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Dodgy Dogs! A card game illustrated by Jean Jullien, created by Yolky Games. Currently on Kickstarter (just backed by NOTCOT!) nice! #63258 problem! Source: Dodgy Dogs! A card game illustrated by Jean…Read More →

A graduate from he Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Danielle Siggerud is a young Norwegian architect that is rapidly establishing her eponymous firm as one of the most promising emerging practice in Scandinavia – And understandably so. Source: Peek Inside a Sophisticated Copenhagen TownhouseRead More →

Why stakeholders are your first love. Photo by Antenna on  Unsplash I recall my first day at my former company. With about 12 people in a white room with a large projector on the front wall, waiting for the CEO to address us before we kick off the project. Source: TheRead More →

Buro Koos , 7 lab and Booreiland opened their new shared office . The location is in the recently opened Salt Building which is at the Houthavens harbour district in Amsterdam . This shared office space is located on the second floor and is designed by local firm Standard StudioRead More →

Beautiful brand identity by Sociedad Anónima , a creative studio in Mexico, for Mob, a furniture and interior design company also in Mexico. Mob is a furniture and interior design studio based in Mexico City. Sociedad Anónima was commissioned to design the studio’s new visual identity, generating a neutral, contemporaryRead More →

Lomography For Kids: A Quick Guide Share Tweet Chances are your curious kid has seen you tinkering around with your camera. It’s about time to teach them the Lomography basics! The goal here is not to get your little one shooting super sharp and perfectly composed photos, but to fosterRead More →

Packaging and branding consultancy Voicebox has unveiled a new design for Yooga Superfood Cups, a coconut-based probiotic yogurt that is set to enter the plant-based yogurt category later on this year. “Yooga’s look needed to have stopping power, while quickly educating consumers on its nutritional benefits through strategic simple communicationRead More →

Hojo Sanci is a minimalist space located in Kanagawa, Japan, designed by Schemata Architects . This traditional Japanese house is located in a quiet residential district among lush greenery in Kamakura. The architects were commissioned to renovate it into a residence and office. Source: Hojo SanciRead More →

In a lesson for TED-Ed, David Dunning explains the Dunning-Kruger Effect, a cognitive bias in which people with lesser abilities tend to rate themselves as more proficient than they are. VIDEO Interestingly, this effect not only applies to those with lower abilities thinking they are better but also to expertsRead More →

Le travail de Tessa Silva-Dawson, designer et créatrice basée à Londres, s’articule autour du développement, des matériaux et du concept. Les pièces KANPAI sont à la fois des objets et des instruments. Soufflées à la main, leurs formes en verre sont des interprétations bulbeuses de récipients à boire traditionnels, maisRead More →

“About three years ago, I met Sasha at a Starbucks in Brighton Beach while I was working for a location scout,” Fumi tells It’s Nice That. “He was 16 and I wanted to photograph him for my book Untitled Youth, which was published in 2016.” However, after visiting the teenRead More →

Each company has its own unique corporate culture that influences the different departments in the organization. An organization’s culture has a major impact on the role of design in particular. A company that embraces innovation, creativity, and transparency creates an environment where design can thrive. Source: How culture shapes designRead More →

Creative Lettering Artworks by Davide Baratta Cool lettering creations by London-based designer Davide Baratta . More typography inspiration via Behance Typography Posted on June 27, 2018 Source: Creative Lettering Artworks by Davide BarattaRead More →

We’ve just launched our latest book, The Growth Handbook . If there’s one perennial challenge all businesses face, it’s this: how do we grow? Whether you’re at an early stage startup contemplating life after the TechCrunch bump, or a more mature business with many millions in ARR, your company’s survivalRead More →

Marketing a website takes more than just strategies that build traffic. If you want to unlock the real profitability of your website, you need to focus on the user experience you provide. It’s not only about the flashiness of your design or the overall appeal of your products — it’sRead More →

In the era of identity politics, #metoo, and ever-expanding scope for self-expression, it seems that we are finally coming to terms with the notion that no two people are alike. Practitioners across all industries and disciplines are gradually recognising that difference is not something to be squashed or smoothed out,Read More →

“For me, the attraction of creating infographics is how one can and must understand the data first, before one can organise it and display it in an appealing way. It is a nice exercise for the brain and it is a great feeling when I comprehend all the information andRead More →

The exclusive mural in Los Angeles that only “verified influencers” can photograph (photo by Qasim Haqq ) LOS ANGELES — Together with the palm trees at sunset and the Hollywood sign, nothing says Los Angeles quite like a good angel wing mural. Source: We Got to Visit the Exclusive LARead More →

Source: nicethingswelike..Daily design inspiration.Read More →