If you’re at all curious about a career in animation but don’t know where to start for information, Natalie Nourigat’s I Moved To Los Angeles To Work In Animation is a great first step. Nourigat has a talent for effervescent autobiographical comics (see: her 2012 collection of diary comics, BetweenRead More →


Believe it or not, you don’t have a lot of time to convince your site visitors to stay around. Your window is actually much shorter than you assume. In essence, it takes just 0.05 seconds after your page loads for visitors to form an opinion. Source: The Complete Web AnimationRead More →

Curious unravelling animal illustrations based on a dream

The animal kingdom has a lot to offer an artist; it is a great theme to fill up an empty sketchbook. Illustrator Jaume Montserrat’s series ‘Emptyland’ puts a new spin on traditional realist style sketches by transforming the lovable critters into floating ribbons of detail. Source: Curious unravelling animal illustrationsRead More →

Does your portfolio need a makeover? Do you want to give it a fresh, exciting look that also showcases your personality? From adding passion projects to creating tutorials, there are many ways to pump up your portfolio. Source: 3 examples of awesome motion design portfoliosRead More →

Illumination Entertainment’s The Grinch is everywhere: it’s been the highest-grossing film in the United States for the past week and it has dozens of corporate promotional partners spreading it to every corner of the consumer marketplace. Source: The Art of Illumination’s ‘The Grinch’Read More →

Gabriel Gabriel garble vacuum animation

Vacuum , a new short film by London-based animator Gabriel Gabriel Garble, opens with a mechanical whir and a bird’s-eye view of a supermarket conveyor belt. As a pack of six vacuum-packed grapes passes along the belt in front of us, a cold voice from a PA system cuts acrossRead More →

since 1997 WOW inc. has been inviting people into the world of their clients, mastering the art of creating experiences with the sort of atmosphere that demands a similar definition to their namesake. from motion graphics to sound art, spacial installations to immersive videos, prototyping to branding, music stars toRead More →

Learn practical tips to improve your UI micro-interactions , basic properties of what you can edit in UI animations, and recommended UI animation tools from Pablo Stanley Lead Designer at InVision Studio Platform. Nothing in nature moves linearly from one point to another. Source: Talk: Practical Tips for Great UIRead More →

Awesome Motion Design Titles for Playgrounds Sessions abduzeedo Jun 06, 2018 Peter van de Riet shared a beautiful motion design project for Playgrounds Sessions. They created this playful title animation of negative space building blocks that constructs the typographic composition. Source: Awesome Motion Design Titles for Playgrounds SessionsRead More →

Finding success in the 2D side-scrolling action genre takes patience and attention to detail. When Joakim Sandberg set out to make Iconoclasts, released earlier this year, he was lucky enough to have plenty both on hand, and the result of his years-long game development process is a game whose look and feel charmed gameRead More →

Studio Ghibli Inspired Artwork by Atey Ghailan

Concept artist and illustrator Atey Ghailan has posted a great collection of art inspired by the Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli. His artwork includes illustrations and sketches featuring characters from movies such as Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke .Read More →

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling

One of the best methods to present the content of your website is by using a technique called parallax scrolling. This has the effect of creating an illusion which causes a feeling of immersion by creating interesting visual effects.  In the late 1980’s and early 90’s, games like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog created the illusion of depth by incorporating layered background images that would scroll with the character at varying speeds.  For instance, as the player would run, a distant background image of mountains would move slowly, while closer background images would move faster.Read More →

What do you think? The post 2017 Oscar Nominations: Animated Feature, Animated Short, VFX appeared first on Cartoon Brew . Source: 2017 Oscar Nominations: Animated Feature, Animated Short, VFXRead More →

Amazon is expanding its original animation offerings with the Emmy-winning Ghibli series “Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter.” The post Ghibli’s ‘Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter’ Series Headed to Amazon Prime appeared first on Cartoon Brew . Source: Ghibli’s ‘Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter’ Series Headed to Amazon PrimeRead More →

Rain animation widget

Rain Animation Effect Check out the new effect I have created with the Adobe Muse rain widget from the creative team at MuseFree. We love to use the amazing tools and widgets and adapt them for use in our design projects. This effect reminds me how much I love theRead More →

What’s New – Rain Animation I adapted this rain animation plugin widget from the team at MuseFree. It has been so hot today I channelled Matt Damon and I became the Rain Maker. I changed the background colour to white and changed the colour of the rain to match theRead More →