Huangshan Mountain Village. Image © Hufton + Crow With the unconventional, undulating forms of his buildings—and the fact that his path to architectural success included a stint working for Zaha Hadid — Ma Yansong is often miscategorized as an architect of the latter generation of Deconstructivists, interested only in futuristicRead More →

The popularity of aerial photography is constantly increasing among professional and enthusiast photographers alike, thanks to the growing diffusion of drones. Amongst the photographs entered in the contest by SkyPixel, the world’s most popular aerial photography community, one of them, in particular, caught our eye.Read More →

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel

Built into the side of a former rock quarry, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel takes full advantage of its unique location. It’s situated a short drive from Shanghai and features 337 rooms and suites spread across 19 stories, two of which rise above the surrounding landscape, and several of whichRead More →

Hong Kong By André Josselin

The artist took this series while producing a short movie for a brand in Hong-Kong. Inspired by a lot of neon-tumblr blocks and movies like blade runner and ghost in the shell, André Gosselin made these images while wandering around the city. « I started photography like 9 years ago,Read More →

Shaoxing Hotel originating from “Lingxiao Pavilion” is made up of very traditional architectural complexes with white walls, black tiles, winding corridors, bridges overflowing water, and well-spaced flowers and trees, full of the features of Jiangnan dwelling. It went through many times of reconstruction and upgrading over the past 60 years.Read More →


Elegant luxury and sleek, modern design are the choices of Indoor Design team for the composition of the ambience of this multifunctional store restaurant in Beijing, China. Using a split-level approach toward the simple square box of the architectural construct the designers created dynamic and challenging space distribution where differentRead More →

New City Flower Fushun High Rise

This new architecture bursts from the green earth upward into an elegant floral spiral. The bio-modern aesthetic of the ‘New City Flower’ references the zen Chinese tradition of placing value on the natural world. UA studio 7 is behind this soon-to-be Fushun high-rise that will represent a merging of theRead More →

© MD Pursuit Architects: HII Architects Location: No. 420, Section 2, Shulin St, South District, Tainan City, Taiwan Executive Designers: Jing-Yuan Hu, Kao-Chun Huang, Bin-Chuan Lai, Chia-Hern Wei Lighting Designer: Bo-Kuan Wu Visual Design: block design Area: 364.0 m2 Project Year: 2016 Photographs: MD Pursuit © MD Pursuit TextRead More →

Discover the art of Silki Doodle, Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day. The post Artist of the Day: Silki Doodle appeared first on Cartoon Brew . Source: Artist of the Day: Silki DoodleRead More →