Christopher Murphy drawings unassuming and quiet

The current drawings of Christopher Murphy are for the most part unassuming and quiet. Only occasionally do they mesmerize through dramaturgy. Some appeal through inversions, others through thinly populated landscapes, which recall the recurrent theme in American literature of man in relationship to nature. Source: Christopher Murphy


Positions of Power: Photographs that explore who and what holds power today

A bold new exhibition opening this month at Liverpool's Tapestry Gallery tackles issues of power in a series of diverse compelling photographs. Disparity Collective's #Positions of Power examines both direct and sometimes unconventional pow

met museum collection

The Met Museum Releases 400k Free High-Res Images For Personal & Commercial Use

In the past year, The Met has been working on a project to release a horde of digitized artworks for free. Today, it has stocked up over 400,000 resources that might serve as inspiration for the creatively jaded.