Famous Faces Selfies

Portrait Of An Unknown Woman – Ivan Kramskoy, 1883 In “Classicool” the subjects of the paintings abandon their classical pose and take over the canvas to literally “paint themselves”. Some of the most famous classical portraits and self-portraits in the world are reborn within the digital ecosystem of social networks.Read More →

great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, Neptune Islands, South Australia, Indian Ocean

Alessandro de Maddalena is on the world’s leading shark experts. Researcher, expedition leader, and author, he is also an illustrator and a naturalist photographer. Real passionate, he has dedicated almost all his life to this species. One of the fundamental parts of his work consists of giving lectures on the biology of sharks in universities, museums and diving associations, for which he uses his own images. During the writing of his many books, reports or articles, Alessandro likes to take care of the different parts that compose them, including also the illustrations. For them, he favors the use of ink and pen, a technique he particularly likes. Read More →

Narrative dramas unfold - Robert Proch

Robert Proch combines the aesthetics of street art and fine art in his dizzyingly complex paintings and murals. The artist engages multiple perspectives, glitched repetitions of figures, architectural motifs, and tightly controlled colour palettes to create his distinctive style. Source: Narrative Dramas Unfold In Robert Proch’s Multi-Dimensional Glitched Paintings AndRead More →

Chemistry Imagined by Roald Hoffmann.

I have always been fascinated by transformation – the seemingly magical process, sometimes delicate and sometimes violent, by which a something becomes a something else. This, perhaps, is why I chose chemistry as a concentration in my science-intensive Bulgarian high school.

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Une Historie: Delightful Illustrations by Marc Majewski

Une Historie: Delightful Illustrations by Marc Majewski ibby Mar 02, 2018 We’re delighted by the whimsical work of French-born, Berlin-based illustrator Marc Majewski and in particular his recent children’s picture book titled Une Histoire .Read More →

How To Turn A Sketch Into Digital Art

Image added in Concepts & Illustrations Do you have a sketch that you’d love to use in your digital art, but you don’t have a tablet or any fancy equipment? Maybe you’re great at drawing, but not sure how to turn that into something digital that’s endlessly customizable.Read More →

Johanna Goodman’s Catalogue of Imaginary Beings

Johanna Goodman has been creating collages and portraits since the 1990s. Her illustrations have appeared in Time, Rolling Stone and Le Monde as well as the New Yorker. In 2015, she began a personal experiment, creating images of people ‘dressed’ in unusual outfits.Read More →

Canadian author and illustrator Ashley Spires remind children and (big kids) about the importance of resilience.  Her illustrated Children’s book the Most Magnificent Thing is about a little girl who has in her mind a magnificent projectRead More →

collection of cool illustrations

Monday the 5th of February 2018. Some of the best-curated content on the web. Today we have a cool and eclectic selection of illustrators and their illustrations.Read More →

Edward de Bono quote

The mission for Dr Edward de Bono has to focus on thinking “as a learnable skill, like cooking or skiing.”  Along the way, he has coined the phrase “lateral thinking.” This is an intuitive, unorthodox and mental activity he contrasts with “vertical thinking”, the logical step-by-step, problem-solving style familiar to the Western Cultural tradition.Read More →

Hamburger Recipe - Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang recipe illustrations explore a unique and fun way to show a recipe as well as the completed dish.Read More →