The table designed by Philippe Starck represents yet another innovative twist in the use of polycarbonate. The central base is produced using a mould of elevated technological innovation: the moulded plastic material ensures excellent performance and stability to support a glass top measuring 120 cm. Source: Sir Gio table AdvertisementsRead More →


The missing link in IKEA’s range. Why? We inherited a cat that shredded our furniture, apart from a 20-year-old IKEA POĂ„NG armchair, with no cat resistant seating products on the market, we decided to buy 2 additional POĂ„NG armchairs, we went for the new range that come with a blue/greyRead More →

Since the couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living room or lounge spaces, often even the focal point of the room, we don’t really dare to think of it as a potential DIY project . Sometimes that’s a fair strategy but there are alsoRead More →

By Erin, Lifestyle Blogger for American Freight Furniture and Mattress You need a timeless coffee table with matching side tables that will complete your living room no matter what your style is. While you’re shopping for the perfect set, we recommend keeping three things in mind: Material, cost, and size.Read More →


Apart from energy efficiency, if you want to give your house the eco touch, opt for this type of furniture that, although it doesn’t seem like it, use recycled materials. The eco-conscience has taken hold and we are paying more and more attention to the world around us. Source: SustainableRead More →

Androgyne Side Table modern and tactile signature piece

With a refined composition of steel structures, the Androgyne Side Table by Norwegian architect Danielle Siggerud is a modern and tactile signature table with a balance of both masculine and feminine strengths. Source: Androgyne Side TableRead More →

Mia is a hoodie chair, and when the child feels overwhelmed, they can pull up the cocoon and partly isolate from others Stylish and functional kids’ furniture is not so frequent to see but today’s collection is definitely about these features. Source: Stylish And Functional Kids FurnitureRead More →


The masque collection by italian design company suite 22 contract takes inspiration from the shadow and reveals created through an open textural weave. at its essence, it is a timeless form imagined with a modern appeal. to achieve this level of technical and manufacturing proficiency, highly skilled european artisans along with cutting-edge technology workRead More →

Interra Designs has a worthy addition to their Pedrali Collection: the Fox Chair, designed by Patrick Norguet, earns the name by being svelte and sexy and just a little bit sly. A great guest chair with a polypropylene shell (in five color options), The Pedrali Fox Chair offers a choiceRead More →


Ring Chair is a minimalist lounge chair created by San Francisco-based designer New Need . The main structure of the Ring Chair consists of three concentric undulating aluminum rings that overlap and fasten together. The fluid, nesting forms naturally offer some innovative structural solutions making it light, rigid structure usingRead More →

Source: A Chair Inspired by French RuelleRead More →

Cáscara is a freestanding bathtub by United States-based bath products manufacturer MTI Baths . Part of the brand’s Boutique Collection of tubs, each unit is individually manufactured and built to the specifications of each customer. Source: Cáscara Tubs by MTI BathsRead More →


Australian-born and London-based, designer Marc Newson has captured the attention of companies the world over since the late 1980s, when he introduced two iconic pieces—Embryo Chair and Lockheed Lounge. 1. Embryo Chair for Cappellini An important breakthrough, Embryo Chair “laid down the DNA for much of what I was toRead More →

Breuer's "Wassilly" chair named after the Bauhaus painter Wassily Kandinsky,

Marcel Breuer was a Hungarian architect and industrial designer. He believed that contemporary furniture should not only be industrially manufactured but also machine finished in appearance. Breuers tubular steel chairs, marvels of cold ingenuity, gleamingly sturdy and impersonal. Breuer’s “Wassilly” chair named after the Bauhaus painter Wassily Kandinsky, is madeRead More →

CITTA website concept

Web Design: Cittá – a furniture website concept AoiroStudio Oct 18, 2018 Let’s take a look at this web design by Ovik Mooshlyan for a furniture website concept. He is a UI/UX designer at Cetis Branding Agency based in Moscow, Russian Federation. Source: Web Design: Cittá – a furniture websiteRead More →

Hover minimalist stool by Tom Chung

Hover is a minimalist stool created by Toronto-based designer Tom Chung. Hover is a contemporary take on the mechanics’ stool. Designed for co-working spaces or cafe’s where one might need personal short-term storage space. The tray provides a surface for your bag, without having to place it on the floorRead More →

Discord Modular furniture

Defined by its sharp and abrupt lines, Discord is the newest modular collection by carpet manufacturer Bentley Mills . The collection is available in 14 harmonious patterns and each tile comes in one of three sizes: 9″ x 36″, 18″ x 36″, and 24″ by 24″. Source: Discord by BentleyRead More →

Charles Rohlfs Desk Chair

This desk chair, which Rohlfs designed in collaboration with his wife, Anna Katharine Green, is perhaps his most modernist creation, featuring a bold attenuated form and unconventional decoration. Its dramatic design creates a lithe silhouette, which is brilliantly foiled by complex pierced and carved surfaces. Source: The Artistic Furniture ofRead More →

Klapp baby high chair

Norway-based brand KAOS , known for their Scandinavian designs and affordable prices, is gearing up to launch their latest product, the Klapp designed in collaboration with product designer Ole Petter Wullum. Available in solid oak and oak veneer in three colourways, this high chair folds up into a slim profile for easy storage and features step ladders that allow kids to climb up and down themselves.Read More →

Kubikoff's Dimple Series of chairs

Manufacturer Kubikoff and design firm Go In have a cool, creative concept with the Dimple Series of chairs for office and hospitality. With a molded polypropylene shell and multiple—and unusually interesting—base options, Dimple has an aesthetic and a function for every desire, any need.Read More →