Champagne berries are a super simple recipe that you can serve all on their own, alongside a cheese plate, or for toppings on a fancy toast or crostini. It’s so simple I’m not even 100% the word recipe applies. Champagne berries are the classy cousin of vodka soaked gummy bearsRead More →


Here’s how to make them: Tear a piece of parchment paper and place on a cookie sheet. Make small clusters of almonds in little piles and spread out the piles like you would drop cookies. Then add a dried tart cherry or two right in the middle. Source: Dark ChocolateRead More →

8/10 Saturday Morning Blender Waffles There have been some pretty heated debates at my house regarding which is better: pancakes or waffles? So far we’ve never had a clear winner (and who needs one anyway—they are both delicious!). But I must admit that team waffles have at least two majorRead More →