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Please see our latest website (template) build that I recently completed. ¬†At Bailey Street Design I ensure that your website is well branded, focused on your business priorities and is search engine and user-friendly. ¬†As your website is the public face of your company hiring a web designer may beRead More →

Pitt's Law waves on a pond

Navigation in a website is achieved by pointing with a mouse, physically touching your smartphone screen with your finger or stylus. When buttons are too small, or the site does not display correctly on your smartphone, navigation can be frustrated. This process can be described by Fitt’s Law, “The timeRead More →

Recently I was presented with the challenge of trying to explain the difference between IMAP and POP email to a client. Over the last couple of days, I have been assisting a customer in the set-up of a web email address that is linked to their website address (i.e. More →

When planning your new website this year, it is important to understand not only what your customers want to see on it but also how they want to see it. Web design should be a fundamental part of the digital marketing strategy and one that businesses pay attention to. TheRead More →

Freepix is a company that is dedicated to the creation and distributions of images, icons and vector graphics specifically for the graphic design field. It has become the world leader in this market. Only five years after it’s founding, it has become one of the largest professional suppliers of graphicRead More →

I saw La La Land this weekend and Damien Chazelle musical is brilliant and emotional tribute to the 1950’s musical. ¬†Visually stunning eye candy for my inner graphic designer. Not so much a visual re-imaging of Los Angeles as a opportunity to see it through an artists eye. Chazelles lastRead More →

It is 2017 update with a Dynamic Date A dynamic date in your footer that changes automatically is essential for your website. It is important to keep your website up-to-date as it is one of the first things that a user will notice. Keeping up-to-date is as simple as havingRead More →

  Yesterday I watched a video by Simon Sinek on “Millenials in the Workplace.”¬† It was an excellent¬†discourse on why Millenials are so unhappy. ¬†In the 15 minute interview, he covers the addictiveness of social media to flawed parenting. ¬†He argues an entire generation is growing up with lower self-esteem.Read More →

    A poster calling for entries for a design competition sponsored by the The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). ¬† I love this poster as it skillfully uses Typography and colour¬†setting the bar high for would-be contestants. The AIGA charter is to enhance the standards of design andRead More →

Zen professional web designer

Take a mindfulness break Mindfulness practise and meditation is an integral aspect of my working day. It has allowed me to take a softer and gentle approach to the way I design. As I create more space in my mind it changes the way I see. The following ‘curated content’Read More →

African Masked Weaver

Usability is a website that is easy for users to find the information they need when they need it.Read More →

The presence of a countdown timer could be an excellent way to drive your website users to respond to a call to action. Without a sense of urgency desire loses its value. Jim Rohn Generate a sense of urgency We love to use the amazing tools and widgets and adaptRead More →

Rain animation widget

Rain Animation Effect Check out the new effect I have created with the Adobe Muse rain widget from the creative team at MuseFree. We love to use the amazing tools and widgets and adapt them for use in our design projects. This effect reminds me how much I love theRead More →

Facebook ¬†Christmas present for geeks is a new Facebook Messenger camera app that incorporates new features such as 3D masks and special effects. It is not just Japanese school girls but every day more than 2,500 million emoji are sent in Facebook Messenger. ¬† Among them, include those incorporating motifsRead More →

I ¬†have just finished watching the ¬†trailer for Blade Runner. ¬†If you are a fan of science fiction, take a look at the first preview of Blade Runner 2046, which takes place 30 years after the previous film. ¬†Harrison Ford returns and it also stars Ryan Gosling. I enjoyed theRead More →

ATTENTION ALL ENGLISH speakers, you may be misusing the English language without even knowing it. ¬†When you use the word “however” do you mean “nevertheless”? This common mistake and many others are pointed out in this little e-book that I purchased off iTunes for $0.99. Little did I know thatRead More →

Illustrations to inspire Illustrations and imagery inspire my designs. Visuals help website users retain ideas, words and concepts. ¬†The following are a selection of illustrators that excite and stimulate my creativity. Linesandcolors¬† Lines and Colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts BunchRead More →

Internet Browsing

Hacking, viruses, scams and cyber bullying are some of the most known risks. If we want to avoid them, it is important that we learn to protect ourselves from all of them. 1. Do not run suspicious files The need to have an individual application on our computer causes usRead More →

Female paste-up street art, Newtown

I found a new piece of street art on the corner of Goddard Street and Bailey Street, Newtown. ¬†I would love to know who she is, I was thinking Etta James or Nina Simone. ¬†Any help here would be greatly appreciated.Read More →