This simplistic, square building is an agriculture training centre in the rural area of Nimblak, Maharashtra, India. Built for the marginal farmers’ children, its purpose is to enable rural youth, the next generation of farmers, to learn various new agricultural techniques through short duration courses. The building, designed by theRead More →

[embedded content] To most of us, fresh flowers are a short-lived pleasure—a simple luxury that tends to fade away a little too quickly. I have favourite florists, favourite flowers, a favourite vase, and in another life, would have loved to have been a florist—but the significance is mostly aesthetic. InRead More →

this restaurant in northern india references everything from the bygone days of the british empire to the films of wes anderson. the project, which has been designed by RENESA, is located inside of the oldest structures in kanpur, a major industrial city formerly known as cawnpore. described as a ‘concoctionRead More →

Easy mobile photography tips for Holi

Holi, the festival of colours and joy is here. As a photography enthusiast, Holi is one festival I have always looked forward to. Of course clicking photos amid raining water and colours is challenging, but it’s a lot of fun as well.Read More →

Illustrations by Shreya Gupta

Beautiful artworks by Shreya Gupta, an illustrator from India currently based in New York. Shreya has an impressive client list that includes names such as Google, The New York Times, Fast Company, New Republic, Scientific American and Penguin Random House India, amongst others. More illustrations Visit her websiteRead More →

colour run palette

I took this photo at the Colour Run at Olympic Park about five years ago.  I always wanted to create a colour palette out of it.  I call this palette the Colour Run.  Read More →

varanasi colour swatch

The Ganges has been drawing men and women to its banks at Varanasi for at least 3000 years.  Today, they come to offer prayers and take holy dips at a site considered one of India’s most sacred.  They come to cremate their loved ones at the ghats, literally “steps” leading to the waters.  I call this inspirational palette Varanasi.Read More →

Hello and Happy New Year to you all. I am going to keep the writing here somewhat brief. I will let the images do most of the speaking for me. I moved further up in Longitude with regards to the skin tones this month. Here are the reference photos IRead More →