Chiles en nogada

Those times when food was just food are long gone. Now chefs from around the world are trying to turn their masterpieces into art objects. Though some may think that the baked mutton chop looks much prettier and more appetizing these, but that’s a matter of taste. Source: 15 FoodsRead More →

Marija Tiurina is a London-based illustrator & concept artist, she takes fresh fruits and vegetables and turns them into unique watercolor characters, we must say, they look absolutely magnificent! She states what inspired her the most was the mind-blowing selection of fruits and vegetables in a greengrocer in London: Read More →

Non-alcoholic beer tends to look like a cheap knockoff of its boozy brethren. Take O’Doul’s, Anheuser-Busch’s no alcohol beer that has sported a pseudo-Irish lager label that looks as old as its 28 years of existence. No surprise here, but O’Douls was having trouble with millennials, which is what ledRead More →

Champagne berries are a super simple recipe that you can serve all on their own, alongside a cheese plate, or for toppings on a fancy toast or crostini. It’s so simple I’m not even 100% the word recipe applies. Champagne berries are the classy cousin of vodka soaked gummy bearsRead More →

What does your dream kitchen look like? The kitchen of our dreams is massive and flooded with natural light. It has counter space for days. Most importantly, it has a gleaming gadget lineup that spans the likes of KitchenAid mixers to Miele espresso makers. Source: Build Your Dream Kitchen InRead More →

Elle Deco had a chat with James Knaap, the owner and founder of Lekker Vegan, Cape Town’s first vegan gourmet junk food joint about being a quinoa bitch and not having to sacrifice your taste buds when switching to a plant-based diet. Source: On Our Radar: Lekker VeganRead More →

Reposted from Food52 There are four groups of food, according to Buddy the Elf: candy, candy, candy maize and syrup. There is a fifth, however, in my opinion: Sugar cookies. After I covered the halls with holly boughs and rocked around the Christmas tree in December, it’s time to fireRead More →


Often we get to know each other by talking about which foods we like. Perhaps even more often, we get to know each other by talking about which foods we hate. Entertaining disagreements tend to arise from such discussions, usually around traditionally divisive comestibles like anchovies, cilantro, Brussel sprouts, orRead More →

Playful & Colored Pasta

Linda Miller Nicholson creates marvelous colored & pop culture inspired pasta. She only uses natural inredients like butterfly pea flowers (blue), beets and blueberries (purple), turmeric (yellow), and parsley (green) to infuse her mixture with eye-popping colors. Source: Playful & Colored PastaRead More →

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice tomatoes thick, about 1/4 inch. Salt and pepper the tomatoes and let sit. This will dry off some of the liquid in the tomato and prevent the finished galette from being too soggy. On a floured pastry board (I use a sifter toRead More →

I was recently reminded how much I LOVE sopapillas. I went to St. Louis for a weekend trip with some friends of mine and one of the breakfast spots we stopped at served delicious southwestern food, including sopapillas (instead of biscuits) as a side. Source: Sopapillas with Lavender SugarRead More →

08.29.18 SUMMER WITH BLUE DIAMOND ALMONDS we’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different color stories this summer, taking a theme and running with it and make all the props and food center around those colors. the colors are the first thing you notice in an image andRead More →

Here’s how to make them: Tear a piece of parchment paper and place on a cookie sheet. Make small clusters of almonds in little piles and spread out the piles like you would drop cookies. Then add a dried tart cherry or two right in the middle. Source: Dark ChocolateRead More →

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8/10 Saturday Morning Blender Waffles There have been some pretty heated debates at my house regarding which is better: pancakes or waffles? So far we’ve never had a clear winner (and who needs one anyway—they are both delicious!). But I must admit that team waffles have at least two majorRead More →

Everyone loves a good pie. But what if it LOOKED as good as it TASTED? Introducing master baker Karin Pfeiff Boschek who does exactly that, making pies that look almost too good to eat. Almost. Most of her creations are of the sweet variety and each pie crust designs isRead More →

Conceived this while visiting a nice Cafe in Kilkenny, I stopped eating sugar two years ago so my knowledge of pastries stuff is no up to date.Read More →

A collection of recipes designed by Belgian graphic designer

A collection of recipes designed by Belgian graphic designer Tim Bisschop for TV chef and owner of Balls & Glory in Ghent, Wim Ballieu. In 2013, his project was named Best Food Concept in Europe and in the meantime he also opened branches in Brussels, Leuven and Antwerp.Read More →