Rice paddy art canvas, Honshu

This is one of those bizarrely creative things that I’d only expect to see come out of Japan. In the early ’90s, the country village of Inakadate watched as their population continued moving to the cities, and the local council began brainstorming ways to turn the village into a touristRead More →

Korean studio Everyday Practice is constantly challenging its own design methodologies. Not only working in two-dimensional print, the studio, founded by Kwon Joonho, Kim Kyung-chul and Kim also expands its creative practice across a multitude of digital and experiential platforms. Source: Designing for all aspects of Korean culture: the multi-talentedRead More →

Hong Kong By André Josselin

The artist took this series while producing a short movie for a brand in Hong-Kong. Inspired by a lot of neon-tumblr blocks and movies like blade runner and ghost in the shell, André Gosselin made these images while wandering around the city. « I started photography like 9 years ago,Read More →

Japan Highlight Video Here is a copy of our Japanese highlight video from early in the year – enjoy! Daily Photo – Wandering in Kyoto I don’t think I would ever get tired when wandering around streets in Japan. I can’t quite figure out my fascination with it. Source: WanderingRead More →

gen sou en, the tea company, has opened a new location in Boston. this tea house gives the bustling Coolidge corner a little taste of Japanese culture. while the city has a bad reputation when it comes to tea, it’s clear that this authentic cafe will receive a much betterRead More →

Chinese studio 0321 has inserted a rose-tinted box into the front of this restaurant-cum-flower shop in Dongguan, China, allowing diners and passers-by a glimpse of the blooms inside. The Nous restaurant is situated in the city’s Dongcheng district, and offers both a dining space and florist where visitors are encouragedRead More →

Here is something special now, a 25 Project all the way from Japan! When I visited this extraordinary country in 2015, I was welcomed with open arms and came away with the most wonderful memories, so it was such a thrill to see these photos land in my inbox! TheRead More →

This is the best of what good industrial design has to offer. The Paperpot Transplanter, a Japanese invention for farmers, lets one person do in minutes what ordinarily takes an hour: As cool as that tool is, what’s even more impressive is how the designers thought through the loading process.Read More →

Japanese Concert Poster: Ai Yoshimatsu Memorial. Washio Tomoyuki (Washington Studio). 2015Read More →

Japanese Poster: Kyoko Yanagisawa Papercutting Exhibition. Kyoko Yanagisawa. 2015Read More →

Japanese Album Cover: MASH – Parade. Washio Tomoyuki (Washington Studio). 2014 Tags: tomoyuki washio, washington studio, album cover, illustration, 2014, 2010s, 鷲尾友公, ワシントンスタジオ, アルバムジャケット, イラストレーション, Posted 3 weeks ago | 108 notes | Reblog | Enlarge |SourceRead More →

Japanese Publication: Monthly Cosmopolitan. Aoyama Nozomi and Wakida Asuka (Cosmopolitan). 2015 Tags: nozomi aoyama, asuka wakida, cosmopolitan, publication, magazine, female designer, 2015, 2010s, 青山希望, 脇田あすか, コスモポリタン, 書籍, 雑誌, Posted 1 month ago | 212 notes | Reblog | Enlarge |SourceRead More →

Japanese Theater Poster: Near the Window. Tsuchika Nishimura, Gunji Tatsuhiko, Shun Sasaki. 2015 Tags: tsuchika nishimura, tatsuhiko gunji, shun sasaki, flyer, poster, illustration, theater, 2015, 2010s, 西村ツチカ, 郡司龍彦, 佐々木俊, フライヤー, チラシ, ポスター, イラストレーション, 演劇ポスター, Posted 1 month ago | 109 notes | Reblog | Enlarge |SourceRead More →

Japanese Poster: Happy Full Bloom. Uchibori Simpe. 2013Read More →

Japanese Advertising: Condomania – Preserve the love, wear a condom. Junkichi Tatsuki, Paul Matheson, Photographer Hal. 2014 Tags: junkichi tatsuki, paul matheson, photographer hal, Ogilvy & Mather Japan, advertising, 2014, 2010s, 田付潤吉, ポール・マセソン, フォトグラファー ハル, オグルヴィ・アンド・メイザー・ジャパン, 広告, Posted 3 weeks ago | 158 notes | Reblog | Enlarge |SourceRead More →

sugawaradaisuke knew it was time for this old typology to level up. they set out to upgrade the typical japanese lake house into something truly refreshing and modern. the result of much research and thought, this retreat has fun on every level — and there are more levels then you’d think. in this two storyRead More →

Mixed-use café and co-working spaces may be old hat in places like London, Amsterdam or New York, but in buttoned-up Milan, they’re something of a rarer breed. Milanese cafes comprise mainly the typical Italian stand-up-and-sip variety and casual office space is few and far between, relegated to the up-and-coming butRead More →

In case you didn’t know it, there are officially no more excuses for you to suck at taking care of plants: On the heels of the world’s first smart planters comes bons-AI, an artificially intelligent plant that practically eliminates the need for a green thumb and makes the job tenRead More →

td-atelier’s renovation of a japanese guesthouse combines traditional architectural elements with modern interventions. located nearby kyoto’s nijo castle, the townhouse was built 120 years ago in a typical narrow and slender site with five horizontal areas, two of which were disassembled and replaced by ‘voids’. photos by matsumura kohei  Read More →

by Michael Raver Premium menswear brand Takuya Duncan has been making casual but sophisticated clothing for several years now. In his designs, founder Takuya Suzuki combines style and inspiration from his motherland of Japan, and his current home in East Hampton. This heritage and tradition play perfectly against modern-day flourishesRead More →