Yumix – Ready To Drink Cocktails Yumix cocktails are revolutionizing the mixed drink industry, offering 3 classic flavours in an innovative dual-chamber design bottle. Yumix comes in 3 flavours: Margarita, Orange Mango, and Sea Breeze. Source: Yumix – Ready To Drink CocktailsRead More →

Gallimate energy drinks packaging

Gallimate – Yerba Mate Tea Drinks Gallimate is an all-natural, healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks that are made with Yerba Mate tea, flavoured with agave syrup and carbonated, to create a refreshing, energizing soft drink.Read More →

Talking Rain - Sparkling plus Caffeine

Sparkling Ice, part of the Talking Rain Beverage Company portfolio, is proud to announce today the launch of its first ever line of caffeinated products, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine at the 2018 National Association of Convenience Stores Show (NACS) in Las Vegas from October 8th – 10th.Read More →

Adapting the packaging to this new style of preparation of mixed drinks, the bottle was designed to exactly fit the dose used. The cans also had their capacity reduced to 269ml to meet this need. In the previous capacity, what always happened was people would open a can to useRead More →

Because the Single Barrel Collection grew over time, with each new product introduced separately, there was a disconnect with the packaging for the collection as a whole. That’s where Studio MLPS came in. Under the art direction of the Brown-Forman Global Design, the team at Studio MLPS was hired to redesign the Collection’s packaging. Source:Read More →