Josef Albers – Art is seeing

"When I paint, I try to develop visual articulation says, Josef Albers. "I do not think, then, about abstraction and just as little about expression.'' Josef Albers aim as an artist was to challenge ideas and points of view and even the way we look at the world. Art, he felt, is seeing, and he … Continue reading Josef Albers – Art is seeing

The Golden Ratio - the maths of beauty

Golden Ratio – guide rather than law

Since the Renaissance, many artists, and architects have proportioned their creations to approximate the golden ratio. The ratio itself has been known by many names, including the Phi Ratio, the Fibonacci Ratio, the Divine Ratio, the Golden Mean, and the Golden Section.

frustrating gif

The GIF that is frustrating the entire internet

The internet is a double-edged sword, and we know that very well, so much so that sometimes something as simple as a GIF can affect us greatly no matter how simple it is. And that's what happened with a GIF created by the Polish visual artist named Feliks Konczakowski, which shows us a satellite approach that as in google maps is giving you a clearer picture of what is actually in the location. The problem? You approach but you never get to see in more detail. Folks it is a slow news day.

Benchmark of beauty symmetry

The beauty of symmetry

Design, fashion art, architecture all make use of symmetry. If a design or a structure is symmetrical, then it has balance and harmony, which people say makes it pleasant to look at. Symmetry speaks of deep connections that lie underneath superficial differences. When symmetry appears even subtly, it causes an intuitive excitement. Symmetry is often referred … Continue reading The beauty of symmetry