Do you ever think about just how far into the Earth the ocean actually reaches its greatest depths? Truly the last frontier aside from outer space and the core of the Earth itself, much of the area below the ocean’s surface remains unexplored despite the fact that it represents 95%Read More →


There is no secret recipe for creating the perfect portfolio. You’re in full control and can decide which designs you include, what you say about those designs, and how often you update your portfolio. This level of freedom can certainly be exciting, but also a little daunting. Source: 4 illustrationRead More →

Art of cannabis culture infographic

Have you ever wondered how certain cannabis companies catch your eye so much more effectively than others? Wonder no more, because this incredible infographic details the best ways to bolster your brand as a cannabis company! From Packaging and Advertising to Social Media Channels and Public Relations, you’ll see all the HighLights and BuzzKills of cannabis culture so that you may further refine the brand and image of your product!Read More →

Just what is an infographic, anyway? An infographic, at its core, is a visual representation of information — literally, an information graphic. It’s able to convey complex information in the manner that’s both engaging and time-saving. Source: The Complete Guide to Creating InfographicsRead More →

“For me, the attraction of creating infographics is how one can and must understand the data first, before one can organise it and display it in an appealing way. It is a nice exercise for the brain and it is a great feeling when I comprehend all the information andRead More →

What is the attraction to you of creating infographics? “It requires a mix of design abilities to interpret, put together and present things in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is something that tests and challenges a designer’s strengths.” Source: Beach Inc. — Shinji Hamana — Tokyo, JapanRead More →

“I could tell you that infographics can be beautiful, fresh, intelligent — like a woman, why not? — but also that it should be understandable, attractive, revolutionary; it is a master key that opens content and an essential part that looks for new possibilities in the simple interpretation of dataRead More →

What is the best or most memorable infographic you have come across? “Snowfall, The Avalanche At Tunnel Creek. It was produced five years ago by the New York Times. But it’s still one of the best examples of visual journalism.” Source: LargeNetwork — Geneva, SwitzerlandRead More →

If you really stop to think about it, all design-related works could be categorised under the heading of “infographics”, which is essentially just a matter of combining graphics with information. Whether the information appears by way of text or numerals, it has to be visually arresting to draw the viewer’sRead More →

Earth Day plastic pollution infographic

What You’ll Be Creating On 22 April the world celebrates Earth Day , which recognises and aims to educate about the impact humans have on the environment. This year, the focus will be on raising awareness about plastic pollution and educating individuals and organizations about the practical steps they canRead More →

African Masked Weaver

Usability is a website that is easy for users to find the information they need when they need it.Read More →