The Dreamer of Dreams, . Tyler Shields Tinney Contemporary For centuries, artists seeking inspiration have dipped into dreams—those strange, at times psychic visions, born in sleep, where reality’s grip on the mind loosens. Salvador Dalí and his cohort of Surrealists most famously used dream analysis to channel the unconscious intoRead More →

“To harmonize the whole is the task of art,” the great Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky wrote in contemplating the spiritual element in art and the three responsibilities of artists. “The aim of art is insight, understanding of the essential life of feeling,” philosopher Susanne Langer asserted a generation later in her trailblazing treatise on theRead More →

Professional photographer and film director Platon Yurich makes surrealistic photographs. He uses models and unearths unique places to give his shots a mysterious and dreamlike genre. His work is to discover on Instagram.Read More →