Defining Asymmetrical Balance and Determining Its Use in Art and Design Design principles are the foundation of a good design. The design principles you learned will guide you in creating visual media. An efficient design will guide the viewer to see what you intend for them to look in theRead More →


I really like working in colour, whether it’s in Photoshop CC or painting traditionally with watercolours. Vibrant colour will often make an illustration more decorative, but there’s also a danger of it becoming flat. However, you can counteract this by adding a sense of volume in the right places throughoutRead More →

  These plants are glowin’ up. Scientists at MIT have succeeded in creating plants that light up for hours at a time. “The vision is to make a plant that will function as a desk lamp — a lamp that you don’t have to plug in,” Michael Strano, co-author ofRead More →

Peacock Photos Peacock photos: Peacock is the national bird of India and it’s one of the most colourful and stunning birds in the world. There is a myth that when a peacock opens it’s feathers, it’s bound to rain. Well even if it doesn’t rain, it’s fascinating to see aRead More →

Editor’s note: For over 500 years, the center of financial and judicial power in England has grown and remained in and near a square mile of buildings called the City of London. And at the heart of it is arguably the art of printing. Source: London’s Kerning: An ExcerptRead More →

Google’s Art & Culture Experiments are always a source of joy–like its recent viral selfie feature, which matched your face to your long-lost twin in fine art. But the app also provides more useful tools, like its latest, Art Palette. Source: Google’s Latest Experiment Is Like Reverse Image Search ForRead More →

Intuit Marine Way Building / WRNS Studio + Clive Wilkinson Architects Save this picture! © Jeremy Bittermann + 24 Architects Clive Wilkinson Architects, WRNS Studio Location Marine Way, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States WRNS Studio Project Team Bryan Shiles, Sam Nunes, Brian Milman, Pauline Souza, Raul Garduno, Annelise DeVore,Read More →

Farewell, Anti-Apartheid Campaigner Winnie Madikizela-Mandela All Products Damian Aquiles’ Bar Trays Made From Salvaged Items Parley for the Oceans + Soma Limited Edition Bottle + Ocean Plastic Sleeve $30 Soma, Parley and Starbucks have teamed up for an environmentally friendly and ultimately pragmatic product: a reusable BPA-free glass vessel andRead More →

Not only his first show in NYC since 2004, Cuban artist Damian Aquiles‘ current exhibition “Alquimista” is also an exclusive collaboration with the Facundo Rum Collection. Teaming up with the luxury rum brand (from the Bacardi family’s private reserves), Aquiles has created 10 one-of-a-kind bar trays—each one a work ofRead More →

Everyone knows a homebody. (And if you don’t know one, you definitely are one.) Homebodies aren’t boring and they’re not necessarily shy. They just know hanging around the house can be pretty awesome. Here’s why… Homebodies make their homes beautiful, comfortable places to be Homebodies love spending time at homeRead More →

Name: Laura Lane, Nic Rad and Samo the dogLocation: Williamsburg, BrooklynSize: 1972 square feetYears lived in: 1 year, owned Laura’s a comedy writer, author and the co-creator of This Is Why You’re Single (a comedy sketch show, podcast and book). Nic is an artist and podcaster. (His current show openedRead More →

“Don’t shoot at midday!” How many times have you heard that advice? And that you should only shoot during the Golden Hour? While it is true the grandest landscape vistas prefer the sun lower on the horizon, there is no reason to pack up your camera and take a napRead More →

Being Serena is a five-art HBO documentary series on Serena Williams that focuses on her pregnancy, the birth of her daughter, and her determination to get back on the court and compete at a championship level. I don’t know if there’s anything left for me in tennis, but I’m notRead More →

Meandering Skydeck Features in HASSELL’s Competition-Winning Shenzhen District Masterplan Save this picture! Courtesy of HASSELL HASSELL has won a competition for the design of the Qianhai Mawan Mile, a business district for the Chinese “gateway city” of Shenzhen. Stretching over one mile (1.6 kilometers), the masterplan seeks to combine “lush parklands, new cultural buildings,Read More →

Clippy AI Clippy knows all. Advancements in AI and ML technologies mean Clippy can be smarter than ever at directing your visitors and helping them out. HD sound effects Ruffling papers. A paper aeroplane swooshing by. We’ve collaborated with senior sound engineers around the world to bring Clippy back withRead More →

10 Beautiful Free Themes for Sublime Text – Customize your Sublime Text experience with a new theme. Documenting Components – The art of documenting UI components. Crunch – A PNG compression tool for macOS. Lunacy – A Windows app that can handle .sketch files! 3 Amazing Bootstrap 4 Gallery TemplatesRead More →

hiroto ikeuchi — modeler, designer, artist — creates perfect cyberpunk fashion pieces. tiny, plastic model buttons, real circuit boards: they are wearable vintage throwbacks to a not-so-recent, far-less minimal past. oh, and also, they work. image courtesy of ikeuchi most of the antennas and dials are for aesthetic purposes only,Read More →

The Perf House is a project that involved renovating a five-story Georgian terrace house in central London by opening it up and maximizing as much natural light as possible. Designed by AMA, the renovation began by removing all interior walls to enlarge and brighten the spaces. The finished design showcasesRead More →

© Juan Solano Ojasí Architects: Cynthia Seinfeld Location: Lima, Peru Architect In Charge: Cynthia Seinfeld Development Architecture: Verónica Aguirre, Pamela Apaclla Landscaping: Titi Laurie (ECOART) Area: 750.0 m2 Project Year: 2016 Photographs: Juan Solano Ojasí © Juan Solano Ojasí BORED HOUSE The project starts by understanding family relationships FORMED BYRead More →

Casa Bogavante / Riofrio Arquitectos Save this picture! © Elsa Ramirez + 21 Architect Riofrio Arquitectos Location Paracas, Peru Author Architect Roberto Riofrio Area 258.0 m2 Project Year 2018 Photographer Elsa Ramirez Manufacturers Loading… Save this picture! © Elsa Ramirez Text description provided by the architects. This house is locatedRead More →