If you’re a founder or aspiring entrepreneur, perhaps you’re looking to round out your reading list for 2019 with a few inspiring business reads. We asked entrepreneurs to offer their book recommendations for the new year, including both recent releases and older favourites. Source: 12 books that CEOs think youRead More →


Psychology is a science founded in human motivation and behaviour and is essentially all about what makes people tick. As a marketer, if you can understand what drives somebody and why someone may behave a certain way, the better you’ll be able to understand them, work with them, and ultimatelyRead More →

De-stress – Get outdoors: Yes the weather outside is frightful, but that’s no reason to stay cooped up in the house or office. New Jersey is home to more than 50 state parks and numerous other sites for outdoor activities. On any smaller scale, a dose of fresh air canRead More →

Viewing through lens

​ The first time I interviewed Bob Goff, we talked about living a noteworthy life. If your life is noteworthy, you should take some notes on it. You should write about it. Writing every day changed my life and the lives of many of my friends, like Sarah Peck andRead More →

Small balcony

If you live in a small apartment have you considered what type of furniture is best used for a narrow patio or balcony? Think of it as a room – albeit outside – and think about what you would like to do in that room? Sometimes it is a simpleRead More →

If you landed on this page, then you’re clearly trying to find out what the top air purifiers are you can buy for your home or an office. It’s also safe to assume that you don’t want to waste countless hours of searching through hundreds of websites just to findRead More →


We’re here to say, don’t be afraid to be bold It’s easy to dismiss yourself as ‘not a print person’ or a colour sceptic, perhaps because you  just don’t know where to start, or automatically think pattern = OTT. But we beg to differ. Source: 8 ways to embrace colourRead More →

So, what is UI design? This question arises whenever you tell a non-design person what you do for a living. You’re in charge of creating beautiful user interface designs, and in the future, this role will only become more and more important for you!Read More →

How to Create Better Typography Based Designs

In days gone by, books were originally handwritten by monks in monasteries. Later on, they were created out of wooden or metal type, which was used as a part of a printing process. Using typography, therefore, has a long legacy. In a world where many focus on a drop-down menu and the size of a font,…Read More →

Lucille Ball on sarcasm

Do you think that it’s funny to be sarcastic? Others may laugh, but they will never love you.Read More →

A new agency site for DigitalWerk Source: DigitalWerkRead More →

  Yesterday I watched a video by Simon Sinek on “Millenials in the Workplace.”  It was an excellent discourse on why Millenials are so unhappy.  In the 15 minute interview, he covers the addictiveness of social media to flawed parenting.  He argues an entire generation is growing up with lower self-esteem.Read More →