Happy Hour: Four Non-Alcoholic Beverages Done Right

Non-alcoholic beer tends to look like a cheap knockoff of its boozy brethren. Take O’Doul’s, Anheuser-Busch’s no alcohol beer that has sported a pseudo-Irish lager label that looks as old as its 28 years of existence. No surprise here, but O’Douls was having trouble with millennials, which is what led to its ingenious marking stunt. … Continue reading Happy Hour: Four Non-Alcoholic Beverages Done Right

Preparing lime garnish wheels

The Aalto – Life of an Architect Holiday Cocktail

It would seem that I am getting a reputation where cocktails are involved … ironic since I don’t really drink all that much. While I enjoy drinking adult beverages, it would appear that I enjoy making them just as much as drinking them. Source: The Aalto – Life of an Architect Holiday Cocktail

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails

Whether it be the super early sunsets or the general madness of the season, the holidays have the tendency to make a person extra thirsty for a nice, stiff cocktail. So obviously, I’m serving up a bunch of options to quench that thirst! Source: 10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails

Manhattan cocktail

Classic Manhattan Cocktail drink with a pedigree

The classic Manhattan cocktail was the most famous cocktail shortly after its birth at the Manhattan club in New York City in the 1880s. Over the years, it has fallen in and out of popularity but found its place as a mainstay in most bars during the craft cocktail renaissance. Source: Classic Manhattan Cocktail

Country cool – colour palette

Lush green, wheat yellow and rust brown star in this rural-inspired colour scheme that is quite contemporary.  I call it Country Cool.