For Domotex 2018, Spanish studio VXLAB designs a concept for surfaces brand Finzzi inspired by the cultural heritage triumvirate of Italy. Source: VXLAB draws on three Italian art forms to inform a new brand AdvertisementsRead More →

New Zara Home Collection

Zara Home’s Autumn/Winter ’18 campaign entitled ‘Inside Villa Borsani’ celebrates Osvaldo Borsani, the legendary Italian Modernist architect and co-founder of furniture brand Tecno,  and the home he built on the outskirts of Milan.Read More →

The art of 'British' pulp fiction

It is mostly viewed as American representational art but as the following article reveals it was also used in British crime novels.Read More →

Greeting Image

Although it sounds like it ‘Greeking’ is not some weird sexual practice practised by the ancients.  ‘Greeking’ is a technique that originated in advertising where the potential ad copy or text for a new ad being developed is represented by non-words so that the viewer can focus on the overall design rather than getting caught up in the actual details of the text.Read More →