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Hamburger Recipe - Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang recipe illustrations explore a unique and fun way to show a recipe as well as the completed dish.Read More →

google art culture

Google Arts and Culture app lets you explore paintings and other artefacts up close, as well as find out more about the artists and museums around the world.

Google developed a new application that allows users to view works of hundreds of artists and iconic places, all with ‘Google Arts & Culture’. I have found a much-wanted distraction from the US election.

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Norwegian Fehrplay released two new progressive house tunes, Annie and Solidus.  Fehrplay is a Norwegian DJ, and he is presently based in London.     Upbeat, multi-layered sounds are driven with intricate patterns of drum and bass – Ultramusic I am on the downside of the day and I wanted toRead More →

Placing the phone next to a speaker to identify a song has become blase since the arrival of Shazam. Now Fiona O’Leary, a student of the Royal College of Art, has launched the ‘Typographic’ version of this popular app. Simply place Spector on a typeface you like and see it changeRead More →

  Share the love invite a Guest Blogger…Guest blogging is a common practice among bloggers, in which one is asked to participate as a guest on someone else’s blog. Or one invites guest blogger to post on their blog. The invitation of a guest blogger adds value to your blogRead More →

I noticed a new piece of street art walking the dog this morning. A rather eclectic piece, I like the girl in the middle. A Study in Blue   Serpent with Blue Dots Please do not hesitate to Get in TouchRead More →

Add to Safari The Viewport Resizer is a plugin that can be added to the Safari browser that helps one test the responsiveness of their website. I use this tool during the web design process to make sure that my various breakpoints have been correctly configured. Check Screen sizes AtRead More →

As a dynamic field of web development, web design has its trends and tendencies. When you open a website, at first, you perceive it visually, and only then get acquainted with the contents. An experienced web developer not only writes efficient and flexible code but also follows the most profitableRead More →

This photo was taken in Goddard Street at Newtown.  I think the poor little fellow not only loves his mother but misses her as well. I am not sure of my mythology with this bewitching siren.  She caught my notice on Whitehorse the street not the steed.Read More →

YinMn - The New Blue

I am not a natural when it comes to being able to distinguish between different shades of the same colour. It has now just become more difficult to differentiate a new shade of blue has hit a market called YinMn. Researchers named the pigment YnMn after its three elements: Yittrium (Y), Indium (In) and Manganese (Mn).Read More →

Mercury and Weekly Courier (Vic. : 1878 – 1903), Saturday 22 February 1879, page 3 ALL human power, to be available, must be associated with a certain degree of self-confidence. Many a timid child postpones his first attempt at walking simply because he lacks the courage to exercise an abilityRead More →

Although augmented reality and virtual reality seem similar terms, they represent both entirely different technologies. Both technologies have advanced in leaps and bounds and most likely will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality Augmented reality is intended to take the reality that weRead More →

Newtown sometimes feels like a modern contemporary museum of art; the show is on the street.  The following pieces have popped up over the last week or so, and I noticed them on my morning walk. These three pieces are street poster art.  The posters are usually handmade or printed graphics onRead More →

I have just watched the inspiring Ted Talk, The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color given by Angelica Dass a Brazilian Photographer.  The ‘Humanae’ project began as a small family album included relatives, friends and neighbours.  The project now includes portraits of more than 3000 people from 24 citiesRead More →

What’s New – Rain Animation I adapted this rain animation plugin widget from the team at MuseFree. It has been so hot today I channelled Matt Damon and I became the Rain Maker. I changed the background colour to white and changed the colour of the rain to match theRead More →

Sufi the cat

Anyone who has had a cat for a pet knows that they just like to do their own thing. Sufi has a bad habit of getting into my in-tray when I am working.  On the positive side, I am encouraged to keep it tidy, as too many papers and sheRead More →

4 Keys to be more productive working from homeRead More →