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DESIGN EVERYWHERE Design Everywhere is a blog focused on showcasing carefully selected graphic design works and beyond around the world. These daily dose of visual inspirations are collected by Preston Tham. All works displayed here are rightfully credited to their respective owners.Follow ↑ Top Submission:Submit your work(s) for showcase here.Read More →

Courtesy of Neiheiser Argyros As part of our 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale coverage we present the proposal for the Greek Pavilion. Below, the participants describe their contribution in their own words.  Xristina Argyros and Ryan Neiheiser have been selected to curate the exhibition of the Greek Pavilion in the 16th International Architecture Exhibition –Read More →

The year is 1986. Steve Jobs meets Paul Rand, the genius responsible for branding IBM, UPS, and Westinghouse. Having just been ousted from Apple, Steve asks Rand to create a logo for his new company, Next Inc. Rand accepts the job. Over the following months–and years–Jobs would learn from Rand, whoRead More →

The crux of the study is that U.S. urban footprints are going to almost double over the next 40 years, from 95.5 million acres of land in 2010 to 163 million acres of land in 2060. That would equate to a block of concrete the size of Montana if urbanRead More →

Sara Catapano’s ceramic sculptures appear as absorbing, yet disconcerting biomorphic forms that defy their medium. Though there are otherworldly qualities to these pieces, the artist’s observations here on Earth play a direct role in the creation of her work. She says that “these bio-expressive forms are, in some ways, reactionsRead More →

Jim Shaw‘s paintings are striking fusions of pop culture, political histories, and found, scenic backdrops. The artist’s varied approach has evolved over decades, with his recent work working with acrylics layered on muslin. Some of the works implement “theatrical scenic backdrops” purchased by Shaw, combining canvases from the 1940s andRead More →

Ciou‘s vibrant, mixed-media works, with a sensibility labeled as “necro-kawai,” are collected in a new show at KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam. The works in “The Inner Land Part 1” blend ink and acrylics on paper, with her signature characters in wildly active scenes. The show runs from March 24 throughRead More →

Oil painter and Lowbrow pioneer Robert Williams continues to craft stirring reflections of culture. “Robert Williams: Slang Aesthetics” at LSU Museum of Art collects more than 30 paintings “as well as ephemera and drawings” by the artist. The museum partnered with Thinkspace Gallery on the show, which runs through JuneRead More →

The current issue of Illustration magazine recounts the story of how the iconic image of the Quaker Oats man was created. Illustrator Robert Bonfils recalls being hired in 1965 to paint an updated version of an earlier one by Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976):Read More →

We’ve spent the last couple of days in the outskirts of Valencia, Spain, following the realization of Sensemurs, the first meeting of muralists coordinated by the Horta Ă©s Futur NO a la ZAL organization. Organized with big help from Escif , the project is part of the recovery campaign of the neighborhoodRead More →

Conceived this while visiting a nice Cafe in Kilkenny, I stopped eating sugar two years ago so my knowledge of pastries stuff is no up to date.Read More →

    Creative designers play a pivotal role in engaging target audiences and customers, and while companies are eager to bring more of these professionals on board, you’ll have a hard time getting your foot in the door if you’re not using the industry’s best tools. From Adobe to Maya,Read More →

Seattle-based self-taught baker Lauren Ko of Loko Kitchen was inspired to start making her now-viral geometric pies after seeing some cool ones on Pinterest. For Pi Day, Tasty posted this video of Ko telling her story while showing us step-by-step how she does her thing. It’s so satisfying to watch,Read More →

Here’s a little something for artsy wired types. Pantone has a number of colorful mugs, some of which may match how you take your favorite hot beverage. Note: they do not seem to have any dark enough for how many of our dear readers prefer. They don’t seem to haveRead More →

Ross Symons wanted to improve both his photography and origami skills, so he challenged himself to create a fun photo of one of his miniature origami each day, something he started for fun in 2014. Now it’s his full-time business. Source: Enjoy this daily delight of miniature origamiRead More →

iPhone X might not have enjoyed as enthusiastic sales as Apple might have hoped for, but that hasn’t stopped the Cupertino giant from releasing this passionate commercial that comically overemphasizes its Face ID capabilities. “Unlock with a look,” touts the tech giant. The spot’s main star effortless unlocks her iPhoneRead More →

Spaceship art by Pace Porter-Zasada. Keywords: concept spaceship art illustration paintings design by pace porter zasada shots stills boardsRead More →

Awesome art drop on CGSociety by our really good friend Sergio Botero. Keywords: Wells-class interplanetary vehicle docking station around saturn jupiter spearhead-type space drones illustration design renders by sergio botero high definition resolution hd concept spaceship art CGSociety portfolio image samplesRead More →

Some of the oldest cave paintings are in Spain, and they have been dated to 64,800 years ago, when the European subcontinent was inhabited exclusively by Neanderthals. This means that Neanderthals, and not just modern humans, were capable of the abstracted thought necessary for making meaningful marks.  Those marks areRead More →