The legendary Marshall Stanmore II speaker gets a 21st-century addition: Amazon Alexa-controlled operations. This incredibly versatile speaker, from the brand’s classic roster, is renowned for crisp audio—thanks to its two 15 Watt class D amplifiers—and its heritage-inspired look (fit with an “EST. 1962” etched into its front). Source: Stanmore IIRead More →


As breweries continue to pop up in astonishing numbers across the country—there are 11.5 per capita in Vermont and 764 breweries in the state of California alone—beer, despite the endless variety, is becoming more similar across categories than ever before. Source: Plan Bee Farm Brewery Makes Beer That Emphasizes RegionalityRead More →

Lobster emoji - transgender community

The recent iPhone update included several additions to the emoji keyboard, from the ball of wool to an abacus and a pirate flag. Still conspicuously missing—despite it being requested over and over—is the transgender flag. In response, the trans community has decided to use the lobster claw emoji (which was partRead More →

Beatup Creations $65 An antique ceramic plate adorned with a hand-placed decal of Freddie Mercury, this creation is one of a kind—and exudes just the right amount of kitsch. Made for decoration only, it’s not safe for the dishwasher but it’s ideal for display. Source: Freddie Mercury Antique PlateRead More →

B-sides vase

One of her many “B-Sides,” this white and gold vase by LA-based artist Meegan Barnes is just as eye-catching without any flowers inside. Made from slip cast porcelain with ceramic decals, it stands at 10 inches tall and cheekily celebrates empowered women. Source: B-Sides VaseRead More →

Anna Calvi: Hunter Anna Calvi’s new song “Hunter” (from her upcoming album of the same name) and the accompanying music video are both beautiful, bold and powerful statements. The latter, directed by Matt Lambert, is a divine and raw exploration of concepts surrounding self-love, identity, intimacy—specifically from a queer angle.Read More →

Haute Chocolate $11 Haute Chocolate is entirely handcrafted—from the bar itself to the brand’s packaging. Their black sesame bar combines dark chocolate with swirls of black sesame seeds. The crunch and nuttiness of the sesame seeds perfectly juxtapose, and unite, the richness of the chocolate. Source: Black Sesame Chocolate BarRead More →

This October MoMA will release a limited run (just 500 of each) of skateboards designed by the beloved Yayoi Kusama. The designs Yellow Trees (1994) and Dots Obsession (2018) are classic Kusama—all spots and bright colors. Though this isn’t a first for either party (MoMA has released similar pieces basedRead More →