‘Art for art’s sake’? Aestheticism and decadence shocked the Victorian establishment by challenging traditional values, foregrounding sensuality and promoting artistic, sexual and political experimentation. Dr Carolyn Burdett explores the key features of this unconventional artistic period. Source: Aestheticism and decadence – The British LibraryRead More →

The Aesthetic Movement during the last half of the nineteenth century in England would become enormously influential. It drove a whole generation forward to create a new kind of art, one that filled the next half century with both beautiful, and thought provoking works. Source: The Aesthetic Movement – England’sRead More →

Aestheticism , late 19th-century European arts movement which centred on the doctrine that art exists for the sake of its beauty alone, and that it need serve no political, didactic , or other purpose. Read More on This Topic art, philosophy of: Aestheticism Diametrically opposed to the moralistic view isRead More →