• Stunning 4D Animation by Besjan Sertolli
    Besjan Sertolli, a graphic designer based in Kosovo, produced the video project entitled “Volume”. We discover animations made in 4D and representatives of ephemeral geometric shapes, which disappear in smoke. Most ? The bright colors present in the project. They offer a very esthetic rendering. His work is to be discovered on Behance.Read More →
  • Colorful Pictures Made With Cosmetics – Ruslan Khasanov
    Ruslan Khasanov is a graphic designer based in Russia. Its motto ? “Beauty is everywhere.” Thus, in his work, he plays with his creativity and emphasizes simple elements of everyday life. In his project entitled “MAC Cosmetics”, he created a content using and mixing liquids from the american cosmetics brand. The bright colors of each product offers a brilliant result. To discover on Behance.Read More →
  • Takenobu Igarashi Pushed the Parameters of Typography with His Hand-drawn 3D Letterforms
    Japanese-born educator and designer Takenobu Igarashi’s 20-year creative career brought an architectural understanding of form and space to the world of typography, paving the way for a new field of dimensional type from the mid-1970s to today.Read More →
  • Fatinha Ramos Portuguese Illustrator living in Antwerp.
    I was noticed Fatinha Ramos’s illustration of a woman doing a yoga pose. I was reading Scientific American article on How Yoga May Bolster the Brain Regions Most Affected by Aging. I really love her illustrations.Read More →
  • 7 Illustrators that I have enjoyed sharing
    I spend and inordinate amount of time on Social Media sourcing and researching illustrators. The following are some of the illustrators I have enjoyed sharing over the last couple of weeks.Read More →
  • Baobab magazine poster
    Baobab is a new magazine featuring work from photography students at KABK. The poster was designed as a call for guest editors for the magazine’s third edition.Read More →
  • Stadt Architecture New York
    STADTArchitecture was established in 2016 with the goal of providing our clients a sophisticated yet attainable design vision. For each project, we tailor a unique solution that addresses both a client’s specific needs and the unique qualities of each location upon which we build.Read More →
  • Tuna Typeface
    Please update your browser. Why? A typeface for print and screen. Bubbling, strong, but very accurate. Created with much fine tuning and precision.Read More →
  • American Life in Black and White: Photography by Sally Mann
    This exhibition is the first international retrospective of the work of American photographer Sally Mann. It explores themes of family, memory, mortality, and the Southern landscape as the repository for personal and collective memory.Read More →
  • Haunch of Venison Poster
    Power of asymmetry Asymmetry can help give some life and power to a typographic arrangement. The designer has used the idea of a long piece of tape or receipt.  The typography is contrasted against large and small to make it stand out.Read More →
  • Angelica Dass – Beauty of Human Skin in Every Colour
    The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color given by Angelica Dass a Brazilian Photographer.  The ‘Humanae’ project began as a small family album included relatives, friends and neighbours.  The project now includes portraits of more than 3000 people from 24 cities spanning 15 countries.  She states that the “Colour of our skin gives a lasting impression.”Read More →
  • Embroidered Illustrations by R.Masha
    Embroidered Illustrations by R.Masha Beautifully crafted embroidered artworks by Russian artist R.Masha . More embroidery art via Behance Art Illustration Posted on November 6, 2018 Source: Embroidered Illustrations by R.MashaRead More →
  • Jean Paul Langlois pop and pulp culture
    A selection of work by Métis artist Jean Paul Langlois from Vancouver Island, currently based in East Vancouver. Informed by pop and pulp culture, particularly Westerns, 70s sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons, Langlois plays with ultra-saturated colours and motifs as a way of grappling with a sense of alienation from his own cultural backgrounds — both indigenous and settler.Read More →
  • Photographer Eli Durst’s series Pinnacle Realty challenges stereotypes of suburban America
    Whether it’s two Mormons sitting on the curb of a parking lot eating McDonald’s or it’s a man taking a picture of an abstract sculpture in front of a food mart, it’s no accident that Eli Durst’s photographs resemble stills from a film. “When I applied for my undergraduate at Wesleyan University, I originally wanted to study film,” Eli admits. “But the film programme was really industry-centric and that put me off.Read More →
  • John Eberson American Designer famous for the atmospheric theatre
    John Eberson was an american designer who was known for his cinema décors. One of his earliest, the 1923 Majestic Theatre in Houston, Texas, was a loosely recreated garden of a late-Renaissance palazzo in Italy. Through his workshop Michelangelo Studios, he was was successful at producing elaborate plasterwork for his theatre décors in Spanish, Moorish, Dutch, Chinese and other styles.Read More →
  • Alex Fine – prolific illustrations dominate the fourth estate
    Alex Fine is a freelance illustrator from Baltimore Maryland. He works a lot and never sleeps. In between drawing and not sleeping, he teaches illustration at the Baltimore Academy of Illustration (bio).Read More →
  • Beatrix Potter her childhood imagination still lingers
    Children all over the world have grown up reading to Beatrix Potter’s tales of Peter Rabbit in Mr McGregor’s garden, of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail and of Tom Kitten and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle who “was nothing but a Hedgehog!”Read More →
  • Lady Aiko. Street Art that Combines East and West
    Lady Aiko (also AIKO, born Aiko Nakagawa in 1975) is a Japanese street artist based in Brooklyn, New York.. In a largely male-dominated medium, Aiko is an influential figure in contemporary street art. She is known for her ability to combine western art movements and eastern technical, artistic skills, as well as for her large-scale works installed in cities including Rome, Italy, Shanghai, China and Brooklyn, New York Read More →
  • Midea: Fatty Cow, Chubby Pig
    Midea: Fatty Cow, Chubby Pig. Strangely weird and compelling except that she is a Sow she could be Napoleon from Animal Farm by George Orwell.Read More →
  • Wolfgang Weingart – Typographic Rules
    What is the most memorable piece of typography you have come across? “I’ll go for Typographic Process, Nr. 4 Typographic Signs designed by Wolfgang Weingart in 1971 because it was one of the first designs with typography as the main element and the one that inspired me the most.”Read More →
  • Kansei Engineering Applied to Web Design
    A conceptual dimension in web design, development and thinking is called “Kansei engineering” a deeply held philosophy that every web site should be designed and developed to provide strong emotional as well as functional satisfaction to its user.Read More →
  • This is the mysticism of Joe Roberts
    San Francisco -based artist Joe Roberts will be releasing his second book, We Ate The Acid (61)A3HT3TA3), this December. The book features a foreword by journalist and documentarian Hamilton Morris (Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia on Viceland) as well as a conversation with gallerist and actor Leo Fitzpatrick (director of Marlborough Contemporary). Source:Read More →
  • Dark, Surreal And Moody Photo Works By Simon Kerola
    Simon Kerola a.k.a Johnny Keethon is a self-taught Swedish photographer working in Stockholm. His pictures can be read like cinematic creations, where memories from childhood and inspiring portraits blend together. More: Simon Kerola, InstagramRead More →
  • Artist Turns Her Boring Toilet Into A Magical Place
    Artist Roza Khamitova recently completed her latest series Shovava, which involved creating countless numbers of drawings and paintings. There were so many of them, they were barely fitting under her bed. So she decided to put them to use by transforming her toilet.Read More →
  • ‘Brand New Roman’ is a Fun Mashup of All the Corporate Logos You Know and Love
    Arrow Design ‘Brand New Roman’ is a Fun Mashup of All the Corporate Logos You Know and Love BY Shaunacy Ferro.  Hello Velocity Brand New Roman is not your average typeface. You’ll probably never find it in the drop-down menu of Microsoft Word or see it on a sign, but it’s instantly recognizable.Read More →
  • 85+ Times People Had Such Perfect Handwriting, It Gave Everyone An Eyegasm (New Pics)
    We’re so used to typing these days that most of us probably can’t even remember the last time we needed to use our handwriting skills. But there are still some people out there whos handwriting is so incredibly good it’s unbelievable that they write like that on their daily basis. This list compiled by Bored Panda shows the most beautiful and the most satisfying calligraphy examples, so if you ever need someone to write on your wedding or event invitations you know who to contact.Read More →
  • ​If There’s Such a Thing as a Sexy Toilet Plunger, This is It
    Toilet plungers are not something we tend to discuss. But, for sure, we want them to work and we sure hope there’s one accessible if we—horror!—happen to need one in someone else’s bathroom. (By the way, this post has some great tips for how to unclog a toilet, should you find yourself without a plunger).Read More →
  • 1956 Dodge Texan (Royal Lancer series) by Robert Strovers
    In praise of the chrome logos and lettering affixed to vintage automobiles and electric appliances — those unsung metal emblems and badges that are overlooked, forgotten, damaged, lost to time or the dump. Is this kind of thing up your alley? Source: 1956 Dodge Texan (Royal Lancer series) by RobertRead More →
  • Pure, perfect Pulp Fiction Book Art Covers
    The rise of “pulp fiction” in the United States began as a flashy offshoot of the sudden and unprecedented democratization of reading that followed the upheavals of the Civil War. Soaring literacy rates among the working class joined with new technologies of paper production, created a thriving market for accessible, entertaining stories in an inexpensive, portable format. Read More →
  • Geometric Wallpapers add dimension, softness and layering effect
    Modern geometric wallpapers give a light-hearted air to the living room, bedroom or guest room. Choosing a classy geometric wallpaper in black, blue, and silver looks great in a bathroom. Wallpaper adds a dimension that a plain coat of paint cannot. Rooms without a lot of soft surfaces – dining rooms and bathrooms, for example, wallpapers add a softness and a layering effect.Read More →
  • Lino Sabattani Italian Metal Smith – Shapes influenced by natural materials
    Sabbatini worked as a silversmith from a very early age.  He learned metalworking techniques and became interested in shapes derived from natural materials.  The Boule teapot and example of his early work was designed for T. Wolff in Germany.Read More →
  • Pierre Vágó Hungarian Architect and Designer
    Pierre Vago was a Hungarian Architect and designer. He studied at the École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris. He settled in France in 1928, where he was editor-in-chief on three issues of the review L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui. After World War 2, he was active in reviving the journal and set up his architecture office. In 1948 he left the journal, and it was in 1948 that he became a member of UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes). He built the Basicila de Saint-Pi X (with architect Pierre Pinsard and engineer Eugéne Freysinnet) in Lourdes.Read More →
  • Christian Joachim Danish Ceramicist restrained neo-classical forms
    Christian Joachim was a Danish Ceramicist (1870-1943). Between 1889 he studied at the Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Copenhagen. Between 1897 and 1900, Joachim made ceramics with George Jensen in a workshop outside Copenhagen. Between 1901 to 1933 worked for the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, where Arno Malinowski sometimes decorated his restrained neoclassical forms. Read More →
  • Sandra Shugart is an illustrator – the beauty is in the detail
    I was recently perusing the latest works on Instagram #zenart. I came across the work of Sandra Shugart. Sandra Shugart is a native of Tennessee and is rarely without pend and paper. She began her lifelong love of drawing at an early age and is strongly influenced by the works of Aubrey Beardsley, Andy Goldsworthy, Erte and M.C. Escher. Read More →
  • MADI likes to draw happy fox
    MADI thatvoidesign lives in Austria and enjoys drawing happy animals.Read More →
  • Danica Gim – Poetry Becomes Art
    Danica Gim combines her poems with her own art. The positive response has been so overwhelming for her she is excited that she can bring her own illustrations to you through her online shop. Her style is heavily inspired by European influence, the continent that she grew up in. Danica has a love for mythology, and all that is dreamy, the moon and making people feel like they have found a little bit of magic.Read More →
  • Minimalist Homes – Inspiration, Minimalism, black and white. Instagr
    minimalism, interiors, interior design Read More →
  • Hermès unveils light-filled high jewellery collection
    Pierre Hardy’s Lignes Sensibles collection juxtaposes a rainbow of gemstones against the warm rose goldRead More →
  • Porky Hefer Finds Inspiration in Bird Nests for his Immersive Desert Retreat in Namibia | Yatzer
    For South African designer Porky Hefer, architects and designers have much to learn from nature, in particular nests which have been inspiring the sculptural seating pods he is known for.Read More →
  • This Art Director Has the Cutest Minimal, Modern, and Colorful Rental Apartment
    Madelyn Somers is an Art Director for Parachute Home, and her small Los Angeles rental apartment is filled with cheery pops of colour!Read More →
  • 7 Grooming Gift Ideas for that special man in your life
    Help your man be more proactive, open and confident about his grooming with these 7 must have grooming products;Read More →
  • Pop & Surreal Digital Art by Kota Yamaji
    Kota Yamaji is a digital artist based in Tokyo, Japan, he just shared his art contribution for the 2020 Adobe MAX Conference. Seeing his colorful and surreal style, I decided to share some of the few things he shared on his Behance.Read More →
  • “Black Sheep Boy,” a cartoon on loss in lo-res world | Boing Boing
    Despite the retro style, Black Sheep Boy is a pretty deep story about childhood and happiness and loss. Director James Molle summarizes it: A young hatted boy’s adventures through a strange world …Read More →
  • Discover the dolomites through a deliriously dreamlike lens
    Italy’s Dolomite mountains are the Alps from central casting.  They loom dramatically — they sit fatly between the Austrian border and Venetian Plain.Read More →
  • Artist Inserts Her Fat Cat Into Famous Paintings From Around The World
    Like cats? Artist Svetlana Petrova sure does. So much so that she’s inserted her fat cat named Zarathustra into famous paintings from around the world. No painting is safe from an appearance the ginger feline, including works by Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, and Johannes Vermeer.Read More →
  • Blood & Moon, Fortune Telling Wine
    Blood & Moon, Fortune Telling Wine is an interactive wine label that is a modern day take on the traditional fortune telling “Tarot” cards. With this wine you can experience a creative reading from the cards depicted on the label, and learn more about their meanings. Read More →
  • Everyday Digital Art by Kurt Chang
    Kurt Chang is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been sharing pretty illustrations via his Behance.  With this never-ending pandemic, I have noticed an increase in ‘digital art’ projects being shared.Read More →
  • Mantra’s Trompe L’oeil Murals Encase Enormous Butterflies in Vintage-Style Boxes | Colossal
    Working with entomologists around the globe, the French street artist known as Mantra (previously) transforms brick facades and concrete walls into massive studies of local butterfly specimens. With framed outer edges that mimic a wooden box, Read More →
  • “Cowboy Kees” by Photographer Sabine Rovers
    Based in The Hague, Netherlands, photographer Sabine Rovers first met Kees in Kamerik—a small village in the Green Heart of Holland—back in 2015. Intrigued by his bright blue eyes, cowboy style and American classic car, Rovers has returned numerous times since to photograph him and revel in his freewheeling lifestyle.Read More →
  • Chaos Ink: disturb a tank of virtual liquid metal | Boing Boing
    Chaos Ink is a web toy where you swish around your pointer on the surface of a virtual tub of hot liquid metal, watching the slow shiny ripples spread out and back again.Read More →