

A small business website should always have a call-to-action to convert visitors into customers.  It is important to lead the visitor into to taking the next step with you.  Make sure you add a call-to-action button to each of your most important pages, whether that means the About Us page, services page, FAQ's, or case … Continue reading A Call to Action: How to Make it Work

Kansei Engineering Applied to Web Design

A conceptual dimension in web design, development and thinking is called "Kansei engineering" a deeply held philosophy that every web site should be designed and developed to provide strong emotional as well as functional satisfaction to its user.

5 Tips for Creativity

While everyone is born with an inexhaustible well of creativity, many of us lose the ability to use this gift because we no longer practice it.  Exceptionally creative individuals are not necessarily smarter in fact research suggests that they do not score higher on intelligence tests.  Creative adults are curious, energetic, spontaneous, independent, individualistic and uninhibited. … Continue reading 5 Tips for Creativity

What is a Monogram?

A monogram is a single symbol made up of one or more letters. Every aspect of an individual's taste and fancy can be accommodated with a monogram. Monograms differ significantly, and there are of a great variety of design.  There are so many different types and combinations of the same letters that no two persons … Continue reading What is a Monogram?

Dark UX: Dirty Tricks and Tactics to Avoid in 2017

Dark UX : Dirty Tricks and Tactics to Avoid in 2017 SitePoint Like most people, I was glued to my screens the night of November 8, 2016. The New York Times was my go-to media outlet for election results; after all, I trust its information more than any other source out there. Source: Dark UX: … Continue reading Dark UX: Dirty Tricks and Tactics to Avoid in 2017

she' hot

Attractiveness Bias – Judge a book by its cover

If you have a LinkedIn or a Facebook profile, you would have most likely heard that you should use a professional personal photograph for your profile picture. I took this advice seriously enough to employ one of my professional photographer Friends to take my Facebook and LinkedIn profile picture for me. Despite the adage not … Continue reading Attractiveness Bias – Judge a book by its cover