As your freelance design career progresses, you’ll be presented with many project opportunities. But one of the hardest aspects of being in business is learning to pick the right projects for you. There are several reasons for this. Source: How to Pick the Right Design Projects AdvertisementsRead More →

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Creating the perfect resume isn’t easy, but a great one is all but required to land a job. While your skills and experiences are what really counts, if you fail to exhibit them well, it won’t matter. It’s all in the presentation! Source: Stand Out with These Free Resume TemplatesRead More →

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When you’re creating a business card, it’s imperative that you nail the design. This little piece of paper is the face of your business, and often the first impression of you and your company! It’s not something you’ll want to just throw together in Photoshop. Source: Promote Yourself with TheseRead More →

Creating a newsletter for your website can be a great way to keep loyal visitors up-to-date on your adventures while leaving them engaged and coming back for more. But where to begin? How can you create a newsletter on your own? Source: How to Start a Newsletter for Your WebsiteRead More →

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The latest web design trends are keeping web designers busy. These trends have raised the competitive bars. They are demanding attention with their bold shapes and bright colors. So, how do web designers stay relevant and keep up to date with these trends? Source: 8 of the Latest 2018 WebRead More →

In today’s web design world we see waves of minimalist, modern designs that often stick to light colors , standard fonts and lots of space. However, many industries and brands require an alternative approach. For example, a gaming website might have a better effect with dark tones and gothic-style text.Read More →

It can be frustrating to work with a web design client who doesn’t provide direction or makes vague requests. This lack of communication can result in tons of revisions and difficulty. Often, this is because they simply don’t know the design process . Source: Methods for Getting Straight Answers fromRead More →