Have you ever gotten zapped by a worn out phone charger or extension cord? Turns out getting electrocuted isn’t such a modern problem – someone even released a book showing all the ways you could die from it all the way back in 1931. Source: This Book From 1931 ShowsRead More →


Lego, in collaboration with Indiegogo enterprise, has recently announced a new product orientated towards adults – the Lego Forma. It aims to help people reconnect with their imaginations and disconnect them from the stress of life through building with their hands. Source: This New LEGO Made For Adults Will Help ReduceRead More →

Bonnie Pang is a Hong Kong-born artist who has been making original comics since 2013. She currently creates three comics: Roar Street Journal, MindBound and a more personal one called IT Guy & ART Girl showing her relationship with her boyfriend. Source: What Is Like To Date An It Guy In 13 WholesomeRead More →

Do you ever get tired of seeing people posting motivational stuff on social media? Well, you’re not the only one – someone even created a whole Instagram account dedicated to posting ‘unspirational’ quotes and it’s absolutely hilarious. Source: 30+ ‘Unspirational’ Quotes For Those Who Are Tired Of Inspirational Quotes (NewRead More →

Thomas Ollivier is a London-based award-winning artist and creative director with over ten years of experience. In his latest project, titled  Re:Birth , the artist tried to reimagine how various modern technologies would have looked in pre-internet times. Source: Here’s How 8 Technologies We Use Today Would Have Looked In TheRead More →

Russian Artist Shows What’s Going On Outside The Frames Of Well-Known Album Covers

Igor Lipchanskiy is a Russian artist who ‘extends’ famous album covers by editing himself into the outside frame. We already featured some of his works before  and now he’s back with a fresh batch of hilarious edits. From Prince to Britney Spears, no album cover is too big of a challengeRead More →

John Birks Gillespie, best known as Dizzy Gillespie, was an American jazz trumpeter, famous for popularizing bebop, a style of jazz, in the 1940s. One of the musician’s prominent features was his large cheeks, that looked like they were about to explode when he was playing the trumpet. Source: 20Read More →

Remember those boring geography classes back in school where you spent the whole lesson learning about some river located in a country you might never visit? Don’t worry – geography doesn’t always have to be so boring and the people behind ‘Terrible Maps’ will prove it to you. ‘Terrible Maps’Read More →


Travelling by aeroplane wasn’t always such a gruelling task as it is today – in fact, back in the middle of the past century, it was quite a luxurious experience. Sadly, those days have passed (and some airlines are even considering “standing” seats ) but at least we have someRead More →

Child carrying her own head costume

Halloween is finally here and like every year people from all over the world surprised us with their elaborate costumes. So if you still haven’t picked yours – you better hurry up! Bored Panda has compiled a list of the best Halloween costumes so far and we just can’t getRead More →