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Freddie Mercury loved music, flamboyant fashion, Liza Minnelli , and as the new Bohemian Rhapsody biopic attests, his cats. Though the Rami Malek film does not get into many specifics—there are only so many feline cutaways director Bryan Singer could presumably fit into the approximately two-hour run time—it teases howRead More →

The 1958 launch of the Poul Henningsen trio of lights changed the game of 20th-century illumination. To celebrate 60 years of these collections, Louis Poulsen has released the PH Artichoke in brushed brass and the PH 5 and PH 5 Mini in polished copper, for the first time in theirRead More →

The ancient and the contemporary sit harmoniously in this amazing 17th century home in the Italian city of Mantova. Wall frescoes are lovingly preserved in the minimalist rooms, heavy ceiling beams retained as well as the old oak floors, stripped and lightened. Source: Ancient and contemporary in MantovaRead More →

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, with the hectic, high pressure lives many of us lead these days, it surely won’t be long until we wake up to the fact that a comfortable, welcoming and stylish lounge or living room is what truly matters.Read More →

In his touching series, Passerby, Toronto-based visual artist and photographer Connor Dudgeon uncovers the loneliness that seems so prevalent in Japan, as well as the tender moments’ people share with loved ones and close friends. “Japan is currently experiencing an interesting time; having such a dense population,” says Connor. “AlthoughRead More →

Beautiful grey home with a soft pink touch This beautiful apartment has a very soft look and this is mainly because of the mixture of the warm grey walls (or ‘greige’ like they call it, something in between grey and beige), minimal use of soft pastel colours and natural materialsRead More →

There are myriad thoughts on how to be creative. There are books and blogs all about it. There are all sorts of hypotheses, theories and research studies. Because being creative is multi-faceted, and multi-layered—and everyone has an opinion on what works best. Source: How to Be CreativeRead More →

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3 Cool street art pictures that popped up in my twitter feedRead More →

You can buy Epsom salts at pretty much any grocery store or pharmacy in the United States, including these next-level Epsom salts at CVS . Bonus: They’re also very reasonably priced (you’ll usually pay somewhere between $5 and $10), and there are plenty of options to choose from—some even haveRead More →

Louder and louder we hear the cry… Work Harder! And you will taste the joy of success. Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash Have you ever seriously considered this question? Take a moment to track back to your early education. Source: What Came First? The Success Or The Happiness?Read More →

It might sound odd for me to say that the quality of Geoffrey Young’s poetry — its wit, profundity, and infectious nervous energy — is not the only reason he’s one of my favorite poets. It might sound as if there were something backhanded coming. Source: The Hard-to-Find Chapbooks ofRead More →

Houzz Editorial Staff; writer, design enthusiast, reader, softball player.Read More →

Self-criticism is at the heart of so many mental health issues. When you’re constantly feeding yourself negative messages, it can be hard to find the energy you need to get through the day or to challenge yourself in meaningful ways. Source: How to Make the Most of Constructive Self-CriticismRead More →

Consensual Hugs Seem To Reduce Stress People who had a conflict in a given day but also got hugged were not as affected by the negative interaction as were their unhugged counterparts. When a friend comes to you after a stressful day, how do you comfort them? Source: Consensual HugsRead More →

“Whenever my husband feels he isn’t being catered to, he would make everything difficult, while saying there’s nothing’s wrong.” ― Anonymous “My colleague’s favourite tactic when she doesn’t get her way is to take twice as long to get anything done.” ― Anonymous “My partner deals with our relationship issuesRead More →

Like many businesses, we have a group of specialists with ‘digital’ in their title. Colleagues occasionally query if they should join our practice. Would it be good for their careers? (yes) What must they need to know? (a lot, but not everything) Would they be a good fit? Source: What DoesRead More →

Photography can be an expensive hobby but there are ways you can save money, have fun and still capture some excellent images without spending all of your pennies. To show you how, our friends COOPH are back with another cracking DIY tutorial that shows you how, with a little creativity,Read More →

A fireworks festival in Myanmar, a rocket launch in India, political turmoil in Sri Lanka, early Christmas decorations, Central American immigrants trek north through Mexico, observations of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, starlings over Rome, an Allosaurus in Paris, wintry scenes in northern China, andRead More →

Want to photograph the Moon, but you don’t know what settings to use? The Looney 11 rule is a great way to estimate the right exposure without fancy tools like a light meter. So, let’s take a look at the Looney 11 rule ! Attention: Grab your free cheat sheet for MoonRead More →