Ever considered having a pet rock? If not, take a look at Japanese artist Akie Nakata’s works, and you might just change your mind. Inspired by the beauty of found stones and rocks, the self-taught artist breathes life into each item by painting it into lifelike animals such as cats, dogs, and woodland creatures.Read More →


This collection of surreal animal oil paintings is by Jon Ching , he is a self-taught artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. His paintings mainly focus on wildlife and birds in particular play a big role in Jon’s portfolio. “ Their diversity of skills, the infinite combination of colors,Read More →

Simon Brown , going under the alias of The Gentleman Felter, is a UK-based artist who creates unique scenes by putting handmade felt animals with old, beaten up, heavily used brushes. Sounds a bit weird combination? But the end result is actually pretty cool. Source: Stunning Felt Animals Needled byRead More →

Wildlife Photography in Norway

Wildlife Photography in Norway The freezing, cold wind hits my face and forces me to stop to adjust my facemask. I turn around and take a glance at the sled behind me. It’s heavily loaded with camera gear, tent, sleeping bag and food rations for about a week.Read More →

Explore the Golden Thórsmörk, Iceland with Marina Weishaupt AoiroStudio Mar 02, 2018 We are exploring the Southern part of Iceland today with photographer Marina Weishaupt. She is from Germany and truly a passionate about nature, animals, and environment.Read More →

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck Meet Coco the woodchuck, who was badly injured and remained in the middle of a family’s yard for three days. When the people finally noticed her, they thought the little animal was dead. As they approached her, they realized she was still aliveRead More →