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I tested my broadband access speed this morning  with Speedtest and it is 113.43Mb/s. I have an -A grade of 83% which means that 17% of internet service in Australia are better. However the Global Grade is B (66%) meaning that 34% of international services are better. According to theRead More →

“White space” is a design term that refers to the open space between or around text or design elements. White space is of particular importance in web site designs as it helps guide the reader’s eye from one area of the page to another.It enhances readability and balances the graphics on the page.Read More →

When I am designing a website if the client has not provided me with images, I will use creative commons or open source images to display in the website mock-up.  Google images are one of the easiest methods to locate images that you will be able to use in aRead More →

If yellow is the easiest colour to see why are stops signs red? Yellow is the most natural colour for people to see.  So if that is the case, why would stop signs be red? Colour influences our emotions, while yellow is the easiest colour to see, red is knownRead More →

I use Facebook both professionally and personally and in doing this I have a responsibility to keep my data as secure as possible.  Facebook does not always facilitate this as its Privacy Settings are scattered throughout Facebook.  You may have to visit multiple areas to change those settings and it can become a confusing process.Read More →

I am dog walking for a friend, and it provided me with the opportunity to explore some of the local Redfern street art.  A couple of pieces were on Cleveland Street, and I have never been able to get an opportunity to get a photo, until now… Enjoy…Read More →

Glyphs rise above language and culture Glyphs are the graphical symbols that are more or less universally used. Typical are the plus and the minus signs in mathematics.  Margaret Mead, the American Anthropologist, suggested them as a means of a new international language.  As a “Graphic Designer,” I like the particularRead More →

Great web design is that perfect balance between form and function. The quality of a design is not just about beautiful pixels. A well-designed website will provide insight into how a visitor may be expected to be treated, the integrity of your product or service. The design of your websiteRead More →

Is your website loading too slowly? Websites are becoming laden with content, and this is going to affect the load time of your webpage. One method to reduce the frustration of your users is to add a Custom Preloader Screen. The first time my Wife and I travelled to BangkokRead More →

Photo CC – MsSaraKelly Internet advertising allows businesses to notify their customers about products, their brand, services.  The internet, as a means of global communication, offers advertisers a unique and often cost-effective way to reach their audiences. As with all media, however, Internet advertising has advantages and disadvantages. Internet advertisingRead More →

The Prime Time Emmy for Outstanding Title Design.  This is a list of the winning programs between 2005 – 2015. These are really fantastic achievements in Graphic Design and Title Sequences. 2015 – Manhattan 2014 – True Detective 2013 – Da Vinic’s Demons 2012 – Great Expectations 2011 – GameRead More →

Girl with watering can Wilson Street, Newtown

Street art on Wilson Street, Newtown. A little girl holding a red watering can.Read More →

Isotype example

  Isotype is a system of symbols that was an effort to create an international graphic language to make pictorial statistics accessible to a mass audience. The icons and symbols that are used on computers, phones and tablets all pay homage to those pictograms that were first designed during theRead More →

I was browsing the art and about website on the weekend, what a pleasure. As you scroll down the page, smoothly and seamlessly, the images appear and disappear in the same manner. It compels you to keep scrolling to satisfy your curiosity as to what is going to happen next.Read More →

Hamburger Recipe - Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang recipe illustrations explore a unique and fun way to show a recipe as well as the completed dish.Read More →

google art culture

Google Arts and Culture app lets you explore paintings and other artefacts up close, as well as find out more about the artists and museums around the world.

Google developed a new application that allows users to view works of hundreds of artists and iconic places, all with ‘Google Arts & Culture’. I have found a much-wanted distraction from the US election.

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Norwegian Fehrplay released two new progressive house tunes, Annie and Solidus.  Fehrplay is a Norwegian DJ, and he is presently based in London.     Upbeat, multi-layered sounds are driven with intricate patterns of drum and bass – Ultramusic I am on the downside of the day and I wanted toRead More →

Placing the phone next to a speaker to identify a song has become blase since the arrival of Shazam. Now Fiona O’Leary, a student of the Royal College of Art, has launched the ‘Typographic’ version of this popular app. Simply place Spector on a typeface you like and see it changeRead More →

  Share the love invite a Guest Blogger…Guest blogging is a common practice among bloggers, in which one is asked to participate as a guest on someone else’s blog. Or one invites guest blogger to post on their blog. The invitation of a guest blogger adds value to your blogRead More →