It’s that time again, friends… with 2018 drawing to a close, xDesign’s very own Robbie Allen comes forward with his top predictions for Digital Transformation in 2019.   1. CEOs to Lead The Way in 2019 It is about time and that’s why I am starting my predictions for digitalRead More →


Regardless of your line of work, professional interest, or long-term ambitions, self-discipline is the key to success. Indeed, whether you’re starting a blog for kicks or trying to hammer out the final details on a major business project, knowing how to put your head down and get the job doneRead More →

When you start your website you probably think you’re going to generate a bunch of traffic and be able to quit your day job now that you have your own business and website. Well, you need to do a lot more than just set it up if you want toRead More →


Keenstartups and small business owners are aware of the significance of strong and active social media in this digital world and they always spend enough amount of efforts and resources to enjoy undeniable benefits of social media marketing like enhanced brand recognition, user engagement, better customer services and many more.Read More →

You may have a website, but did you check if it’s user-friendly? Many people assume that just having your own site is enough. But what’s the use if your target audience can’t find you on the Web? Or worse – they leave your site because they can’t figure out howRead More →

We’re operating in a mobile-first world these days. With each new technology that’s introduced into the marketplace, it’s like another string is being cut and we’re finally able to move and interact without being tied down to a physical device or application. Source: 4 Ways You Can Make Your BusinessRead More →

A lot of people are known for building up their careers with passion and grit. But not a lot of people are known for building a career with the same passion and grit while inspiring others along the way. One of those men, who is brilliant and inspirational, was bornRead More →

In recent years there has been a resurgence in reading, thanks in large part to eBooks and the accessibility that they have afforded readers worldwide. No longer do we have to carry around bulky books that wear and tear and only have a limited amount of reads in them. eBooksRead More →