What is a Monogram?

A monogram is a single symbol made up of one or more letters. Every aspect of an individual's taste and fancy can be accommodated with a monogram. Monograms differ significantly, and there are of a great variety of design.  There are so many different types and combinations of the same letters that no two persons … Continue reading What is a Monogram?

Toby my much-beloved studio dog

Toby is my much-beloved studio dog.  He offers an almost human level of companionship, for all of the animals dogs mostly resemble people in virtue of understanding, affection, and co-operation. If you would like a hand with a design project, please Get in Touch. Simon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a … Continue reading Toby my much-beloved studio dog

Ikko Tanaka – Graphic Design blend of East and West

Ikko Tanaka,  was a Leading Graphic Designer in Japan Ikko Tanaka. He had an enormous impact on the post-war visual culture in Japan.  He is widely thought of as the Father of Japanese graphic design. He merged Japanese traditional forms and colours with International Style Modernism.  He reduced classic subjects to geometric shapes and emphasised sharp … Continue reading Ikko Tanaka – Graphic Design blend of East and West

El Salvador Gets its own Branding

I was reading today graffica (with the help of Google translate). Interbrand, a multinational branding consultancy has been involved in the creation of the brand for El Salvador. They have created a visual identity aimed at inspiring their citizenry and placing El Salvador on the global map. Interbrand utilised the thorough analysis and work that … Continue reading El Salvador Gets its own Branding

Adult Colouring Books the new bestsellers

Some of the best selling books online are adult colouring books. They are not like your typical children's colouring books – which have huge illustrations and are not especially challenging to anybody who has hand-eye coordination and is over the age of 12. Adult colouring books are incredibly intricate and are characterised by small details … Continue reading Adult Colouring Books the new bestsellers

The Wonderful Colour Green

If we consider the cosmic spectrum, the average colour is green it is what the human eye would see if the observer could view all the light sources in the universe together. (1) Green is also becoming a very popular colour in web design. Good Luck It represents tranquillity, happiness, health and unfortunately jealousy. Green was … Continue reading The Wonderful Colour Green

Mobile vs. Desktop Design

Up to 80% of Australians are interacting with the internet via their smart phones. However user success rates when using mobile devices to access mobile sites is averaged at only 64%, compared to 80% on desktop computers. This highlights the importance of responsive design. A solution for designers is to implement a 'mobile first philosophy.' … Continue reading Mobile vs. Desktop Design

3 tips on selecting a great web designer

In today's age of high-tech and global marketing, where buying products from the other side of the world is as easy as point, click and buy - every business needs an effective online presence. And the place to start is with a website. But how do you find a good web designer? A web site … Continue reading 3 tips on selecting a great web designer

The Importance of a Professional Email Signature.

An email signature can wrongly be seen as unimportant, however it is no less important than your business card. Especially as email is the main form of communication for businesses. A well designed email signature is essential to your brand and individual professional image. It also shows that you are eager to communicate so the … Continue reading The Importance of a Professional Email Signature.

deep etch

What is deep etching?

Deep etching is a graphic design term used to describe the process of removing the background from an image.  The background is removed, so only the object of the photograph remains visible. When designing websites, it is a vital process for us to get the images how we want them. An example being for a … Continue reading What is deep etching?