Few things are more quintessential to the American dream than starting your own business. This country was founded on the idea of free enterprise and entrepreneurship continues to be one of the driving forces behind its success. But as any business owner will tell you, the sailing isn’t always smooth.Read More →


A food blogger from Atlanta named Krissy Brierre-Davis sparked a great awakening on the internet Sunday when she posted about a very handy iPhone feature she discovered by accident. How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? Source: “The space bar trick” is the most amazing feature inRead More →

  In 2017, a study found that in some parts of Germany, the entire flying insect population has declined by 75% over the last 27 years (a trend that has been demonstrated elsewhere ). The shocking results moved the Dutch designer Matilde Boelhouwer –who put her skills as a designerRead More →

Just like that, the holiday season is in full swing. Your calendar is probably filling up with lots of dinners and parties that will take you from Thanksgiving to New Year. Let’s face it. Your hosts and hostesses are stressed out. Source: Beautiful, budget host gifts for friends with expensiveRead More →

Emily Cohen, who labels herself “a brutally honest consultant,” has consulted and worked with many leading design firms across the country. Through these experiences, she has developed, tested, and curated key business insights and strategies that have helped firms become more effective, profitable, and fun to work at. Source: CreativeRead More →

Louder and louder we hear the cry… Work Harder! And you will taste the joy of success. Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash Have you ever seriously considered this question? Take a moment to track back to your early education. Source: What Came First? The Success Or The Happiness?Read More →

Like many businesses, we have a group of specialists with ‘digital’ in their title. Colleagues occasionally query if they should join our practice. Would it be good for their careers? (yes) What must they need to know? (a lot, but not everything) Would they be a good fit? Source: What DoesRead More →

If you have the resources to hire one, a user experience designer can benefit your company in multiple ways. Look for candidates with some or all of these qualities to see what a strong UX designer can do for your business. Source: 5 Ways a UX Designer Can Benefit YourRead More →

Summary I stumbled on Joyful at an airport bookstore, and I’m delighted I did. There are so many overlooked opportunities for joy right at our fingertips. And it’s all backed by extensive Ingrid Fetel Lee’s extensive research. They don’t require tons of time or money, just a willingness to designRead More →

Hoffmann Neopac  ( hoffmann.ch )has introduced recyclable, child-resistant opaque tins for packaging damp and dry cannabis products. The new lineup comes in response to packaging requirements in the increasingly widespread legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Source: Tins and Tubes DesignedRead More →

What’s the reaction you have when you see a speaker who’s nervous? Chances are, you probably catch the feeling, feel their suffering, and cringe at the thought that it could be you. Then you’ll probably start hoping that it will never be you. Source: 5 ways you can hide yourRead More →

It’s that time of year when leaders get together to hash out their strategic plan for next year. It’s the time when they look at who’s performing well, and who they should and shouldn’t promote. It can be an exciting time, but it’s also a time that comes with considerableRead More →

As the food industry increasingly adopts greater health and wellness trends, once wholly unknown categories are now becoming more mainstream. That means Kellogg’s now sells a probiotic cereal and Coca-Cola is potentially contemplating CBD beverages. Source: Whole Foods just named the top 10 healthy food trends for 2019Read More →

There’s no shame in Scotch tape or Elmer’s glue. Even still, the bright green and orange branding reminds us of grade school–and there’s not a lot of design innovation in their packaging, either. [Photo: Akihiro Yoshida/courtesy Nendo] Now, the “ we design every object you can imagine ” design firm,Read More →

When you start your own business you soon realize that the people who surround you can help you grow your brand. Your loyal customers are usually the ones who trust and like you. Therefore, your professional network plays a very important role from the first moment you launch your business.Read More →

(This is a sponsored article.) Designing mobile apps means going through different stages: pre-planning, visual concepts, designing, prototyping, development. After defining your project, you need to test how it will work before you begin to develop it. This stage is captured by prototyping. Prototyping allows designers to get a feelRead More →

Description & details Here we have a nice collection of 30 free icons that capture the beauty and diversity of people and cultures around the world. All icons were crafted with great attention to details and come in multiple sizes and formats. If you enjoy this free sample, be sure to check out theRead More →

Say hello to this new business cards in hand mockup PSD that is well suited to showcase your business cards. To add your own card designs, all you need to do is replace your own designs in the smart layers and save. Time to get creative with your business cardRead More →