Keyezua uses handmade African masks to create an empowering narrative that counteracts images of suffering 23April 2018 Grief is one of the most profound emotions we may experience in life, forcing us to reckon with a loss so powerful it can take years, even decades, to fully process. We mayRead More →


Looking at the Darkside Stool/Side-Table, it isn’t particularly challenging trying to figure out where they took their inspiration from. Designed clearly by fans of Pink Floyd, the Darkside pays tribute to easily the most influential album of its time, The Dark Side of the Moon. The Darkside Stool aims atRead More →

Artist James Jean is known for his meticulous puzzle-like paintings and illustrations, and the mysterious themes that wind their way through his work. His photography is an extension of this — another outlet for his storytelling and another opportunity to manipulate our sense of reality. From having spoken to himRead More →

Huntz Liu, Three Dimensional Illustrations. Artist Huntz Liu hand-cuts thousands of pieces of paper to form his jaw dropping three dimensional illustrative sculptures. Don’t miss Supersonic Art on Instagram!Read More →

Photo: Pixabay Though the words “stained glass art” may trigger thoughts of medieval cathedral windows, today’s contemporary artists are proving that the thousand-year-old craft is anything but outdated. Throughout ancient history, stained glass art was traditionally made in flat panels, featured biblical imagery, and was used for the windows inRead More →

ART The Dallas Art Fair celebrated its 10th edition over the weekend. This year’s fair featured a wide-ranging international roster of galleries, but these home-state artists stole the show. By Lee Escobedo April 19, 2018 Photo: Exploredinary … When the Dallas Art Fair began 10 years ago, it was aRead More →

 Art Design Photography Science #found objects #multiples #oceans #photoshop #trash April 19, 2018 Laura Staugaitis SOUP – Refused © Mandy Barker. Ingredients; plastic oceanic debris affected by chewing and attempted ingestion by animals. Includes a toothpaste tube. Additives; teeth from goats. Photographer Mandy Barker creates deceptively eye-catching images toRead More →

Installation photograph, David Hockney: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-life, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, April 15–July 29, 2018, art © David Hockney, photo © Museum Associates/LACMA Following a popular tour across Europe and a successful stint in Australia, the celebrated exhibition, David Hockney: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life, has made itsRead More →

Imagine visiting an art gallery during the hottest day of the year, but the air conditioning doesn’t work, and all of the paintings literally start to melt and drip paint from their frames. This surreal, nightmare scenario is the concept for the Hot Exhibition digital art series by Vienna-based multidisciplinaryRead More →

This meticulously animated short by the Chinese new-media artist and educator Cao Shu traverses some five millennia of art in a single minute. As flickering images move chronologically, in flipbook fashion, through a parade of styles and artistic movements – from Ancient Egypt, to the Impressionist era,Read More →

Although he readily admits to being blessed in his profession, meeting the appropriate people at the right time, ” Steve Chinhsuan Wang’s career path hasn’t always been easy.Read More →

The featured freebie of the day is the third volume of colorful paper marbling textures created with the floating ink technique. These unique textures can be used freely in any kind of project such as websites, posters, or packaging designs.Read More →

© MD Pursuit Architects: HII Architects Location: No. 420, Section 2, Shulin St, South District, Tainan City, Taiwan Executive Designers: Jing-Yuan Hu, Kao-Chun Huang, Bin-Chuan Lai, Chia-Hern Wei Lighting Designer: Bo-Kuan Wu Visual Design: block design Area: 364.0 m2 Project Year: 2016 Photographs: MD Pursuit © MD Pursuit TextRead More →

One of the best things about Tate Modern’s Picasso exhibition is it contains some terrible art. I mean real howlers. Paintings in which we see the modern master fluffing his lines and losing his form. It’s such a relief. Not because we learn he is fallible like the rest ofRead More →

In 2016 sculptures by the artist Fred Sandback were exhibited in buildings designed by the famous architect and Pritzker Prize winner Luis Barragán. Entitled The Properties of Light, the on-site installation became a sensitive dialogue between the two creative disciplines – one that is now celebrated in a new bookRead More →

Taking his turn at one of the most highly regarded mural walls in the United States, Banksy (or Borf on his behalf, as mentioned in some media) decided to paint an explicit, politically charged piece. With almost no references to his previous or recognizable work, without any hidden messages or beating around the bush, he revealed the new piece on his official Instagram:Read More →

These intricate portraits of our favourite Game of Thrones characters are made entirely from paper, cut in different layers and using various colours and textures to emulate the strokes of a paintbrush. Crafted by Robbin Gregorio, an illustrator and designer from the Philippines, the attention to detail is impressive andRead More →

Marija Tiurina is a London-based illustrator & concept artist, she takes fresh fruits and vegetables and turns them into unique watercolor characters, we must say, they look absolutely magnificent! She states what inspired her the most was the mind-blowing selection of fruits and vegetables in a greengrocer in London: Read More →

Some of the best selling books online are adult colouring books. They are not like your typical children’s colouring books – which have huge illustrations and are not especially challenging to anybody who has hand-eye coordination and is over the age of 12. Read More →