Brand and Packaging Design for Artisanal Coffee Products

Atelier 1913 is a small brand of special and handmade coffee produced in a centennial farm in the northeast of Brazil, founded in 1913 by the couple Alfredo and Amélia Farias. All the coffee production process, from planting to the assemblage, it's handcrafted. Source: Brand and Packaging Design for Artisanal Coffee Products


New North

Our research took us into the existing coffee market and the emerging cold brew sector. From there we defined a proposition for the brand, aiming it at those that want more out of life. The name – New North – captures the nomadic lifestyle and freedom that nitro cold brew allows. The brand direction was … Continue reading New North

Big Island Coffee Roasters – Espresso Bites

We all know the simple pleasure of a decadent chocolate bar – but have you ever tried an espresso bar? Made with 100% Ka’u coffee beans, these Espresso Bites delight with a smooth texture and a jolt of energy. After hearing about these unique treats, we were excited to partner with Big Island Coffee Roasters … Continue reading Big Island Coffee Roasters – Espresso Bites

Logo and Brand Design for Hand Crafted Coffee and Flower Shop

Five-star Branding Agency - Esproses Coffee & Flower Shop Esproses is a gorgeous coffee and flower brand with a hint of vintage and a passion for detail. Our challenge was to bring to life the vision of Middle Eastern owner Sultan to create a colour scheme, background pattern, and illustrations that differentiate them in a … Continue reading Logo and Brand Design for Hand Crafted Coffee and Flower Shop

Drop In Coffee branding and packaging

We made unique illustrations for each of the places where the coffee grounds come from. Moreover, there is a cup representing each of the countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru and Columbia, that can be purchased individually or as a part of a gift set on place. Furthermore, we developed the identity through the cups to … Continue reading Drop In Coffee branding and packaging

Buco Coffee Manufacture Packaging by Molto Bureau

Based on the individual countries of origin, Buco Coffee Manufacture’s packaging tells intriguing stories with the most minimal of shapes. By using small geometric shapes and a circle to represent the moon and the sun, Molto was able to create sublime, minimalist packaging that shows a sunset in Kenya, the moon shining through archways in … Continue reading Buco Coffee Manufacture Packaging by Molto Bureau

The Amer Coffee packaging design and branding

Designed by:  Sardar Inderjit The Amer Coffee Packaging Design. Source: The Amer Coffee

“NUNA” Cold Brew Coffee Label Concept Design and Illustration

Nevin Ynga Pozzoli - Nuna Cold Brew Coffee Nuna Cold Brew Coffe asked us to develop its logo, identity and label of its Cold Brew. Under the concept of "Free your coffee soul" we decided as a goal to achieve a memorable experience, we reflect the passion of connoisseurs of good coffee in a risky … Continue reading “NUNA” Cold Brew Coffee Label Concept Design and Illustration

Kopi Luwak coffee branding and packaging

Exotic Coffee Brand and Packaging Design from Vietnam

Kopi Luwak (better known as Chon in Vietnam) Type of coffee famous for a specific way of its processing. It is deemed to be one of the most expensive varieties of coffee in the world. Goal: Pass the feeling of exotics, emphasize the animal image. Develop a premium and at the same time welcoming image. … Continue reading Exotic Coffee Brand and Packaging Design from Vietnam

Civil Goat Cold Brew Comes With a Clean Look

We’re digging this clean cold brew packaging. Drew Lakin and Keith Young teamed up to create the striking packaging for Civil Goat Coffee’s new line of cold brew. “Civil Goat Coffee is a contemporary coffee shop with an on-site pet goat located in Austin, TX. Source: Civil Goat Cold Brew Comes With a Clean Look

Creative Caffeine

Source: Creative Caffeine

Buco Coffee Manufacture

on August 27 | with No Comments in Europe , Ukraine | Buco Coffee Manufacture , ccoffee packaging inspiration , Molto Bureau , Paper , Tea & Coffee | Designed by: Molto Bureau , Ukraine. Buco Coffee Manufacture is a Ukrainian coffee manufacturer that imports coffee from various countries, roasts and sells it since 2015. … Continue reading Buco Coffee Manufacture

Co. Means Coffee

Co. Means Coffee is a pets friendly cafe in Kharkiv. It is located in the business center of the city and designed for people who live or work here. Our main challenge was to develop identity and interior, and the main conditions were the presence of an accent color and a sign. Source: Co. Means … Continue reading Co. Means Coffee

Costa Coffee’s Promotional Kit Helps Bring The Brand’s Personality To Life

Having worked with Costa Coffee for four years on refining the customer experience across its UK store estate, ODA worked in partnership with Costa Coffee to deliver the first brand colour toolkit as the coffee shop chain entered its next phase of growth. Source: Costa Coffee's Promotional Kit Helps Bring The Brand's Personality To Life

Botanical Coffee Co.

Design: Green Chameleon Design Director: Nathan Riley Project Type: Concept Location: Bristol, England Packaging Contents: Coffee Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium, Plastic Printing Process: Foil stamping, digital printing Botanical Coffee Co is a concept coffee brand that takes inspiration from mother nature and more specifically botanical studies. Source: Botanical Coffee Co.

Kava37 Coffee

Bureau Display created with Kava37 a brand that grew from within. A business that is built on values and attitude. A business that is implemented within the local community of Hvar, not despite. The goal always was to make the smiling couple behind the bar just look amazing while they brew cold coffee and squeeze … Continue reading Kava37 Coffee

Ripple Coffee Brand & Packaging by DesignWomb

More fun patterns today. Ripple Coffee is unique in that it strictly uses beans from farms owned by women. Additionally, Ripple gives a percentage of each purchase back to the community that those female farmers are from. The coffee bags are vibrantly patterned with feminine florals, with each bag showcasing the tasting notes in big … Continue reading Ripple Coffee Brand & Packaging by DesignWomb

Café Buho Branding by Futura

Graphic design, branding, and packaging by studio Futura for Café Buho. The creative team of studio Futura was recently asked to develop a brand identity for Cafe Buho, a coffee shop located in Chile. The branding concept is deeply inspired by urban art and the Chilean muralist movement. Source: Café Buho Branding by Futura

Algorithm Coffee Co

Design: Freytag Anderson Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Packaging Content: Coffee Location: USA Helping California based Algorithm Coffee Co. percolate through the market. Algorithm are a pioneering leader in specialty coffee. Source: Algorithm Coffee Co

Sandows cold brew coffee

Having first created the Sandows identity in 2015, we have worked closely with the brand – helping to grow the operation from small disruptive startup, to being the leading British Cold Brew brand. This ongoing relationship has meant a real consistency throughout all products and touch points, whilst making sure the output is kept fresh … Continue reading Sandows cold brew coffee