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The Guardian’s picture editors bring you photo highlights from around the world Source: Endurance races and a mountain lion: Wednesday’s best photosRead More →

Design for Children: Play, Ride, Learn, Eat, Create, Sit, Sleep book by Kimberlie Birks coming from Phaidon in Oct 2018. nice! #63345 problem! Source: Design for Children: Play, Ride, Learn, Eat,…Read More →

As a design journalist and interior consultant (want to give your home a Nordic-inspired makeover? Send me a mail !), I am obsessed with scouring the internet to find the best of the best for all things related to homes and gardens. Source: My Ultimate Roundup of Designer Floor LampsRead More →

Interesting kinetic typography explorations by Nikita Iziev in London. She has challenged herself on the 2nd of February 2018 to create one poster a day based on a keyword, in order to practice static/kinetic typography. This is the second selection of her favourite pieces so far. Source: Kinetic Typography ExperimentsRead More →

Ian Birch looks back at the third issue of Beach Culture , the magazine that made David Carson’s name before he went on to art direct Raygun . ‘ A legendary cover which earned Carson more than 150 design awards. The magazine only lasted six issues and, as Carson toldRead More →

The new season mini collection from OYOY couldn’t be more up my street. You will sooo be ready for all things autumn when you see their new range. The Scandinavian design company do not disappoint…look at those colours! “Warm colours for the cold time” Caramel, mulberry, wine and berry tones,Read More →

Cute!.. (Read…) Source: Picture of day: Adorable Dead Unicorn CakeRead More →

AFICHE SEGUNDO PUESTO – contest – Fuego Camina Conmigo – 1st Argentine Twin Peaks Festival AFICHE CONTEST – Fuego Camina Conmigo Published by Maan Ali Source: AFICHE CONTEST – Fuego Camina ConmigoRead More →

Northlandscapes: Glacier Photography by Jan Erik Waider Photographer Jan Erik Waider spends 6 months a year traveling through the Nordic countries to capture some of the most breathtaking remote landscapes. “I was always drawn to the North. Source: Northlandscapes: Glacier Photography by Jan Erik WaiderRead More →

Want to contact Max Siedentopf ? Let your trout shaped cursor nudge the contact button on his website. An email window will pop up with the subject line: “Hi Max, I like you Read more Source: Max Siedentopf’s Buoyant HumorRead More →

nicethingswelike . . Daily design inspiration. Source: nicethingswelike..Daily design inspiration.Read More →

  The laundry room is one of those areas where space efficiency is very important, either because the room is tiny or because it’s not exactly a separate room but a section of an area like the bathroom. Comfort shouldn’t be ignored either when designing and organizing this space. Source:Read More →

Linda Miller Nicholson creates marvelous colored & pop culture inspired pasta. She only uses natural inredients like butterfly pea flowers (blue), beets and blueberries (purple), turmeric (yellow), and parsley (green) to infuse her mixture with eye-popping colors. Source: Playful & Colored PastaRead More →

Poster for a hybrid memoir that moves between prose poetry, memoir, and philosophical meditation, and has at its center an extended rumination on loss, memory, narrative, knowledge and family secrets. Source: She Did Not SpeakRead More →

Contrary to popular belief, bold, beautiful prints needn’t be saved for big spaces, says Rebecca Gillam Whether you’re space-short because you prioritise location over square foot or your home just has a few less-than-master rooms, small interiors shouldn’t be aesthetically overlooked. Source: 8 unexpected wall and floor patterns to tryRead More →

A Somewhat Classic Beauty – Lines and Circles Photography/styling: Elena Iv-skaya Model: Mélanie Telegone Make-up: Florence Delaunay Beauty, elegance and fierce attitude defines Reunion-based fashion photographer Elena Iv-Skaya’s eye-catching work. Source: A Somewhat Classic Beauty – Lines and Circles, photography by Elena Iv-skayaRead More →

Three colourful stools are joined by a steel grid to form this modular bench by Belgian design office Nortstudio. Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker, founders of the Antwerp-based studio , said the geometric design is inspired by the forms and materials that are commonly found on construction sites. Source:Read More →

germany-based caravanboat that combines a camper and houseboat into one. called ‘ departure one ‘ the 30-foot long camper is constructed using a seawater resistant aluminum hull offering multiple opportunities for use both ashore and on the water. images courtesy of caravanboat amenities on board are somewhat expected but stillRead More →

Sophistication never looked so homey as it does within the luxury interiors of this family home, where a commercial building in downtown Toronto has been converted into an apartment that feels much more like a house than a city condo. Source: Home in Little ItalyRead More →

Source: Sweetness and LightRead More →