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Take advantage of the tulip season, and learn the dos and don’ts for making them last longer and look their best. #1: Water is Life Plentiful clean water is pretty important to these pretty little flowers. Source: 5 Things Fresh Tulips Need to Look Good and Last Longer  Read More →

Wilting glass flowers

At first glance, these flowers look totally normal, just some fresh and wilting flowers. However, if you take a close lRead More →

Flowers and Butterflies, photography by Monique Felber

Astonishing macro photos by Monique Felber, a talented fine-art photographer, retoucher, and nature lover from Lucerne, Switzerland. Monique focuses mainly on macro photography.Read More →

The symbolism of flowers

For millennia, and among almost every culture, flowers and trees have been adopted as symbols, type and emblems of human groups and affiliations.  The “War of the Roses” the red and white roses which were the badges of Lancastrian and York rivals to the English throne.Read More →

Flora tones colour palette

{ flora tones } image via: @heather_page The post Flora Tones appeared first on Design Seeds . Source: Flora TonesRead More →

Discover the art of Silki Doodle, Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day. The post Artist of the Day: Silki Doodle appeared first on Cartoon Brew . Source: Artist of the Day: Silki DoodleRead More →

(Reblog) What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool, as well as how to make your images look better simply with some tweaks to Transparency settings. And you’ll also be creating a natural spring background with flowers!Read More →