They say every cloud has a silver lining. While a severe weather warning was issued for parts of Sydney on Tuesday, the up-side for storm-chasers and nature photographers was a rare set of cloud formations rolling across the east coast. Source: Sydney mesmerised by stunning, rare cloud formation to bringRead More →


Photographing the sea and the waves can be both challenging and fun. People often ask me what “the right settings” are to shoot moving water so I decided to write a little guide on it. There are many options depending on what look you’re going for.Read More →

Living on the edge by Marco Grassi WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | Who would like to be there right now?! Marco Grassi: Photos Source: Living on the edge by Marco GrassiRead More →

street art

An Illustration is like any other form of design. It’s vital that it is consistent. The best way to do this is by creating guidelines across our illustrations Why is it needed? Identifying the core values and a high-level rationale as to why you need illustrations is key to outliningRead More →

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