Whether it be the overly-dainty posture of scale model figures or the assumptions of being the in-house decorator, the portrayal of women in architecture is often one of subservience. Despite Despina Stratigakos’ hands-on efforts behind Architect Barbie or the global impacts of the legacy of starchitect Zaha Hadid, there continuesRead More →

Aqua converse and dark blue converse

I realized a reoccurring theme across my studies: gender. Whether it’s queer gender, gender stereotypes or even exploring my own gender identity. In one of my classes, we were required to attend a Special Grey Matters Topic Session: Do Restrooms have Gender? Source: What You Need to Know About GenderedRead More →

Alva skog illustrations

“Illustration is a way for me to communicate, express and question ideas and ideals. For me, illustration and art is a powerful (political) tool and I want people to reflect on things that we might ignore, such as gender inequality and hidden racism,” says Alva Skog .Read More →

Gender balance in design: Creating an equal future

In time for Internation Women’s Day, Aileen Lee looks at a gender balance initiative by the Institute of Designers in Ireland. MUCH like the efforts being made to increase female participation in STEM careers, the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) Read More →